If My Heart Had Wings MOD APK 2.3.4 (Unlocked)

If My Heart Had Wings MOD APK 2.3.4 (Unlocked)

August 28, 2022


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Fans of the classic Japanese animes and mangas, will have their chances to truly enjoy their favorite gameplay of visual novel with this awesome game from WillPlus. Join your main character as he takes on its amazing adventure back to his hometown. Experience your personated and dreamy high school life once again with many interesting and interactive characters from the game. Take them through amazing adventures and enjoy the captivating storyline to the fullest.

At the same time, also enjoy the exciting gameplay of interactive visual novels, as you make your own decisions regarding the in-game progression and your interactions with the characters. Feel free to browse through multiple choices and select the story paths that you wish to follow. And most importantly, the amazing gameplay with its powerful stories will surely touch your heart.

Find out more about this awesome game of IF MY HEART HAD WINGS with our in-depth reviews.


Here in the game, Android gamers will have their chances to discover the life of Aoi Minase, as he returns to his hometown of Kazegaura – a suburb area just outside of Tokyo. Make his first encounter with a girl on a wheelchair, Kotori Habane. And as fate has set up, the both see a beautiful white glider soaring above the sky and decide to bring back the defunct soaring club. Join our characters as they immerse themselves in their youthful and exciting highschool life.

Meet up with many new characters as you further discover your in-game stories. Explore the game in your own experiences with multiple choices that you can make and decisions that can affect the entire storyline. Choose the ways that you wish to progress in the stories and with the characters. Together, you can further discover the amazing adventures and your dynamic highschool life. Play the game and get completely hooked to the visual novel for hours on end.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Enjoy the classic visual novel mechanics and settings

Here in IF MY HEART HAD WINGS, Android gamers will find themselves enjoying the classic visual novel mechanics with accessible touch controls and many useful settings. Simply add the auto-play options to simply watch the game as it progress, hands-free. Or use the backlog functions to look at the previous scenes of the game, as you look for clues or just want to review the experiences.

Feel free to customize the volume controls, change the playback speed of texts, or adjust the window transparency so you can enjoy the in-game experiences in your own ways. Turn off movie effects to make the game more accessible for low-end devices. And most importantly, the skip options should really come in handy if you even find the cut scenes to be too long and boring.


Interesting characters with their own characteristics

And to make your in-game adventures a lot more interesting, Android gamers in IF MY HEART HAD WINGS will also have their chances to freely interact with new characters throughout the course of the story. Feel free to discover beautiful anime characters with unique characteristics, which should make your in-game stories a lot more exciting. Have fun interacting with new characters and further enjoy your adventures.


Amazing stories to follow and beautiful animated scenarios to watch

Here in IF MY HEART HAD WINGS, gamers are allowed to enjoy their amazing in-game stories, with captivating experiences and engaging story progression. And at the same time, also experience many beautifully animated in-game scenarios, which will allow you to have the most fun with the mobile title, especially for anime fans.

Post comments and interact with other gamers

Also, if you ever wish to share your review on certain parts of the story or your entire experiences, feel free to post comments on the current scenes of the story with the provided options. Write down your thoughts and have them shared to other IF MY HEART HAD WINGS gamers so that you can all discuss. Enjoy your interactions with other players who also play this game, thanks to the added comments.

Play the game from where you left off

And for those of you who are interested, you can now have fun plying the accessible gameplay of IF MY HEART HAD WINGS from wherever you left off. Here, the auto-continue function will allow you to immediately return to your auto-saved period, even if you exit the game without saving. On the other hand, you can always make use of the manual save and load functions to save the important moments in the game, which you can easily back and make certain changes.

Additional features to make the game more immersive

To make the game more interesting, Android gamers can now enjoy their in-game alarm function, which will allow the main character to wake you up at a certain set time. Have with the exclusive alarm voice, which should make the game a lot more interesting. Also, with the available news and updates for the game also being delivered with voiced messages from Kotori, you can always find yourself immersed in the awesome gameplay of IF MY HEART HAD WINGS.

Amazing content for fans of the game

Also, for those of you who are really interested in your adventures in IF MY HEART HAD WINGS and its characters, the game also provides many beautiful images, homepage, and magazine-like visuals, which you can make use of to customize your devices.


Interesting audio options for gamers

At the same time, the game also provides its interesting audio options with amazing features and customizations. Feel free to explore the exclusive system sounds for brand logo, title call, and others. And most importantly, the exclusive voiceovers for each character will surely make your in-game adventures a lot more enjoyable.

Enjoy the offline gameplay at anytime

With the offline gameplay available, Android gamers in IF MY HEART HAD WINGS can now have fun with their exciting in-game stories and amazing adventures. Feel free to play the offline game once you download all the required data for the game. Enjoy your exciting adventures and many in-game stories whenever you have the time.


Free to play

And despite all the exciting features, Android gamers in IF MY HEART HAD WINGS will still have the chance to enjoy their free version of the game on the Google Play Store, which features many available stories to experience. But if you want to unlock the entire gameplay without having to pay for in-app purchases, then our modded version of the app is always a better option.

Have access to the unlocked game on our website

Here on our mod, gamers can have fun with their completely unlocked gameplay of IF MY HEART HAD WINGS and enjoy the ad-free experiences. All of which should allow you to have fun and enjoy the game to the fullest. All it takes is for you to download and install the IF MY HEART HAD WINGS Mod APK on the Google Play Store.

Visual and sound quality


With interesting in-game graphics, amazing hand-drawn characters, and beautiful animated scenes, IF MY HEART HAD WINGS will allow Android gamers to truly immerse themselves in the anime-styled visual novel. Feel free to discover your own adventures while enjoying amazing visuals and immersive environments. And like many other visual novel games, IF MY HEART HAD WINGS is graphically undemanding and should be playable on most of your Android device.

Sound & Music

Anime fans will certainly enjoy this amazing game from WillPlus, as it provides many beautiful anime-styled soundtracks for you to enjoy. And at the same time, the added sound effects and authentic voice overs will allow you to get hooked to the stories.

Final thoughts

With the classic visual novel gameplay, along with beautiful in-game visuals, Android will have their chances to truly enjoy the awesome anime adventures. Feel free to immerse yourself in the powerful and dynamic in-game stories with varied progressions. Have fun with many interesting elements of the game as you progress. And always enjoy the free and unlocked version of IF MY HEART HAD WINGS on our website.

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