Jungle Heat MOD APK 2.2.6 (Unlimited Money)

Jungle Heat MOD APK 2.2.6 (Unlimited Money)

March 14, 2024


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Jungle Heat is an action strategy game that you will take part in the rainforest’s battle. The game is attractive and free on Android and iOS devices. From our perspective, Jungle Heat  is an interesting game.

Players praise the convenience and maneuverability of Jungle Heat. In the game, your primary tasks are planning your base building, upgrading buildings and combat forces, creating a perfect defense, and applying effective attack strategies to win. The game operating system is simple but engaging. All the battles are simple and easy to control.

The game also offers multiple-player mode. You can play with other players and attack randomly or with specific opponents. Also, players can discover who attacked their fortress and counterattack. With competitive scorecards and competitions, try your best to rise to the top of your friend’s list and become an invincible hero. Substantial rewards awaiting discovery by active players.

General Information

Multi-platform mobile game Jungle Heat is one of the great entertainment experiences in 2015. Up to now, the game has attracted over 23 million plays. And it shows no sign of stopping. Under the genre of building combined fighting, the game opens up a hot world of heroes, muscular warriors, and countless fiery gun battles.

Similar to games of the same type, players will start by collecting resources, building bases, reinforcing defenses, and training troops. The game offers both clan war modes, promising to be as attractive and attractive as the Clash of Clans phenomenon of Supercell.

Jungle Heat has similar gameplay of Clash of Clans. But it focuses more on heroes. You will recognize easily that the game features familiar characters such as Lara Croft, Indiana Jones, or Rambo with different names to avoid copyright issues. Each hero has special skills.

You will find a fairly familiar play style. You build bases, upgrade, defend, or attack other players. The game also has the advantage of being playable on a computer via Facebook and indispensable PVP tournaments.

The game comes with majestic green forests and survival battles. In those immense forests, players will witness the large reserves of oil and gold ore. They are struggling to withstand the brutal destruction of the ruling forces. Your principal enemy is the violent General Blood.

Therefore, your task is nothing more than to get that precious resource back from the hands of the fierce and greedy loggers. Also, you must store this booty safely in your inventory. For fighting the cheeky band of bandits, gamers need to build and reinforce their army. You should also reinforce solid walls, train their elite army of warriors for real show attacks, and wipe out these blood-sucking people.

When taking part in the Jungle Heat, gamers will witness lush tropical forests? The large reserves of oil and gold ore resources are struggling to withstand the barbaric destruction of the ferocious General Blood’s ruling force. Your mission is to reinforce the military force and solid honest walls, train your elite army of warriors to launch attacks that wipe out the enemies.

In this game, the defensive factor is also very important and you must also try to attack their base to save a treasure for your forces. Jungle Heat provides players with a variety of modern weapons, army units, and a vast map system and specific territory division for each player. The game integrates the scorecard tools for each game screen. We also rate the game for graphics effects and dynamic background music.

Background Story

Jungle Heat allows gamers to experience the fiercest battles managing the most solid military blocks. The game will lead you to lush tropical jungle, fresh air, but also many dangers lurking.

Jungle Heat is an engaging game player with majestic green forests and survival battles. In those immense forests, players will witness the fact that large reserves of oil and gold ore resources are struggling to withstand the brutal destruction of the ruling forces. So, your task is getting that precious resource back from the hands of the fierce and greedy loggers. Besides, this booty should then also be safely stored in your inventory.

Similar to other lines of defense strategy games, the defense factor is always on top. The enemy force is enormous and possesses the ability to attack strongly, quickly. It makes you always have to stay alert and keep your concentration high. For the victory, focus on building your military bases into a solid fortress system, face off against other players, and do not forget to raid their base again to save a treasure for your forces.

They design Jungle Heat on a fun, lovely cartoon-style graphics platform combined with online gameplay. The developer makes battles more intense and dramatic than ever. The game has many similarities with other famous titles like Clash of Clan, Backyard Monsters, or Edgeworld. The difference is the modern battles with the first appearance of dark weapons.

The gameplay perfectly combines strategy games with city construction and management. The achievement system can help you mark achievement milestones. They provide a tutorial system in a simplified form, allowing gamers to play while exploring the specialties for themselves in the storyline.

Specifically, in the Jungle Heat, players will start from building their base along with mining oil, gold. You must protect the command center from the attack of the enemy. If the base is poorly defended, other players can organize an attack and gain control of the city. It means you have completely failed in this war.

As a real-time strategy game, Jungle Heat players can use diamonds to support the construction process faster. Also, you must time the completed works to build other projects. In the Jungle Heat, attacking the enemy is also a form for players to gain more money, experience points, and own unknown lands. So before attacking, the player can look at the layout of the bases and troops on the map.

When ready to attack, locate the enemy that needs to be killed, this unit will attack the nearest enemy structure. Besides building ramparts, gamers also need to pay attention to building a powerful army of the same variety with over ten types of units such as Spies, Riflemen, Nurses, and Rambo. Each unit possesses distinct strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, the decisive factor lies in the tactics and force coordination of the military.

