Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom MOD APK 1.92.0 (Combat speed)

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom MOD APK 1.92.0 (Combat speed)

May 21, 2024

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Combat speed

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Find yourself living a luxurious and interesting life of a medieval noble lord as you take control of your entire castle in Hustle Castle. Build for yourself an entire medieval castle with all kinds of constructions. Gather more and more servants into your land, welcome them into your castle, and have them work for you to increase your economy.

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom introduces gamers to an in-depth gameplay where you can build up your castle as tall and large as possible. Defy the laws of physics as you construct all kinds of contraptions inside your big old castle. Get more room and unlock new features in the game.

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The game features a similar gameplay like the famous Fallout Shelter on your mobile devices. Here, you’ll be introduced to a castle of your own. Have yourself loyal servants who would work for you to collect more and more resources to your coffer.

Uses the money to construct new parts of your castle, increase its height and perimeter so that you can have more rooms inside. Gather all kinds of people inside your castle. Discover many hidden secrets that lie under your own castle.

Get involved in many awesome medieval activities such as farming, crafting, and exploring the wild. Do everything you need to do to develop your castle and make sure that it’s well-prepared for any enemies’ attacks.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Explore a massive campaign that takes you across your fantasized medieval world

Gamers in Hustle Castle will find themselves being introduced to an exciting fantasized medieval world with all kinds of different creatures and activities that you’ve always wanted to do. Find yourself immersed in the captivating story with addictive gameplay.

Explore the massive world of Hustle Castle, fight against multiple enemies for your cause. Take on varied missions which involve giant trolls, devious orcs, scary skeleton, funny ghosts, and so on. Battle with them using your magical powers. Be the heroes that slain the powerful dragon that haunts the lands.

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Build up your epic castle and defend it from enemy’s attacks

The game is essential is a base builder game where you’ll need to upgrade your castle constantly to meet with the increasing populations of yours. Have your workers challenge all the heights and perimeters boundaries to have yourself the greatest castle of the realm.

There are dozens of different rooms that you can build inside your castle. Have a place to research new technologies, rooms for your villagers to stay, places to train your troops, crafting facilities for your new equipment, and so on. The building never stops in Hustle Castle.

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Have the villagers upgraded and trained to improve your power

In Hustle Castle, players will find themselves being extremely close to their servant and villagers since you can have access to all of their daily activates. Assign them to do certain jobs to collect resources for the castle, build new rooms, become a scholar and research new technologies, and even train them to be a warrior for you.

Develop your own villagers, make varied customizations on them as you wanted, let your townsmen learn unique skills that would make them more capable, and give them new equipment. Have yourself great townsmen that all lords would want.

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Take care of your villagers’ lives

And since they’re working for you without any grudge, it’s natural that you should take good care of your villagers. That being said, you can start by giving them a nice cozy room inside your castle to protect them from the dangers outside. Also give them enough food to satisfy their hungry stomach.

Along with working, your villagers will need to entertain themselves. Hence, it’s important that you give them a playground in one of your room. And most importantly, your villagers will need to have their private place where they could relax and “repopulate”.

Challenge your opponents in exiting combats

And of course, the game isn’t just about gathering resources and build your castles. Your adventure has much more to offer than that. That being said, gamers will have their chances to travel the large realms in Hustle Castle. Battle with different lords and monsters from all different parts of the world to claim yourself as the best lord in Hustle Castle.

Complete exciting and rewarding missions to earn yourself new resources. Use them to strengthen your armies and castle. Give your villagers sumptuous lives and they’ll follow you obediently. Grow your powers and populations.

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Compete with other lords in the online game mode

To make the game even more exciting and challenging, gamers will have their chances to take the competition online. Join other great lords from all over the world as your battle and work with each other to develop your powers.

Join coalitions with your friends to support each other during their times in need. Or take down your opponents during a plunder and collect their resourceful loots.

Free to play

The game is currently free to play for Android users, which makes it quite tempting to have the game installed on your devices. Think about it, you don’t have to pay anything but still, have the chance to enjoy one of the greatest mobile game on your portable devices. Have an entire castle and all of the people inside it well-managed. Take out your phone and check on them whenever you want. It’ll feel like you’ve just come home.

Unlimited access with our mods

However, the game still comes with some in-app purchases and ads that might bother you. Thus, it would be a great idea to have our mod installed on your devices. Just download and install our Hustle Castle Mod APK on your phone. Follow our instruction to have all the in-game contents unlocked for you.

Visual and sound quality


The game features simple yet exciting graphics that can’t stop you from playing the game. Find yourself lively characters with realistic facial expressions on their face. Explore the large 2D world with lots of details that most other games.

Enjoy exciting and hilarious combats between you and the enemies using weird weapons. Unleash devastating skill moves that result in a bunch of fogs and even a mushroom-shaped explosion.


Throughout your journey in Hustle Castle, players will have their mind relaxed with the peaceful and cheerful soundtracks. Find yourself in the beautiful world of the fantasized medieval age. Get involved in many of your daily activities.

However, as you engage in battles, you can suddenly feel the soundtracks being changed to a more aggressive one. Thus, you find yourself become more willing to attack. This makes the game extremely addictive.

Download Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Mod latest 1.92.0 Android APK

Gamers in Hustle Castle will find themselves enjoying the in-depth gameplay that it offers. Build your own castle, be a worthy master and rule over your people with a good reputation. Lead your men into battle to collect more resources to support the people. Guide them to a better path of life and make their lives a lot easier. Compete with the other lords to become the best in Hustle Castle.

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