International Fashion Stylist MOD APK 11.1 (Unlimited Money)

International Fashion Stylist MOD APK 11.1 (Unlimited Money)

June 13, 2024

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International Fashion Stylist offers a great experience for fashion lovers. You will join millions of fashionistas around the world, and take on every challenge of fashion creativity. The game offers a full range of outfits, and you’re ready to show off all your fashion design skills. You absolutely can become a professional stylist and makeup designer, if you are creative enough and a little daring. Get ready to become a fashion expert in a variety of fields such as clothing designers, personal stylists, makeup stylists or wedding stylists. A lot of peaks in fashion for you to conquer. You will meet a variety of clients such as knowledgeable businesswomen, famous doctors, stylish brides and many other demanding clients. The fashion in the game has no limit.

About Gameplay

International Fashion Stylist is developed by a game maker known for fashion genres like Fashion Diva. Therefore, the game is uniquely designed, and optimized for those who love fashion. The game is a realistic simulation, and is full of attractions for fashion enthusiasts. You are ready to surprise the elite with your unique fashion outfits. You are a fashion designer even just graduated from a design academy. You have good abilities, and have been sought after by the fashion world to create great outfits. Your customers are very diverse, they are celebrities, supermodels, business moguls and many other powerful figures. Customers are high-class, so you will also face a lot of strict requirements. You become a customer stylist in media campaigns such as film promotions, festivals, global conferences and many other interesting events. Try to make the catwalk your own.

International Fashion Stylist offers interesting game modes. If you love freedom, then try the “Style Diary” mode. You choose the right fashion events, and makeup styles to create the perfect makeup, outfits. You are free to create the model’s clothes, hair, and makeup. You add fashion accessories and accessories to bring out your style, and choose the perfect stage background for your outfit. The game offers more than 100 new and trendy items for you to choose from. Also, you can choose from over 80 accessories for shoes, bags and jewelry. Also, the game offers extremely strange, and cute characters. This helps to increase the fashion creativity of the character’s appearance. Feel free to use the statue to combine all kinds of outfits, and make customers become fashion stars in the event. Suggest that you easily earn extra coins from watching ads, and you get awesome bonuses.

International Fashion Stylist allows you to choose from a wide range of outfits such as gorgeous evening gowns, party skirts, sparkling high heels, classy bags, glamorous accessories, and trendy hairstyles. . You combine everything perfectly to create the perfect look of the character. If you are confident in your abilities, then try the “Style challenge” mode. You will compete directly with other powerful clothing stylists (other players) in costume design. Things are not easy, and get ready to face top fashion and clothing designers. If you have talent, then you will be recognized for your unique style, and voted as the top stylist in “Style Events” events. Alternatively, register every day to receive the Daily Rewards. Daily rewards add great styling, and you add the coolest items to your wardrobe. From here, you have the additional budget to step firmly on the path to becoming super stylish.

International Fashion Stylist supports interfaces in popular languages ​​(English, French, Japanese, ..). Get ready to become an apparel designer and personal stylist. Great enemy game for girls and boys. Show bold fashion ideas from your imagination, and show your class on the stage of celebrities.


International Fashion Stylist has simple controls. You just need to touch the appropriate icons to choose the outfit. The game has a full tutorial, and you can get used to it after a few controls.

Graphics and sound

International Fashion Stylist offers high-quality graphics. You will see the reality of each different outfit. The game is designed in a cartoon style, bright colors and close to everyone. The sound is playful. You hear a lot of pure and charismatic music. The great combination of graphics and sound provides a complete experience for many people, and exciting fashion events.

If you still like fashion modeling games, then try “Super Stylist”, or “DIY Fashion Star”. The game also offers interesting fashion stories. You are free to create your makeup and dressing style. You participate infamous events, and take photos of top fashion supermodels


International Fashion Stylist is the right choice if you love fashion, and makeup. You are free to create costumes in the studio. You have a variety of fashion, makeup, and hairstyles. The game has cute graphics, fun sounds, and is suitable for everyone. The game offers hours of fun entertainment. Get ready to fill your wardrobe with unique outfits, and help your customers become the fashion icon of the century. Also, you can compete with other players’ (PVP) infamous fashion events.

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