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How to Play Jungle Heat?

The gameplay of Jungle Heat is the same as Clash of Clans. Players have to build their bases in the game, train troops, attack, and accept other players’ counterattacks. The game uses a cartoon style. It displays the buildings and army in playful comic form.

The scene of the firefight was fierce. And the scene of the firefight between the two armies had a good visual impact. Unlike other types of Clash of Clans that highlight realism, this game is humorous and can bring a sense of joy besides intense battles. Players can attack the base camps of other players with troops they have trained. Other troops must also baptize them. The game is straightforward to use and full of fun.

First, it is a game for developing yourself and plundering others. So, on the enemy’s base, tap the ground on the screen to drop your troops. Then press and hold to make a collective airdrop. You should know that the airdrop location can only be on the green ground in the picture.

Click the icon below to select the troops you want to airdrop. The airdropped troops are not unlimited. It means that we cannot recover them. For the number of troops, you drop by air, even if one troop is not dead. But the hero can be used continuously. And the main attack target is the enemy’s base camp.

You must attack the enemy’s base and also defend our base. But build the cannon first. Click on the store and then select the cannon to build. The cannon can play a defensive role. We suggest that you build a watchtower and use walls to enclose important locations, such as the base camp.

It takes time to build. You can use diamonds to speed up completion. In the early stage, it is free to help novices to speed up and does not consume diamonds. However, diamonds are needed in the latter stage, so save diamonds.

After talking about defense, we should talk about the two most important resources of our game, oil and gold coins. Let’s talk about gold coins first. Gold coins can build buildings. So, gold coins are essential for defense construction, especially for large consumers. Gold coins can build gold mines. You should build more gold mines in the early stage. Upgrading gold mines can also increase the speed of gold coin acquisition.

After talking about gold coins, let’s talk about oil. Oil is more useful than gold coins. Oil can be obtained by building oil wells. Upgrading oil wells can increase the speed of obtaining oil. Also, oil can train troops. The better the troops, we consume the more oil.

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Special Features

Unique Gameplay

In Jungle Heat, the game will turn the Jungle into the battlefield. As you will see below, it is a game very similar to Clash of Clans that we must create our army and go to war. But unlike Clash of Clans, this time we will be in the jungle. We will have to collect minerals and elements from our environment to build our army and improve our base. The major resources that we will have at our disposal are oil, precious stones, and gold.

One thing that makes the game fun is the inclusion of heroes. They gave superior characteristics and functions to other characters. These heroes will be familiar to us. They are winks of well-known characters and in everyone’s collective imagination such as Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, Rambo, and Chuck Norris.

The game is multi-platform so we can face users of different platforms, such as iOS, Android, or Facebook. There are different game modes. On the one hand, we will have a campaign mode but we will face user colts in tournaments where we can get important rewards.

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In tournaments, you can compete against other players. Tournaments always have five days where 9:00 (CET) in winter and 10:00 (CET) in summer is always the deadline. Once a tournament ends, it blends seamlessly with a new one. There are two types of tournaments as single tournaments and clan tournaments.

For the Single Tournament, once you have achieved a rating of 500 points, you are eligible to take part in the next tournament. There are 100 players with approximately the same number of points grouped. The person who has risen higher than the evaluation scores at the end of five days will win the tournament. They will award the first three places with diamonds. The amount of diamond depends on the rating class in which you start:

With the Clan Tournament, once a clan with an overall rating has 5000 points, it joins a clan tournament automatically. There are 20 clans with similar numbers of points grouped. Clan tournaments only take five days. Each player receives the clan for a fight alongside the rating points and trophies. The number of cups depends on the rating point area you are in.

Jungle Heat War of Clans screen 2


In the recent update, besides a general improvement in performance and a substantial bug fix, the developer has brought a requested feature by players of cross-platform progress synchronization. We can play Jungle Heat on various platforms. It is available on Android, iOS, and even Facebook to enable the cross-save function search for different devices in the settings.

In Jungle Heat, we will have to build our military base and equip it with the right defenses. Once it is done, we move on to the attack phase where it is possible to invade and plunder the fortresses of other gamers. We could define it as a Clash of Clans with weapons from fire. Among the principal features we have simple and unique battles, total freedom in planning your base and training your troops, and unique heroes who can support normal troops during attacks;

Final Words

Jungle Heat owns a large map system and divides the specific territory for each player. The game includes a lot of basic building systems for gamers to develop, including resources, troops, and defense. In the game, you must take part in PvE battles with teams.

Fight against General Blood with your team, lead multiple campaigns, and earn stars as you win. During the game fight, you can gain battle experience and resources. Then progress through a revenge campaign in the forest. Also, collect monuments through dramatic PVP battles. Get rewards as the rank, build monuments at the factory, and receive many attractive skill packs: a collection of diamonds and resources.

Jungle Heat MOD APK features outstanding graphics and sound effects, sharp and beautiful detailed images. The sound and background music also contribute significantly to increase the drama and vibrancy of the game.

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