Hollywood U MOD APK 3.8.0 (Mega Mod)

Hollywood U MOD APK 3.8.0 (Mega Mod)

October 7, 2020


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Hollywood U: Rising Stars is a hot simulation game on the App Store. With thousands of five-star ratings in the game, players will transform into an emerging star and gradually conquer the peak of glory. You are on the way to become a Hollywood star.

In Hollywood U, let’s start with being admitted to Hollywood University. It is a school specializing in training Hollywood stars. You will pack your stuff, study at this prestigious school in search of fame, wealth, and romance waiting to be discovered.

Hollywood U: Rising Stars is a business class of mobile games. In this game, the player has to play the role of the pusher behind the celebrity. The pusher’s major role that the player has to do is not an ordinary star pusher but a Hollywood pusher. The player will train several stars so they can get in all aspects.

Hollywood U is a successful product of Pixelberry Studios. They are the developer of the famous simulation game High School Story. Although the game is free to download and play it contains several IAP packages that require players to purchase with actual money. You can disable this feature in the settings.

General Information

The long-awaited popular mobile game Hollywood U: Rising Stars has arrived! This mobile game has attracted the attention of many game players. Many players are asking if it was fun to develop a star?

Want to know how amazing this mobile game is? In this section, we will talk about Hollywood U: Rising Stars and take players to learn more about all the gameplay features of this mobile game. For our system analysis and introduction below, you will know how fun the Hollywood U: Rising Stars is.

When playing Hollywood U: Rising Stars, there is only one feeling. It is you unknowingly feel that you are behind the stars. Do you feel that you are powerful after playing this game?

This work is closer to COC in the development mode. Apart from attending some events, we also need to build a studio. It is not very appropriate to say that the development of a star is not very appropriate. It is the front and back of the star growth. That’s right.

After watching the introduction Hollywood U: Rising Stars game, all players will understand the system analysis and introduction of all the gameplay features of this mobile game. The game also asks some questions, such as how celebrity development is.

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Background Story

Pixelberry Studios is a game development studio established in 2012 that has a track record of hitting smartphone apps such as Surviving High School and Choices: Stories You Play. It became a Nexon group company in 2017. Mr. Miao gave a lecture to introduce the company at NDC18, but he told the Japanese media about the origin of Pixelberry Studios and how he joined Nexon, so let us tell you about it.

Pixelberry Studios is a studio established in California, the USA that produces mobile games with the story as the main content. In 2018, it celebrated its 6th anniversary. But according to Miao, he has been working with employees. They have worked with him for over 18 years before it established the studio.

For Pixelberry’s games, two-thirds of the players are women. And what we should hold down? Miao first worked on a story-telling game in 2004, which was over 10 years ago. It was a success, and in 2008, they sold the company at the time to Electronic Arts. So this time he tried to develop a game on a mobile platform for the first time. Unfortunately, he lost the trust of EA, and all they dismissed the team. After that, he launched Pixelberry Studios.

Continued development of story genre games at Pixelberry Studios and released High School Story. This work made a brilliant debut, winning the 10th place in the sales ranking of the iPhone category in the United States. The following Hollywood U: Rising Stars ranked in the top 100. Then, about a year and a half ago, Choices appeared, and it has grown into a studio with a deep-rooted popular title.

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How to Play Hollywood U

First, choose the path to becoming a celebrity. For example, you can learn to be a director, movie star, or fashion. After choosing your favorite role, dress up in luxury and expensive designer clothes to stride confidently on the red carpet. For the first time, players will own a giant locker that anyone must crave.

In Hollywood U, you will date stars you met in Vegas or events to build new relationships. Join blockbuster movies to prove to Hollywood why you are ranked in the list of A-list actors.

After gaining fame, you will play a variety of roles, from celebrities, heroes in action movies or idle series, and reality TV. The voices for games and cartoons in Hollywood U: Rising Stars are realistic and confident. Especially, your story continues through the new series of quests added every Friday.

Although this simulation series is not the specialty of the RPG king, Pixelberry, Hollywood U: Rising Stars promises to create a fever in the role-playing field. One very famous for its top RPG titles, Pixelberry is officially challenging itself with a new series of games in many upcoming products. One of them must be Hollywood U: Rising Stars, a simulation game filmmaking set around the film industry.

However, your task at first is not to run a set. Instead, in Hollywood U: Rising Stars, players will take on the role of a celebrity running low throat. Or to put it another way, it’s not sudden you can be in the movie right away. Players will start as unnoticed, always doing their best to gain recognition in this fierce film industry one day. Your task is to hunt for talent and qualified staff for the studio where you work, and then slowly level up.

You will be in charge of conducting a very important marketing plan and making blockbuster movies with thousands of people who love it. Once you reach this level, you need to keep up with the schedule, get your jobs done, and release blockbuster movies. You will recruit more talented people.

Hollywood U is a simulation development game in which it will transform players into a well-known Hollywood star. Your clothes and dresses in preparation will be your tasks and challenges. Many interesting tasks are waiting for you. Come and try it, let yourself be the most outstanding star and work hard!

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Overall Assessments

The operation of the game is very simple. Players only need to follow the task instructions in the game. This game has collected many Hollywood stars. Players can cultivate corresponding stars according to their preferences.

Freedom of the game is high. It will give the player a choice in the mini-games. And the player can be a director or movie star. A variety of game costumes are waiting for the player to change up in the game. Players can choose their favorite trendy costumes to dress up the celebrities they cultivated.

Since it is a training game, how can there be no delicate carving for this game? But the image of the game is very realistic.

Hollywood U screen 4

We live in a world where it’s not enough for A-list celebrities to be a 10-time Grammy Award winner or the namesake of a reality show. They must also have a mobile game. So, it depends on the increasing number of famous people who create them. Following the success of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood launched in June 2014, the mega-stars like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry also have signed up to release their versions of the roleplaying app.

And finally, our favorite young millionaires and contemporary lifestyle brand moguls Kendall and Kylie Jenner will launch a mobile game of their own called Kendall & Kylie Game. Featuring on Glu Mobile, they are the same developer behind Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Let us take you through the Kendall & Kylie gaming experience in great detail below.

Kendall & Kylie is a star simulation game developed by Glu, bringing players into the lives of sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner. They are two of the most prominent members of the Kim Kardashian family with many interesting challenges.

After releasing two famous simulation games Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian, the game company Glu continues to release on the app store with a new game called Kendall & Kylie with the chief character being two Jenner sisters famous in many fashion magazines and advertising photography fields.

Similar to the previous celebrity games, this game also takes gamers on an interesting journey with a series of tasks such as building characters, customizing costumes, taking photos, and sharing photos on the personal page. Especially, with the help of Kendall and Kylie Jenner, you will gradually turn your character into a favorite star, attracting a lot of fans and followers.

Final Words

Hollywood U: Rising Stars offers only one feeling when you play it. In the game, you feel unknowing that you are behind the stars and are powerful. This work is closer to COC in the development mode.

In this game, you can have a zero-distance basis with various Hollywood stars. You will not only attend some activities but also set up your living lifestyle. And you must do it yourself. As the behind-the-scenes, you become the Hollywood stars. There will be a variety of different tasks in this game. Players who like this game should not miss it.

Apart from attending some events, we also need to build a studio. It is difficult to say that the development of a star is challenging. You should also note that there are many dark-sides to star growth. And Hollywood U MOD APK shows it very well.

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