Home Street MOD APK 0.54.2 (Unlimited Money)

Home Street MOD APK 0.54.2 (Unlimited Money)

June 12, 2024


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Home Street is a fun and exciting life simulation game where players can freely build and design their dream home. You can also make friends and experience a colorful life. Do you love designing games and want to build your own house? Download Home Street now!

It is a Supersolid game that gives users a home decoration experience effortlessly. The game combines real-life simulation and tough challenges, where you can build your dream home and become the person you want and live in a world full of surprises. Your primary tasks are to design your dream world in the perfect town, live next door to friendly neighbors, and create your own story with Home Street!

Home Street offers a social circle where you can interact with all the other players around the world. Initially, you need to choose a personal avatar. It can be male or female. Then, you need to choose the shape and outfit to start the game. The game bears the direction of the famous brand The Sim, but the gameplay differs somewhat from this series. We give the Home Street Version a detailed review below.

General Information

In Home Street, gamers will incarnate into the chief character, starting a new life in a new apartment in a new city. Adapting to a new society may be difficult, but not for you. Although the game has a gameplay that simulates social life, Home Street eliminates the personal characteristics of the character as in The Sim (hunger, fun, hygiene, etc.)

Personally, this game is not too training. It focuses on how you must fulfill your character’s personal life, but revolve around meeting the needs, and wants of the surrounding people. It shows because you can draw pictures for sale, make hats, or grow crops for money. Many buildings in the city need the resources to complete and your helper is only you.

From the money earned from trading, you can use them to buy decorative items in your home. The interior system of Home Street is not inferior to The Sim. They are stable enough to meet your desire to build a home of your dreams. Home Street is a lighter version of The Sim on mobile devices. Although it follows the gameplay that simulates social life, this game gives players a novel experience compared to other games of the same genre.

Background Story

If you spend a lot of time making a mark on your home in games, then maybe Home Street is exactly what you are looking for. With loads of fun quick games, cute cartoons and furniture collection, enchanting home decor, and refurbishment options, Home Street is perfect for interior designers worldwide. Thanks to the generous income in the game, you will rarely run out of money to launch your imagination soaring.

Your dream home comes to life thanks to a series of meticulously designed movements. There, your digital version is planting trees in the garden, a group of BBQ stoves, carefully folding your clothes, or leaning back on the sun lounger and enjoying a peaceful nap.

To unlock even more coins, you can help your neighbors by performing a variety of fun tasks, from making a creamy sponge cake to writing them special songs. The more you play, the more interactive points you unlock. So, your house is always full of activities, especially when your friends come to play. Best of all, you do not have to wait long. With most jobs taking just a few minutes, you will find there’s always something new to do with your rich imagination.

How to Play Home Street?

How are women on the Home Street? Is Home Street fun? How is Home Street operated? What are the tricks in Home Street? Home Street is a simulation and nutrition game, how to create your own home, let’s look at the below section to figure out how this amazing game operates!

Home Street screen 3

Character style change on the Home Street

After clicking to create a character, you can come to the character change area. Here is the way of pinching faces of similar characters. There are various colors and face shapes, and we can change clothes styles. We can replace the contents including the hairstyle, face shape, body shape, skin tone, tops, pants, shoes, socks, eyes, eyebrows, glasses, etc. There are a lot of things to replace, you can change and adjust for stubborn diseases.

How to pick up work on Home Street?

In the initial stage, there are already system tasks, but the system will teach you how to pick up work and how to complete tasks. Here, after accepting the task, you can complete the relevant things as required by the task, and finally, submit it!

The task contents include a painting task, cooking task, planting task, cleaning task, and tool task. They come with different levels where you can unlock other tasks. After accomplishing all the tasks, the mission rewards are gold coins, diamonds, stars, and other special abilities.

Gem of Home Street

We can obtain the gem in the game through recharge. The recharge prices are 12, 30, 68, 98, 198, 648 gems. You can get these rewards by completing tasks. There are still many ways to get them, so you can explore more through the playing process such as purchasing clothes and props or speeding ​​up time to facilitate quick completion of tasks.

The Coin acquisition on Home Street includes the reward for completing the work obtained by selling items and simple recharge. The recharge ratio is still relatively strong. But try to do your best. The coin’s chief function is unlocking more props, work, clothes, etc.

Home Street screen 0

Home Street Planting

First, unlock the growing land. After the novice has finished the operation, accept a few tasks to get the land. Then drag out the garden and place it on the outside land. And then click the vegetables and flowers you want to plant. There, we can plant only two. And it will take 50 gems to unlock the third position. For trees, it can only unlock them until the character reaches level 8.

Special Features

Build a dream home

In Home Street, your most primary task is expanding and repairing your area to create a perfect home. You will need personal construction and exterior decoration to complete challenging tasks. First, you need to furnish your equipment with amenities such as a hot tub, flat-screen TV, and kitchen equipment. Home Street is a place to unleash your passion for design.

Design your character

Home Street is unlike other games. Players can create their characters and customize effects to resemble their appearance. You will design characters with unfamiliar faces, eye colors, hairstyles, makeup, body shapes, and personalities.

You can become a fashion designer by designing your character’s clothes. It helps you perfect your style and create loads of stunning outfits. There are many options for players to get beyond their creativity.

