HotSchedules MOD APK 4.235.0-1670 (Paid for free)

HotSchedules MOD APK 4.235.0-1670 (Paid for free)

February 19, 2024


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If you are the owner of a business/startup with many employees, you have many management difficulties. Therefore, the application “HotSchedules” is an excellent choice for you. You feel comfortable, and save management time with the intelligent “HotSchedules” mobile app.

Top Employee Management App

HotSchedules is one of the leading management applications. The app is an excellent choice for managers in the industry. Users manage personal schedules, and communicate with workgroups in the fastest and easiest way.

The app allows team members to swap, pick up or release shifts with one click. The app creates work & life balance. Users can easily manage time shifts, shifts, and more. The working system is synchronized with the application. The worklist is automatically updated with any changes from the director. The app notifies your calendar, and offers solutions accordingly.

HotSchedules received significant attention from regulators. The application saves time in building schedules. Users use one click to change any problem. Users monitor business activity with revenue. Managers easily view labor snapshots from anywhere.

The application keeps in touch, and helps to release messages quickly. The app creates a happy and productive work culture.

Improve management efficiency

HotSchedules impresses users with many practice management features. The app becomes part of a complete workforce management solution. The application is easy to install on the phone, and the interface is friendly.

Save time & support online attendance

HotSchedules allows processing employee payroll efficiently and accurately. The application creates an aggregated data store. Users flag exceptions for breaks, overtime, and more. The app keeps accurate payroll according to particular calculations like: meals, breaks and predictive scheduling. The app introduces Webclock option for geolocation, overtime, and critical alerts.

Create a work diary

HotSchedules generates efficient work logs based on manager’s books. The application eliminates unnecessary communications, such as shift notes, task lists, consolidated messages and more. The app helps to communicate important information between shifts. Users assign tasks, and remotely interact with employees right from your phone. The app helps improve employee performance and accountability.

Labor Budget Reporting & Analysis & Forecast

HotSchedules helps save managers’ spending budgets. The app improves the management experience through intelligent scheduling. Managers maintain a high degree of accuracy with forecasts, scheduling, and budgeting.

HotSchedules offers complete analysis and reporting solutions. The application collects detailed information about the activity. The app aggregates calendar, time and attendance, labor forecasting and POS data in one place. An aggregated labor data sheet (region or company) helps managers track KPIs from shift to shift.

Provide practical management solutions

HotSchedules provides scheduling, workforce management, and inventory management tools. Users use the tools to recruit the workforce, develop and share training courses with employees, track business productivity, and manage the store’s day-to-day operations.

HotSchedules helps develop employee learning content. The application allows sharing video tutorials, documents, audio presentations and necessary documents for employees. The scheduling feature allows users to plan shifts, and track employee performance.

The logbook provides important employee notes: check-in times, daily notes, shift summaries, and checklists. The application also supports recruitment, e-learning, labor management, inventory, printed diary and many other solutions.

HotSchedules supports a wide range of mobile devices. Users can access on iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices. The application is suitable for all users, from small team managers to store managers. Users can remotely manage work requirements such as breaks and shift shifts on all mobile devices. Therefore, it is accessible to all employees. Users easily store documents and employee information on a cloud-based database. As such, you can access it anytime & anywhere, and this also saves phone memory data.


HotSchedules is the leading application for managers who are working in the hotel and restaurant industry. The application improves the ability to manage schedules, and supports communication with the team of employees. In addition, team members can swap, change shifts in the application with one click.

All management issues are easily managed through many features such as: automatic shift pick-up, calendar synchronization, group messaging, updating schedule changes.

In short, HotSchedules is the top choice of managers. Because the app saves time when building a schedule and changing everything with a single click. In addition, the application also brings practical features such as: labor forecasting, cost control, risk reduction, maintaining connection.

Download “HotSchedules” to create a fun and productive team culture in your business!

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