HOOKED MOD APK 4.27.0 (Unlimited Money)

HOOKED MOD APK 4.27.0 (Unlimited Money)

November 13, 2021

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For all people who spend much time stretching on sofas, chilling on the air after hours of pressure, here come the Hookek apps. The game includes endless exciting hours of scrolling down the screen, thrilling, and giggling as the chat story collection is almost unlimited.

Relating to hooked screen captures shared on social media which people cannot have enough, the Hooked Chat Stories game offers plenty of stories in the dialogue form. It opens a chance to read other’s stories in the most familiar way- texts or customize your own, interact with internal source by messaging. At the end of the day, it is the stress repellant that you need more than just short stories.


There are multiple ways to keep people at bay during break times such as social media, small ice-breaking activities, small games on apps, or pep talks. But what do human beings care about the most? – other’s life! And, the thrillers from hooked messages will be always fun at the end of the day.

Therefore, people are tempted to read about other’s issues by reading posts on the Internet, gossiping about comments and reactions. Furthermore, people are dying to know what texts are about, even though the content has nothing to do with them.  As a result, captures of texting getting a lot of attention. Hooked Chat Stories Mod can satisfy your curiosity without breaking into other’s privacy.

Besides, people also desire to share feelings and to be heard. Sometimes, there is just a need of speaking out loud. Hooked Chat Stories Mod also offers you a platform to write your own story, creating your pep talk. The text structure makes the whole process familiar for writers, helps users to feel listened to.


With the size of only 7.92 MB, the Hooked Mod is just like a texting app on your phone, it is purely run on the GSM system, asking for basic internet connection and boom! You are in the entertaining zone.

Here is what features the game exactly offers:

Provide Instant Entertainment By Endless List of Texts

Right after you finish working, turn the chair around, and start your journey through chat stories on Hooked. Continuous stories will instantly wipe away tiredness.

The stream of texts appears short and succinct waves which constantly changes and renews your excitement. Therefore, the entertainment gets to be endless. You are expected to have hours full of satisfaction and not a bit of boredom.

There would be no time wasted to find texts like you are on Facebook or Instagram. What you need will be served to you right away.

Maintain Constant Excitement By New Waves of Short Stories Every Minute

Hooked Chat Stories includes small pieces or possibly saying, very short texts. Hence, readers only need to spend about a couple of minutes each. Through that quick process, excitement about viewing the next gossip will always remain.

Moreover, people also can create their flows and share with other readers.

What they can do with the game is not just one-sided but multiple-sided interaction if they ask for.

The excitement in Hooked Chat Stories is always new and renewable. That is the reason why people can spend hours reading constantly.

Present Actualized Stories Based on Realities, Reflect Close View to The Society

The topics of Chat Stories are around hooking mostly which human beings keep never-burnt-down interest.

Hook-up stories reflect the tendency of life, realistic situation, a little drama, and sometimes also fiction. However, it is still close to the world where users live every day so they will find empathy as well as humorous in every loop.

The stories are various to make ends meet with people’s desires.

Get a Platform to Motivate Readers to Write and Share

Not only entertaining but Hooked Chat Stories also motivate you to write your theories. Our creation is beyond what we can imagine and during enjoying these texts, who knows what people could come up with.

Therefore, the app not only provides you materials to read but also a platform to write. For early writers, this should be a safe but free space for them to try on what they can do. There are two ways to enjoy interaction: write your texts or texting to anonymous pals like a game.

Enjoy Endless Drama with 0 Money

With that enormous source of stories, the app is still free. You just need an Internet connection to streaming stories and uploading your source.

To get further to mounted chat stories, you need to get premium accounts that need paying for.

Technical quality

Generally, the file to download is just 7.92 MB which is considered very light to phone’s memories. Starting from Android version 7.1, you can install Hooked Chat Stories to have fun to eternity.

With that size, the game will not slow down your system or cause any overloading if you suspected. But pleased be noted that hoods are not available for stories so always read texts with the Internet.


The display supports a clear view from small to the extra-large screens. Basically, chat stories will appear like threads of texts and not so complicated. The display also will cause no distraction to your system.

You can view them either in portrait or landscape orientation.


This game focuses on the content so soundtrack and visual are just about to be sensible. There is not staggering music or ton-sur-ton melody to go along with the viewing.

However, the effect on readers rarely reduces. The opening of the app appears also fast, safe, and natural.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, Hooked Chat Stories Mod is a simple app or game to be that allows users to write your stories in texting forms, read other stories in break-time with unlimited fun by the latest trendy source of entertainment- text.

That will give you an easy-peasy time to rest, get you some no-brainer laugh. Furthermore, if you need, you can also practice brainstorming, satisfy your curiosity and creation by trying your texts.

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