InstAddr MOD APK 2024.02.18.1 (Ad-Free)

InstAddr MOD APK 2024.02.18.1 (Ad-Free)

February 20, 2024


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With so many online services available, emails have become the standard means for authenticating your connections. Hence, for those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy working with this awesome mobile application of InstAddr, as it allows you to create disposable email addresses for absolutely free and with little requirements.

Simply enter the app to create your email addresses for unimportant online subscriptions or registrations. Set up your sub email address for spam or unimportant contacts. Feel free to make use of the app to work with all your email addresses at the same time. Have access to many standard and advanced features that’ll make InstAddr a great app for mobile users.

Find out more about this interesting mobile application from kukusama and all of its interesting features with our comprehensive reviews.

What does it do?

For those of you who are interested, you can now make use of this awesome mobile application of InstAddr to create your disposable emails and fully utilize them like your main email, using the fully-featured emailer of InstAddr. Have access to plenty of useful and convenient implementations with the email app, which will allow you to make the most of its features with ease.

Have access to the standard and advanced emailer with many useful implementations. Create your own email addresses with ease. Enable different settings and notifications to conveniently work with your different emails. Make use of the fully-featured email app on all your Android devices. Send fully-featured emails using the provided settings in InstAddr. Have access to advanced tools to help improve your in-app experiences. The list goes on.


To start enjoying the app, Android users can simply pick up the free version of InstAddr on the Google Play Store, which should be available for all of you to download and enjoy without having to pay anything. Here, the free app provides users with cool and easy features to set up their disposable emails and make good use of them. However, the freemium app will have ads that might bother you. And if you wish to unlock the full application, you’ll still need to pay for in-app purchases.

And at the same time, most of the in-app features will require you to provide InstAddr with certain access permissions. So, make sure to consider and accept the prompting requests upon your first time entering its home menu. Also, don’t forget to always have your mobile devices updated to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 4.1 or up, as it would improve the in-app stability and its overall compatibility with your system.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Amazing emailer app with many implementations

With InstAddr, Android users can enjoy many useful applications with the email app. Feel free to use it to generate your disposable email for online authentications without having to use your main account. Give someone whom you don’t like or don’t really know your disposable email addresses instead of your personal or business emails. The list goes on. Feel free to create as many emails for these many uses as you need.

Create and own many email addresses

For those of you who are interested, you can now create your many email addresses in InstAddr without making changes to your existing ones. Enter the character or choices or quickly generate random addresses, which you can use on the go. InstAddr will make sure that you can easily get your email as quickly and easily as possible.

Emailing via the many addresses

With InstAddr, Android users can easily work on communicating with others via your new email addresses without having to use other emailers. Feel free to write messages, send your replies, forward or share any received emails with ease. The app lets you send your emails and communicate with others using the latest features including SPF, DKIM (sender authentication), encrypted delivery, and more.

Enable push notifications to follow your mails

To make the app more convenient, InstAddr users can now enable push notifications to follow your new mails. Choose to customize the notifications for any specified email addresses created using the app. Also choose to enable notifications on other devices when you’re not using your phone, so you won’t miss out on them.

Permanent email addresses for many uses

For those of you who are interested, you can now enable your permanent email addresses which can be used for as long as needed. The disposable email addresses will let you stay connected with your certain contacts or online services for and remain intact unless you choose to delete them. Feel free to set up your automatic deletes to clean InstAddr and install your disposable emails each month. Use emails to do everything without exposing your personal data.

Enjoy the cross-device experiences

To make the app more convenient, kukusama also features the cross-device experiences via InstAddr. Here, Android users can choose to use the same addresses on their PC, Android, KindleFire, and iPhone/iPod/iPad with ease. Simply connect your fake emails with any of these services and devices to stay connected.

Support HTML mails and mail attachments

Mobile users can also make use of InstAddr to send their HTML mails with their complete features. Plus, it’s also possible to enable mail attachments of any kind, which will make it a lot more convenient when sending files. The app lets you send your messages in many formats and languages. And also have the option to send emojis and decorated emails with ease. And at the same time, the system will actively block malware attachments from any suspected recipients to ensure complete security.

Standard features on other mailer apps

With InstAddr, Android users will have themselves the fully-featured mailer app that can easily replace your other conventional email apps, as it comes with all standard and common features that you can always make use of.

Advance tools to improve your emailing experiences

And at the same time, with many advanced tools and features that can rival the likes of Temp Mail and Aqua Mail, InstAddr will make an even better mailer tool for your mobile devices. Feel free to make use of the app to send and share your messages with others. Assign addresses for certain contacts and automate your sendings. And make uses of many useful features for dedicated email campaigns and events using your disposable emails.

Enable Dark Mode and other color themes

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy InstAddr in many different theme settings. Here, aside from the default Light Mode with better visibility, you can also enable the Dark Mode to protect your eyes when emailing in low-light conditions. And feel free to work with many other color themes, featuring multiple color profiles, that match your personal preferences.

Unlock the premium app for more features

To make better use of the app, InstAddr users can now choose to unlock the premium app with more features. Here, you can now create your new address with specific domains, feel free to choose between 8 authentic and common domains to create perfectly normal and professional addresses. Also be able to send and receive emails from other email apps, using the POP3/SMTP access. Enjoy the app with your unlimited accounts and connect with them using all your smart devices. And always have the ads removed to enjoy the undisrupted application.

Enjoy the free premium app using our mod

And last but not least, for those of you who are interested in the full version of the app, you can now unlock its complete features without having to pay anything. Simply by downloading and installing the InstAddr Mod APK on our website, you can unlock the fully-featured application with pro access and for absolutely free.

Final verdicts

Never find yourself having to share your main email data with unsecured online services or show your addresses to people whom you don’t really know. Instead, you can make use of the disposable email addresses that can be automatically and professionally generated inside InstAddr. Not to mention that the interesting app also offers its many standard and advanced tools, which will completely replace your normal emailers.

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