Idle Skilling MOD APK 5.0.0 (Unlimited Money)

Idle Skilling MOD APK 5.0.0 (Unlimited Money)

October 24, 2022


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Velvet Void Studios
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Unlimited Money

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If you love games with the design theme in retro style and leveling up, then don’t miss out on the newest version of Idle skilling. It is among the trending simulation games in the recent mobile games market.

Jumping into Idle Skilling – Pocket RPG Tycoon, you may find the favorite occupation in some ways. This addictive idle RPG game will allow you to improve skills and level up many different tasks. You will get an unlimited amount of Idle Skilling gems as well.

According to that, this type is now holding the most diverse content in comparison with other Idle games out there. The number of players who are interested in this gameplay is also increasing.

In today’s review, we will cover the impressive information so that you will know why Idle skilling is popular now.

General Information

As far as you see, the name of Idle Skilling means it is an idle type. Released by a famous company, it is ideal for gamers who enjoy the retro-themed design with an impressive look. Plus, optimized for many devices, it will suit your Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, Google, Nexus, LG, Sony, or Motorola.

When it comes to the background story, Idle skilling is an exciting clicker performing the life of a family. Every member of which will have to do a certain task. In charge of role-play, the players will click on their screen and increase more than twenty-one skills to finish their targeted goals. In other words, the game will entirely lead you to the enjoyable feeling of increasing the level of different tasks.

Moreover, character skills also become important in this game’s combat. You will defeat many enemies only thanks to the careful planning of skill order. You can level up skills in usual actions such as fishing, crafting, or mining. Besides, your characters will have to fight against various monsters through difficult regions, too.

So, what tips can you make use of?

Increasing the level of your previous skill will help you unlock the next one. Plus, you must train hard to get a skill for hunting vicious monsters in the deep jungles.

The kinds of monsters that you have to encounter will vary from slimes and mushrooms to huge boss monsters. Thus, training them to be stronger is quite important.

Moreover, don’t forget to use unlimited gems to shop for different types of supportive items in the available store. Those safety charms, crystal genesis, or lucky donuts will assist you a lot.

All in all, the provided tutorial is not too complicated so that you can understand and enjoy this entertaining game yourself.

Impressive Features

Well, it’s time for us to explore such key features of Idle skilling. Here, the game comes with lots of features and all of them will interact with each other in some ways.

Attractive graphics and interface

First of all, the creators of this project have decided to apply the two-dimensional pixelated graphics. The visuals work perfectly in combination with the entire concept of this mobile game.

Plus, thanks to the user-friendly interface, spending gaming hours will not make the fans of this genre bored. Their journey through the desert, mountains, mist, grasslands, and dungeon to slay monsters and collect epic loot will be even more exciting.

Idle Skilling screen 2

Convenient auto-play function

The second factor will please game lovers who can not spend much time on their devices. In particular, this idle app can play itself, whether players have it opened or not.

Thanks to the offline progress, players can level up even when they are sleeping. Fighting monsters will become a bit easier with the automatic mode. How great it is!

Upgradeable perks and characters

One more impressive feature of Idle skilling is the ability to upgrade its perks and characters.

Throughout your journey to achieve max stats, you will have to overcome lots of obstacles. For instance, you will be in the battle against hundreds of monsters for loot drops and gold. Also, you must finish the same fight with different spells, ranging from poison clouds to meteors.

To do that, you can level up more than twenty Idle Skilling heroes to be strong enough for the battle. Every hero will impress you with its own unique experience.

Notably, leveling up also includes gaining skill points. Thus, there exists a skill tree that holds up to thirty unique perks. As a result, you can distribute your skill points with ease.

Idle Skilling screen 4

Abundant resources for collecting tasks

This amazing game comes with not only upgradeable perks and characters but also various resources.

For example, you can mine sixteen different gems and ores in the deep tunnels. After that, you can utilize them in the smithing processes to create new weapons and armor.

Furthermore, it is possible to catch varying fish, ranging from smaller minnows to powerful sea serpents. Together with harvest crops, you can use all those resources to make special potions.

Also, the game allows you to research available lab tanks and breed up to sixty pets. Then, your powerful battle teams will fight against monsters for loot rarities.

Further useful items for the battle

Thanks to smithing skills, you can craft more unique items for your coming attack. In this case, forging over sixty unique trinkets and items will assist you a lot in your battle.

The capability of upgrading each of those items over a hundred times is a big bonus. Also, don’t forget to create wonderful food recipes to utilize throughout your fight against horrible raid bosses. Defeating them will help you earn more awards for other cool upgrades.

Idle Skilling screen 3

More cool stuff to explore

Are you looking for something more challenging in this game? Then, don’t miss out on secret areas with an interesting quest chain!

