Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey 2020.10.15 APK

Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey 2020.10.15 APK

October 27, 2020


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Antler Interactive
7.1 and up
18.26 MB
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Find yourself explore the world of mysteries in Krystopia where you’re free to take on the endless puzzle challenges while enjoying the majestic setups in the game. Discover the unique adventure of a space explorer in this strange land. It’ll make you wonder what could have happened to the place and its people. How could a wonderful civilization have vanished and the only thing that’s is left this amazing ruin?

For those of you who’re interested in enjoying challenging puzzle levels, brilliant in-game quests, and a beautiful world to explore and enjoy. Find yourself caught in the captivating stories as you learn more about this strange world. What seems to be a few minutes scout could eventually turn in to hours of gameplay in Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey.

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In the game, players will find themselves playing as Nova Dune a space adventurer who is cruising the endless cosmic on her spaceship. Suddenly, she receives a few strange signals that indicate an unfamiliar distress data from a strange planet on the way.

So, she decided to investigate the planet, which its civilizations have all vanished. Here, Nova finds herself stunned by the beauty of the planets as its remaining ruins. And in a rare moment when she lost her guard, Nova was caught inside what seems to be an escape room that was still left on the planet.

At first, it might not seem so much of a challenge, but as she try to look for a way out, she find that the entire compound was a giant maze with incredible setups and plenty of puzzle challenges that you just can’t ignore.

Thus, begin her journey in Krystopia as you help her to escape the place and discover more interesting secrets behind the planet. Unveil the actual reason behind the mystery of the long lost civilization and its people.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Hours of endless fun and rewarding puzzles

For those who’re interested in enjoying puzzle gameplay on their mobile devices, you’ll definitely enjoy yourself in the endless fun and rewarding puzzles in Krystopia. That being said, the entire gameplay will introduce you to more than 4 hours of addictive playthrough where you’ll have to solve intriguing puzzles, interact with the responsive environments, and more.

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Take time to solve the incredible puzzles that you’ve never experience before

And unlike any other games that you’ve played before, Krystopia A Puzzle Journey introduces gamers to endless levels of innovative gameplay that you would certainly enjoy. Instead of working on the traditional 2D platform, you’ll have to think in 3D in order to escape room. With a variety of available puzzles, the game allows gamers to experience interesting challenges with escalating difficulties. Here, you’ll slowly learn the gameplay while being continuingly entertained by the new levels.

Feel free to interact with the entire world in Krystopia

And for those who’re interested, you’ll also find yourself interacting with the awesome world where you’re free to crush objects, examine the old relics, and more. Feel free to explore all the different objects that are positioned around you to win the levels and advance to the next levels. Find yourself completely immersed in the interactive gameplay in Krystopia.

Enjoy the beautiful environments

Gamers in Krystopia will also find themselves exploring the distant worlds where you can watch and awe at the beautiful environment, enjoy the incredible architecture achievements that were created by the people of the planet from the past, and experience a console-like gameplay right on your mobile devices.

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Get hooked to the game with Nova’s captivating voiceover narrative

And along with the captivating stories, gamers will also find themselves enjoying the interesting voiceover narrative from our main character, Nova. Her captivating voices will make you feel like you’re one with the character, and it’s you who’re experiencing the game, not her. Learn more about the current from the experiences of a space adventure.

Discover the story behind the missing civilization

The game introduces gamers to the long lost civilization of the people in Krystopia as it does make you curious about why they have to leave the planet and abandon all these amazing ruins. Discover more and more interesting gameplay as you unveil the stories of the disappeared civilizations. Walk through the stunning places in Krystopia and you slowly unlock the secrets behind the events.

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Enjoy the game without being disturbed by ads

Not to mention that you’ll also have the chance to enjoy the gameplay in Krystopia without being disturbed by annoying ads. Feel free to explore the endless puzzle levels with fun and addictive gameplay.

Free to play

And last but not least, despite having all those amazing features, the game is currently free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. Hence, you can easily have it installed on your mobile devices from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

Visual and sound quality


Enjoy the awesome gameplay where you guide our hero in her adventures in Krystopia. And most importantly, find yourself completely immersed in the beautiful environments in the game, interact with stunning artifacts, and totally caught in the epic atmosphere, you’ll feel like you’re actually one with the characters.


Along with the epic voiceover from Nova herself, the game also features beautiful audio experiences where you’ll be able to enjoy the stunning world to the fullest.

Download Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey latest 2020.10.15 Android APK

For those of you who’re interested in puzzle gameplay and would like to have a relaxing title that you can enjoy whenever you want, then Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey should be everything that you would ever want, and more.

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