Home Street screen 1

Make grand friends in the city

In the dream town, there’s always someone who wants to talk to you. Choose your favorite neighborhood in your virtual world and meet new neighbors. Also, invite your friends over and show them your wonderful home. You will always have a friendly neighborhood beckon.

Your primary jobs are building a town with thousands of inhabitants so you can chat with them (Level 10). There are continuous events with many new and attractive items and costumes. Experience this fun life simulator game and help your friends decorate their homes.

Home Street screen 2

Many fascinating stories

More than just a home design game, in Home Street, you can choose your own story and be the main character. There will be lots of fun situations such as to be a guest on the game show TV, support your local community, enjoy city life, or start your own business on regularly updated quests.

In this game, you can design your own life and be free to be an expert in your favorite fields such as painters, musicians, bakers, fashion designers, and more. Besides building houses, players can choose talent, turn it into a profession to generate income, win prizes, and improve skills.

Overall Assessments

Here is the first phase of the simulation game, which may differ from the first phase of the overall recommendation. The article games are different. And non-fans can ignore this section.

You can build your dream house and forge a deep friendship with the neighborhood in the home decoration. It is one of the best life simulation games that Supersolid brings you!

The principal tasks are to create your own dream home, expand and customize the house to meet your various needs, collect hundreds of designs, equipment, and items, decorate your home, play with new pets, sing karaoke, and enjoy a hot bath. Watching big-screen TV and other activities await you. And the choices are unlimited!

In Home Street, you can design your living area. Also, try to create and customize your vivid character by trying different face shapes, pupil colors, hairstyles, makeup, body shapes, etc. And you can choose the most suitable character costume from hundreds of costumes.

We recommend that you should make friends, join the community, and socialize with neighbors from all over the world. Have fun together or help each other get relationship rewards and build a deep friendship. There will always be someone to help you.

The wonderful plot of Home Street is where you can experience the characters’ meeting interesting models and experience their related plot stories. Players can even write their own story, become a special guest on a TV game show, support their community, and start their own business with constantly updated tasks.

Through playing, try to discover your talents, unlock the artists, musicians, pastry chefs, and designers in your heart. Turn your talents into income and earn rewards to upgrade your abilities, learn new skills, and release your creativity to realize your dream. It is a game similar to The Sims. Let’s see if any friends like this type.

Home Design Makeover

Home Design Makeover for Android is an attractive home interior design simulation game, suitable for all ages. It releases Home Design Makeover for free on Google Play Store.

In the game, you will play a role as a designer and help a family innovate their house. To do that, solve a series of puzzles from easy to difficult and customize and decorate your dream home with beautiful decorations. Customers are counting on you with the belief that you will help them refurbish the house as desired.

The player’s task in Home Design Makeover is to refurbish the houses to your style. You must design and renovate different room styles, including a family-friendly living room, rustic kitchen, stylish bathroom, and luxurious bedroom.

Also, Home Design Makeover players will have to serve a variety of clients from newlyweds to Hollywood celebrities and traveling around the world. Show off your talents of designing and innovating. Simultaneously, conquer challenges with over 1000 match-three puzzles and over 10 game modes for endless relaxing fun.

Kawaii Home Design

Cute! That is the comment of the players when playing through this Kawaii Home Design game. Kawaii Home Design is set in the distant future, where humanity has made significant developments in technology, especially information technology that supports people.

And among them, the design profession, especially the home design, grows more brilliantly thanks to the help of A.I. Players will play the role of a junior designer with a powerful passion for designing houses and rooms for the people in this city. With the help of individual high-tech, the journey to becoming a successful designer officially begins.

All the materials you use in the process count towards your money. It means that if you cannot afford it, lower the price of more modern items or skip the pitch. After you finish everything, you will send it out and wait for the evaluation. If the credit is good, it will pay you for your efforts.

And if you only get a lower rating, you will only make a payback or even have a loss. All votes come from other players. So, depending on your artistic eye, you will become a successful person or not. The requirements in this pitch have a time limit and disappear for a period. As each time you pitch, you will lose several coins to that pitch, knowing how to choose the right pitch.

Besides the design, the game also allows you to do other things to earn extra income. From managing your office, accepting orders for customers, or going to another office for a salary, you can freely do what you like to continue to have money to pursue your dreams. Up to this point, we impress as the game reflects a harsh truth. Sometimes, it is impossible to live by passion.

Final Words

Home Street is an amazing game that gives you the capability to create your dream home, start a new life in a friendly neighborhood, create your own story, start your home design, and decorate your career. Install Home Street MOD APK and enjoy another world today!

Denote that Home Street is a free simulation game. However, some items in the game cost extra. If you do not want to lose money, please turn off the purchase feature in the settings. It is a game that requires a network connection.

Home Street has a gentle main soundtrack with a very comfortable slow tempo. The game screen has a faster tempo to help create a sense of challenge for players. Sound effects when exploding objects create a strong, explosive feeling that makes players excited.

They design the graphics of Home Street in 3D. So, the decorations in the rooms look very real and lively. On each level, the objects are simple but lovely. Effects when the player activates special objects such as rockets, bombs, pinwheels are beautiful and create excitement to make the game more interesting.

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