iQIYI MOD APK 6.5.0 (VIP Unlocked)

iQIYI MOD APK 6.5.0 (VIP Unlocked)

June 9, 2024


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Get ready to engage yourself in this amazing collection of movies, reality shows, and TV series from all Asia in iQIYI. Here, the Asian Netflix service will allow its users to stream any of their favorite dramas, variety shows, animes, and movies right onto their mobile devices. As a result, you can enjoy accessible entertainment experiences whenever you want.

Feel free to discover the hottest dramas from your favorite countries. Discover many unique variety shows with exciting concepts and interesting productions. Have access to many exclusive movies that you can’t get from anywhere else. And also enjoy many awesome animes, which will allow you to engage in lots of amazing adventures. All of which will be available in this awesome application of iQIYI Video.

So if you are interested in the app, feel free to check out our in-depth reviews to learn more about its features.

What does it do?

Here in iQIYI, Android users will have access to one of the largest Asian video entertainment platforms, with movies, dramas, variety shows, and other amazing content from countries across the continent. Feel free to watch the hottest dramas from Korean and Chinese entertainment industries. Enjoy many hilarious variety shows from China, Korea, or Japan. Watch many exciting anime including Attack on Titan, One Piece, and many others. All of which should allow you to enjoy a complete entertainment experience.

The app offers a vast streaming library for you to access for free and at any time you want. The multilingual support will make sure that viewers from all countries can enjoy watching the shows with dubs or subtitles. You can choose to watch your video content in many different resolutions and playback settings. And the user-friendly UI will make sure that you can easily get used to the app and all of its features.


For those of you who are interested in the awesome mobile application, you can easily download and install it from the Google Play Store, no payment is required. Here, the freemium services will allow you to enjoy many interesting content without having to pay for them. But if you want extra services, there will be certain required fees.

Also, you’ll need to have Internet available on your mobile devices to start enjoying the shows on the go. And make sure to provide the app with all the required access permissions, which are needed to enable the fully-featured app on your devices

And last but not least, it’s recommended to have the devices running on the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 5.0 and up. This should guarantee its compatibility to all the new updates.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Intuitive and accessible app for all users

To start with, Android users in iQIYI will find themselves quickly familiarized with all the exciting features in the app, thanks to tits intuitive and accessible UI. Here, the simple and clean interface will allow you to easily navigate through the different menus and find everything you want. Browse through the different video categories, search for your favorite content, and unlock many available features in the app.

A huge collection of streaming content

And for those of you who are interested, the huge collection of incredible streaming content in iQIYI will make sure that you can always find what you want to watch. Here, the app offers unlimited movies, dramas, variety shows, and interesting cartoons that you can watch whenever you want. And at the same time, all video contents are frequently updated so you can enjoy all the latest episodes. Hence, you’ll always find iQIYI being the best source for your movies and shows.

Enjoy multilingual support for many users

To make sure that all Android users can enjoy working with the awesome application of iQIYI, the app also features its multilingual support, which allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows in many available languages. These include Mandarin, English, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Korea, Chinese, Thai, and so on. All content will be available in both subtitles and accurate dubs to ensure your complete satisfaction with the streaming services.

Amazing video content at high resolution

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy all the videos in iQIYI with awesome HD experiences. Here, all the contents are available in full HD quality or more, which will guarantee better images. In addition, the adaptive bitstream will allow you to watch video smoothly depending on your Internet connection, as it allows the app to automatically switch resolution to better match your connection.

Download the video to watch offline

And to make sure that you can enjoy your favorite shows on the go, even without the Internet available. Hence, users in iQIYI can watch their offline shows anywhere and anytime. All it takes is for you to pre-download the selected shows before going outside. The available media will then be available for playback whenever you want.

Check on your viewing history

Also, if you accidentally log out of your current shows, iQIYI will also keep your viewing history to take you back where you left off. Hence, you can return to the exact episodes and watch your videos from the exact moments. Plus, it’s always possible for users to check back their viewing history and look for things that they have missed.

Enjoy the unlocked app with our mod

And last but not least, while you can still enjoy the freemium application of iQIYI on your mobile devices, there will be certain inconveniences due to the ads and in-app purchases. Hence, we also offer our modified version of iQIYI on our website, which features all the exciting content for you to enjoy for free. All it takes is for you to download the iQIYI mod APK, follow the provided instructions, and you’re good to go.

Final verdict

With an incredible collection of movies and TV shows, along with many great Asian dramas and exclusive content, iQIYI will allow Android users to enjoy their complete entertainment experiences on their mobile devices. And thanks to the accessible features, you can have absolute fun watching your favorite shows on the go. Not to mention that the modified version of the app on our website will make sure that you’re completely satisfied with the overall experience.

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  1. Arah says:

    hey, thank you so much
    I downloaded the mod apk and installed it, but when I use the app it’s just as the normal version and VIP is not unlocked, neither is it premium. Am I missing a step? why is this happening?

  2. Tessence says:

    Thank you for this I really wanted fl sudios but am broke because of everthings, I really thank the creator and all the people who helped make this place and apps possible. Great job. ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

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