Homematch MOD APK 1.97.2 (Unlimited Money)

Homematch MOD APK 1.97.2 (Unlimited Money)

June 11, 2024


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Homematch Home Design gives you a professional design feel in its own interior design studio. The game is designed and produced by TapBlaze. The game emphasizes the interior element, and you can try a lot of different design requirements in your interior decor intuition. You become the owner of your house, then expand to your neighborhood, your city. In general everything in the game is customizable, and you create your own world. You add items through the famous “match three” mini-game. You solve many different levels, and puzzles to unlock hundreds of new decorations. You are ready to help your clients create their dream home designs, and decorate amazing styles through over 45 different design project pages. The game has many great challenges, and inspires you to create furniture.

About Gameplay

Homematch Home Design emphasizes interior decoration duties. You make money solving the right puzzles, then customizing your client’s room with a variety of furnishings and decorations. You apply your own design style to transform your client’s dream home into a wonderful reality. You combine the interior design items together in 3 puzzle puzzles. After you win the game, you use bonus points to decorate a beautiful house with many things. You need to fill your walls with decorations. You buy furniture, flooring, paint and decorations. In each match-3 puzzle, you will have to eliminate a certain number of pieces with a limited number of moves. When you pass a level, you will get bonuses for spending on decorating and buying furniture for the house. After much game progress, you can unlock new items to customize, and upgrade home décor.

Homematch Home Design has thousands of different home decorations ranging from sofas, clocks, plants to wall paintings. You achieve furniture through familiar “match-3” puzzle challenges. Unleash your creativity with stylish furniture, great home décor, and interesting accessories. You unlock rewards after multiple levels, and hone your home design skills to become the best home decorator. You unleash your creativity to design unique homes, and create credibility with customers. The game has a cute story and relaxing, fun gameplay. The longer you play, the more you will feel the addictive madness and fun of the game. Although the game has popular gameplay, there are many attractive elements to becoming one of the representatives of the “match-3” genre. The impression of the game comes from the interior design simulation of the house. As a successful designer, players will build amazing houses according to the requirements of each client. You complete match-3 challenges to gain access to a variety of decorative items and elements. In addition, you collect scores and use them to unlock new great things, and improve your design skills. You need to do many things to be a good designer.

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Homematch Home Design offers a fun experience. You complete match-3 challenges and use them as the foundation to become a good interior designer. You will need to connect different elements in a chain of three or more components, to open up opportunities for getting new items for the interior. You reference, create and apply your design skills to real designs for your customers. You use a large number of different items to create your own interior style, and to create dream homes for your customers. The game offers three levels of difficulty, and you will hit a large number of prizes if you complete all the missions.

Homematch Home Design Game gives you access to an interesting interior design profession. The game takes an innovative approach through “match-3” challenges. You are a company engaged in the field of interior design. You take orders, create custom studios, houses and apartments. You open up new horizons according to your imagination. By completing quests, you can unlock more tools and items to create the right furniture. The game has quite a lot of content in the app, and you can come up with the best sketches for interior design work. While it’s not easy to get used to and it takes amazing new challenges, try to run your own design studio. You create the ultimate in furniture in your own style. The game satisfies your passion for the beauty of interior design, and helps you unleash your creative imagination. The game offers many areas around the world, and you can visit many new apartments, and use a variety of styles. You build up an apartment, a cozy house with full amenities. You solve “match-3” games with 3 different puzzle levels, and step by step become a renowned interior designer. Of course, you will have to serve a variety of clients such as newlyweds, Hollywood celebrities, tourists from around the world. You travel to many big cities such as Tokyo, Paris, Morocco. You can freely show your talent with the arrangement of high-end furniture design such as: lighting, floor and wall painting decoration. Get ready to conquer challenges with more than 1000 Match-3 puzzles, and more than 10 modes of endless relaxation.

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Homematch Home Design has simple controls when only revolving around “click-and-drop”. The interface is designed to be intuitive so you can interact easily. You click on the icons such as the game screen, click on the furniture to choose the right item. You select ingredients during a match-3 match, and rotate them to the right position to break the structure. Take note that good seams create great breaking effects.

Graphics and sound

Homematch Home Design Game really stands out by its realistic visuals. You see the full range of essential details of a modern home such as floors, walls, furniture and popular photo décor. You can even find some design inspiration for your real life home, if possible. In short, the game possesses excellent graphics and unique gameplay. The game has a harmonious mix of colors no matter what design style you are pursuing.

You can try the game “Home Design Makeover” with a similar design style. You become a designer, and help decorate the home of wonderful lucky families. You solve fun “match-3” puzzles to unlock, collect furniture. You can design, customize and decorate your perfect dream home perfectly with beautiful decorations. You can choose style with Farmhouse or modern, and design in many different rooms, including family living room, kitchen, bathroom, luxurious bedroom. You meet a wide variety of customers, and experience addictive gameplay offline. The game has more than 1000 puzzles, and dozens of interesting game modes. The content is also regularly updated, and offers a variety of interior and exterior design challenges.

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Homematch Home Design is the right choice if you love the interior, and the style of the game is great. The game offers a great experience in interior design, and is really suitable for anyone pursuing the design industry. You also have a lot of fun in arranging different furniture and furnishings for your future home. The game gives players an exciting, addictive experience with offline mode whether interior design, or “match-3”. The content is regularly updated with new interior and exterior designs, landscapes, and seasonal items. Get ready to take on the puzzle challenge and make the old house cozy, luxurious and charming in its own style, with great furniture.

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