Infinite Stairs MOD APK 1.3.195 (Unlimited Money)

Infinite Stairs MOD APK 1.3.195 (Unlimited Money)

May 31, 2024


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162.17 MB
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Unlimited Money

Infinite Stairs offers fun in an incredibly addictive 2D arcade game. Your mission is to try to climb as high as possible on an infinity staircase. You will have to rise quickly to find the path to the sky. But if you make a mistake, then you will also push your character into the void. Of course, you’ll fall into the sky, and you’ll have to start all over again. Gameplay is simple and addictive, so the game has been loved all over the world. The game has tens of millions of downloads and offers an addictive infinite staircase. Everyone is trying to get high scores, and break new records. You use your agility skills to win over others, or you lose. A great game from NYFL STUDIO- producer from Korea.

About Gameplay

Infinite Stairs has a simple storyline, and you have to have fun. Your only goal is to bring your character to the highest position possible. You will run up the infinity stairs, and you change direction when you meet a curve. The problem is that you can only stop for a short time (about a few seconds). The game has a limited time to stop, and if you stop too long, then the game will end. The game can also be over if you don’t change direction, and you fall into space. The game offers a super-endless entertainment experience with no-stop stairs. Very interesting and highly addictive!

Infinite Stairs showcases a colorful, fun world, and you see an infinity staircase. The game is worth the gameplay, and is suitable for everyone. You participate in a lively entertainment world, and players can feel an awe-inspiring world. The game is impressed by its simple controls. The controls are entirely confusing, and you will start over many times when you first get used to the game. You use a button to control the character to climb a ladder. You use another button to make the character change direction. The controls are simple, and nothing else. The game emphasizes focus, and agility. You must try to climb as high as possible, and reach the maximum score.

Infinite Stairs brings excellent characters. The game is suitable for anyone who loves agility, and talent. You need to climb the stairs and reach the highest position possible. The game offers many characters, and exciting pets. You use scores to unlock new characters and pets. All the characters have the same abilities, but the character’s pixel appearance is attractive. This makes unlocking a valuable option. Players will be rewarded with extra characters if they reach a specific score. For example, the first character is the cheerleader girl, who offers persistent and resilient runs. The game has a lot of characters for us to choose from. You can unlock a basketball player, a policeman, a wrestler, or a thief. In short, the character is fun, and the interface is retro. The game is reminiscent of the good old days, and you have a lot to remember.

Infinite Stairs brings lots of laughter through the characters and great chases. The game is not too difficult, but you are not easy to master everything. The game is accessible in the beginning, but you will need a lot to be a leader. Over time, you find a way not to crash, and win the most straightforward way in the game. The game also creates fun through online global chases. You join real-time PVP mode to play with friends or any player around the world. You will indeed have lots of laughter throughout your chase journey. Get ready to set the next new record, and experience a great entertainment experience.


Infinite Stairs has a refined and straightforward control mechanism. The player will have to move very quickly up the endless suspended stairs. The game has only two buttons for you to interact with. You use the button on the right to move forward. You use buttons on the left side to change direction. The game delivers the experience of a frenetic pace. You have to touch non-stop to reach the highest ladder continuously.

Graphics and sound

Infinite Stairs features retro 2D graphics. All the characters and spaces are reminiscent of the pixel games of the past. You enjoy the pictures if you have been playing games since the 2000s. The sound is vivid and highly captivating. Sounds contribute to stimulation and generate adrenaline to help you get the highest score possible.


Infinite Stairs is an excellent 2D arcade game and entertains you after hours of stressful work. The game has a simple approach; the gameplay is enjoyable and easy to add. Simple and addictive gameplay should engage you for hours. The control mechanism is simple, strange and extremely interesting. The game has become a bright spot for Korea’s gaming world and made a mark in the endless runner genre. Get ready to fight with everyone, or challenge yourself to the top of the infinity staircase in the fun character interface!

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