Of course, it is a bit hard to find out those hidden areas yet don’t give up. Be smart to figure out the way of accessing them through hidden puzzles. Besides, secret areas also require resources from levels fishing and mining, so don’t forget to get them in advance.

As a result, fulfilling the required quests will bring you amazing permanent bonuses. Of course, those huge amounts of bonuses will help progress in your game.

What’s more, there is even a Halloween event store with a new performance in every coming season. Be sure to discover it for more excitement.

Better updates for a new experience

Lastly, Idle skilling is a mental product of a famous developer. They pay much attention to delivering an enjoyable experience.

They also improve this app based on the customers’ feedback. That is the reason why you will find out better and better performances in every update.

Hence, if you are a fan of this type of game and would like to help make it greater, don’t hesitate to let them know about your experience and suggestions. Your contribution will help them a lot.

In short, those are some main impressive features you should bear in mind before your journey in Idle skilling. Let take advantage of them to help your character go through all the stages more conveniently.

Idle Skilling screen 1

Requirements for easy and quick installing

Well, if you wonder what you will need to install Idle skilling and start your playing experience, this guide is for you!

First, you will need the Android platform version 4.2 or higher. The game will not work well with the lower versions.

Second, your internet connection must be stable for the convenience and maintenance of installing and downloading. In this case, the minimum speed should be 3G and 4G is highly recommended for a free download.

Third, allowing your phone to install the app, following the provided guide form the developer. Be sure to enable the Unknown Sources box on your device.

Finally, just open and enjoy the game yourself. Thanks to the SSL Secured Encryption and Trusted Malware check, your app is safe to run.

You can also install and play it with no root permissions. Keep in mind that running this gameplay without an internet connection is possible, too.

Are you in search of some types similar to Idle skilling? Then, why don’t you consider Stardew Valley, which stands out from many farming RPG ones out there?

Stardew Valley is a hot role-playing mobile game offering unlimited money. Playing that mod game, players can shop for free items. It means they will try better experience thanks to this mod.

What else? Stardew Valley becomes more attractive with beautiful and fun content. All of the parts pulled together will create a marvelous countryside adventure.

In this game, no matter how the weather is, every day will offer your character a lot of exciting activities to finish and mysteries to explore. Everything is always ready for mastering and collecting tasks.

Besides, more new goals, events, and items from the fantastic updates have made Stardew Valley even greater than ever before. Below are some of its special features that please lots of players:

  • Being a kind of touch-screen game app for Android devices
  • Coming with mobile-specific functions: the auto-select system helps to toggle fast between the built-in farming tools. The auto-attack system helps to take down horrible monsters at a rapid speed.
  • Going with frequently-updated gameplay content: new pets, hot town upgrades, hat, clothing, crops, fishing ponds, and dating events. There are lots of things to discover here!
  • Having several control options: You can play this game in your way thanks to options including auto-save, virtual joystick, touch-screen, or external controller assistance.

So, what players can do?

This game is more than setting up daily routines and managing a farm. In the first days, you can build the own system: getting up, checking the weather, thinking about whether moving to the mines or not, watering the crops, caring for animals, greeting neighbors, going fishing, hitting some rocks, and then going to bed.

Then, when everything is stable, you can build your dream farm by:

  • Raising and breeding happy pets
  • Designing the farm on your way
  • Producing goods for daily needs.
  • Growing an abundance of seasonal crops
  • Customizing your home with a variety of options
  • Changing from the overgrown fields to a bountiful and lively farm
  • Settling down and starting a family along with potential marriage options
  • Participating in villager quests and seasonal festivals to become a member of the community
  • Spending a relaxing day at a local fishing spot or going crabbing near the sea
  • Exploring mysterious and huge caves
  • Fighting against dangerous monsters for valuable treasure

All in all, Stardew Valley is a good alternative that has surpassed the classic types to become one of the most delightful RPG games. Now, let jump into that countryside and begin your new adventure in the award-winning farming RPG game.

Final verdict

Those are some informative reviews of Idle skilling MOD APK we would like to show you. Although there exist many good apps in the simulation genre, Idle Skilling still gains enormous popularity with great feedbacks.

It is a free-to-install game without in-app purchases and attracts lots of idle games lovers. If you are one of them, you will love this app for sure and enjoy it for hours at school, at the tram, at home, or anywhere you bring your Android tablet or smartphone.

As mentioned earlier, it is quite versatile and player-friendly. You will have chances to travel in an impressive pixel world and to defeat the evil army of monsters. Furthermore, it will let you learn about spells as well as improve the heroes to fight against new forces.

So, are you ready for your exciting adventure in Idle Skilling – Pocket RPG Tycoon game? Then go ahead and enter this game soon! The amazing experience is waiting for you! By the way, if you love our reviews, share it to let everybody know about us. We hope you will find useful things here. Many thanks!

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