I Gladiator MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

I Gladiator MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

October 18, 2020

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Set in the ancient Roman arena, I Gladiator takes you into the role of a gladiator named Rufus. Murdered in a duel, Mercury (one of 12 gods) revived Rufus. He asked Rufus to fight for his service. Under Mercury’s persuasion, Rufus, a dead man, once again stepped on the path of gladiator paved with blood and glory.

The entire scene of the game will revolve around ancient arenas. Although the surroundings may change depending on the location where you fight, it does not affect your experience.

Control Rufus from a third perspective. You have to fight opponents dangerous and aggressive increasingly. Using the Infinity Blade sword and various weapons by swiping, dragging on the screen, you will have a combination of attack skills including slash, kick, and slash. Although I Gladiator is monotonous, with how to combine and use skills appropriately, you will build your attack tactics.

General Information

I Gladiator has two different game modes of Story and Tournament. Although the two game modes have many differences, the rewards for completing the parts of these two modes are similar.

You will receive different requirements to complete the missions of each section. For example, by defeating opponents with traps or complete missions without causing injuries, you will receive skill points to upgrade.

Also, you can equip yourself with a variety of weapons ranging from light weapons to double swords. If you prefer to use lightweight or heavy-duty weapons, you can choose a spiked mace. Each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses. Its usage is also different.

During the fight, Gladiator also brings players many interesting points. You can pick up weapons that the enemy dropped or set different traps to take down your opponents. However, these spots sometimes create discomfort.

First, when you use a trap, choose the timing. It takes time to set up and you cannot use it constantly. Second, the rate of your weapons being destroyed seems to have increased. Developers have wanted players to withdraw their wallets.

Possessing an impressive mix of special features, besides the unique graphics and gameplay, I Gladiator also has a subtle music and noise system such as the noises of the crowd, the whispers of the gossip, the sound of the wind, and sand mixed. I Gladiator is a very stunning game.

I Gladiator screen 1

How to Play I, Gladiator?

Gladiator is a fairly successful action game in recent years. The game was first released on Facebook and iOS platforms. Although it was only recently announced, Gladiator has attracted many players to join.

And to promote and develop cross-platform style games, the developer has continued to build a version of Gladiator for mobile. In this release, the game has received millions of downloads.

At first glance at the promotion poster of Gladiator, people will see that this game has a certain feature imitating the direction of the Infinity Blade. However, when carefully investigated, it is not what you think. It is a new fun game with multi-function controls.

The game’s operating system helps gamers to experience the controllability in a larger interface. You can perform an adventurous and heavy-duty action on mobile devices. The game allows you to walk around and choose the villains to attack at your will.

The controller program you use in the game will feature a variety of combo features. They allow you to use the standard movements such as move left and right. For winning, you must guide the muscular man to break down around the arena until you find an opponent.

Once you have unlocked the functions, you can access the familiar battle mode with different combos and special moves available. It is a perfect control system. It means you can proceed with the destruction of your enemies extremely quickly and easily. The system has professional graphics and images depicting other real-world battles.

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Overall Assessments


I Gladiator is a story about Rufus who was the strongest gladiator in Greece. But no matter how strong he was, he was always just a plaything for the king and the gods. After dying from being stabbed in a fight, Rufus’s soul received a chance to come back to life by serving the god Mercury (Hermes). He helps him to win against Pluto (Hades) by finding his way to the top of glory again.

Rufus is the strongest fighter from the opening video. But they feed him up with the scene of the killing. They build the images of the gods exactly like in mythology. They are always greedy and cunning. And humans are just entertainment for them. I Gladiator is an action game with true entertainment quality. But it does not overshadow the plot of the game. The cut-scenes are very attractive and worth watching them all.

I Gladiator screen 3


I Gladiator was originally a game ported to PC from iOS. In the mobile version, players can move with virtual analog sticks and attack by swiping their fingers on the screen from many directions.

On the PC version, the game is not too difficult to play. It is even easier to experience on the big screen. You will be familiar with the control mechanism in the Prologue screen. Move, hold, dodge, and cycle with the keyboard (or analog with the handle). Also, remember to slash left-slash and mark the target with the mouse.

Combos are now easier to perform with simple buttons. So, the action in my Gladiator on mobiles becomes faster, more decisive, and no longer interrupted as before. However, we find the control system is still not perfect since it is impossible to customize the buttons. It is a nightmare for left-handed gamers.

Your enemies in the arena are very diverse, with different weapons, fresh attacks, and different sizes. The soldiers that crank you are sometimes not as dangerous as the fat one with the halberd.

Despite having a diverse system of furniture, I Gladiator does not have any new items. You will only receive a negligible amount of money after each level. And the purchase of virtual money (IAP) is no longer available. The time to unlock all weapons is no less than ten times.

The best feature of the game is in the multiplayer mode. You will fight with other gamers around the world. The multiplayer section also supports multi-platform on both mobiles and PCs. This mode is still a bit lacking when the server is sometimes unstable, making the experience sometimes inconvenient.

I Gladiator screen 4

Graphics and Sound

The sound segment has no innovation. But everything is still perfect with the vibrant background music, the voices of people cheering, and the sharp weapons touching each other. In particular, the dialogue in the game is meticulously dubbed.

The story of Gladiator Glory is in the Roman Empire. You will play a gladiator in this society. Go a long way with countless dangerous battles and incredible historical events before being given the laurel wreath of freedom by the emperor. Hold your sword firmly and face the enemy’s eyes on the arena surrounded by cheers from the audience.

The Gladiator Glory’s fighting mechanism is simple, with four virtual keys moving along with two attack and defense keys. However, you can combine moves and create high-damage combat combos. You must know to choose the right time to defend against the enemy’s storming attacks. To increase your strength and resistance, upgrade your weapons and armor.

Final Words

I Gladiator MOD APK is a very hands-on action name that can satisfy the beastliness of the gamers. However, when considering the game as a mobile port, I Gladiator made almost no significant changes to entice people who have played it on the PC.

Although it is impossible to end the problems such as the chief difficulty in fighting, the difficulty of setting traps, or costly in-app purchases, I Gladiator MOD APK is still a game worth playing and can bring you exceptional experiences.

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