Imposter 3D MOD APK 9.10.2 (Free Purchase)

Imposter 3D MOD APK 9.10.2 (Free Purchase)

June 6, 2024


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Imposter 3D mod apk is an entertaining game that takes the image of familiar Imposter uncles. The image of special characters in the legendary game Among Us must have been seen or played by everyone. Following the explosion of this particular game, we can now experience a game with new gameplay.

Imposter 3D Mod APK introduces us to the role of the missing crew rescuer. The brothers went into space together, but not every journey was smooth. Finding all the missing and stranded astronauts is the big challenge we are facing right now. Rescue your teammates. Therefore, you will join some other astronauts to start rescue plans. The journey to rescue teammates is still arduous and challenging. Team up with other players to escape this dark and dangerous place together.

This game always offers fascinating and dramatic things to draw players into extensive explorations. You and a friend must clearly define the direction as well as catch up with urgent announcements to complete the challenge in the most skillful way.

Begin the game

Imposter 3D Mod apk is a game released on both Android and iOS operating systems. You will easily join the game on any mobile device. A game that will take you a fair amount of time to get used to the gameplay. You will get the first instructions to make starting the game easier. You will control your character with smartly arranged navigation keys on the phone screen. Each button type will have different effects, after a few uses, you will get used to how to use them. Most importantly, the strategy you use to play, freeing everyone will not be easy.

Challenges will be given right in Imposter 3D, and you need to determine to overcome them most easily. The challenge of the game will be a necessary milestone to help you get important information. This information is essential to your team right now as it relates to your missing crew. You also need to coordinate with the crew nearby to contact them if seen.

The game has 4 game modes!

Mafia – up to 10 players, among these players is an imposter who looks like other players. But at any moment he can turn into an imposter and catch other players! Use a vote to determine who the imposter is and kick him out. Be careful and collect all the babies.

  • PvE – play with friends against an imposter controlled by the computer.
  • PvP – spacemen against the imposter, players play for the imposter.
  • Zombie – Infestation mode, anyone caught by the imposter also becomes an imposter.

Exciting challenge

The challenge is one to overcome. Imposter 3D Mod brings cool challenges. You need to identify and see how to get over it as quickly as possible. When going through the challenge you will get hints. The hints are extremely important in rescuing teammates. Sometimes the challenges can be related to the machine, you need to repair.

You need to pay attention right now to always be on the lookout for friends, anyone with unusual signs should stay away. There has been a stranger who wants to get all of your group’s data, so be careful and detect it in time. You need to destroy that stranger before they get all the data in your spaceship and escape completely. They can tear you apart and can swallow you whole, so coordination with all brothers is essential. Always be alert to deal with such ingredients. You can hide in the vent in case of danger!

Must have the right choice

What we need to do most now is to gradually detect the ID addresses to determine the direction. Although this will be very time-consuming and inefficient, it is also necessary at this time. Players need to use what they have to be able to synthesize into a large chain of events to rescue their teammates. You need to coordinate with all your friends to come up with the smartest solutions.

However, while working out strategies with friends, always be cautious. There will be people in the group. The person has factors that can harm the overall task. They can get data so you can’t find your beloved teammates. So always be careful!

Attractive features

Imposter 3D is a highly interactive game between your teammates. Everyone can talk face-to-face and hear their teammates through the mobile device’s microphone and speaker. This feature will almost be the key point so that you can’t miss an entertaining game. The distance between people is now almost closed with just a phone screen. Talking together will also make it easier for you and your teammates to overcome challenges. If you don’t want to, you can also turn off your microphone so it won’t be recorded. There are plenty of options for you to choose from.

Game graphics

Imposter 3D is a transformation game, taking the character of an explosive game. But made in the form of 3D graphics, giving you an experience that could not be more wonderful. You will control your character in a first-person perspective, bringing a more immersive feeling than ever. A wide and flexible viewing angle makes you feel like you are participating in an FPS game. The setting in the game is taken from the interior of a spaceship. Because of the collision, there will not be much light, each player will be equipped with a separate flashlight. The colors of the characters are also made much more vibrant and fresh. These colors will become even more prominent in the gloomy landscape of the cabin.

Three completely different maps

Space Station 12 – Something terrible has happened, all the crew members are missing, but there are little ones left! You need to save them all, but in addition to the crew member and mini astronauts on the station, there is an imposter… Beware of him because he’s among us!

The Gelios scientific station, with no one left except the astronauts and mini-astronauts. Krisper the imposter has appeared on the station. Save all the mini astronauts on the station, which is located on a planet covered in sand and lava.

Planet IMP-13, where strange things are happening, is the home planet of creatures.

Rescue your teammates

From those results and information, you and your teammates have discovered desirable sources of information. Quickly move to that area and see if it’s your teammate. And yes, brothers, the crew was trapped and now freed. Continue together to more mysterious areas and go on adventures to overcome all the difficulties that await ahead.

Imposter 3D always takes you to interesting situations and wherever you are, anything helps. Challenges are always presented for us to discuss and solve these problems skillfully. More specifically, the successful rescue of the crew made team morale high. Continue to conquer the next areas and promote your creativity.

Imposter 3D Mod game with cute graphics will surely make you satisfied. Experiencing rescue journeys, and upholding teamwork are what the game brings. With 4 attractive game modes waiting for you to explore. Please download the Mod to unlock many new features.

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