Lapse It Pro MOD APK 4.70 (Paid for free)

Lapse It Pro MOD APK 4.70 (Paid for free)

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Time Lapse is a technique of condensing time by taking pictures when taking pictures continuously for a long time and having the same shooting angle. This technique helps to explore the world interestingly, which is difficult to perceive in proper time.

Time Lapse allows you to speed up a video and slow down the major events. It includes the movement of the clouds, the rise, and fall of the sun, the animal life, a party with your friends, personal activities like drawing, playing sports, or anything else you can imagine.

If you have to memorize a guidebook of at least ten pages to get the basics of Time Lapse photography. With the Lapse It Pro application, everything will become a lot easier. This application has a fairly modern interface for the ability to take Time Lapse photos or create Stop Motion videos.

With video recording mode, users can insert audio from outside. Then, save the video in familiar formats like MP4 or FLV. Besides, the application also allows users to share content directly to YouTube or popular social networks.

Like many other shooting apps, Lapse It Pro also can adjust the focus point, white balance, and various scene modes. In particular, users can use the front camera of the device to take pictures or record videos at will.

What Does Time-Lapse Mean?

Time Lapse is a technique of stitching together many consecutive photos. A period separates each photo to form a complete fast-forward video. Instead of recording a normal video with 24 frames per second, Time Lapse is a collection of 24 frames captured separately and stitched together.

It makes it possible to record everything from blooming flowers, traffic around a city or road, clouds flying in the sky, or people moving in a scene you want. The video you watch above was created by capturing each frame one by one, separated by a few seconds, creating a fast-forward video.

Time Lapse is a technique linked to video and cinematographic productions. But it was practically born together with the invention of the cinema. The Time-Lapse technique refers directly to the original idea that gave life to animated video reproductions: a sequence of frames.

The sequence of frames is nothing more than the succession of images at a speed that deceives our eye. Every single frame captures a precise moment of reality, and the difference between one frame and the other is slight.

What does the Time-Lapse technique comprise?

This technique was born from the errors and experiments of the first cameramen. By chance, or because of technical problems of a newly born technology, the films appeared at the wrong speed.

If the projection time is wrong and the movie is too slow, our eye can capture the sequence of frames and see a jerky action. If the projection time is too fast, our eye does not have time to grasp the changes that are too fast. When the projection is accelerated, and therefore often confuses the viewer.

The Time-Lapse technique slows down the shooting time. It gains the frames at a distance of long times and is projected at the right speed to deceive the human eye.

What does a Time Lapse shot show?

The Time-Lapse technique, with its shooting times that are very dilated over time, allows you to focus your attention on long and time-dilated changes. The rapid changes almost become a detail or a disturbance.

It speeds up a Time-Lapse shooting that changes the perspective of what happens and movements that take hours or several minutes, fluid and continuous. You can appreciate changes that are usually not noticed because the busy life distracts us and makes it difficult for us to notice them.

General Information

Time-Lapse videos will give viewers some time magic, but they are not available on Microsoft’s camera app. Thankfully, several apps available on the App Store can provide you with this.

Time Lapse is a great way to capture slow motion and view them at a higher speed. From the movement of the sun at sunset to the blooming process, it will synthesize all in a short time to provide viewers with interesting things from the course.

For the ability to capture Time Lapse movies, Lapse It stands out with all the features you can think of. From manual settings to the camera with the ability to set parameters such as focus mode, ISO mode, scene mode, and white balance to choose the interval after each frame click.

Lapse It Pro not only allows recording Time Lapse video, but it can also pause and resume recording as needed. When recording a video, it is also possible to change the resolution, codec, frames per second, and even add sound or effects to the video. The app’s only downside is that most of the features are only available with the Lapse It version, which costs $2.99. You can download this amazing app via this link.

Through this app, you can take splendid pictures using the highest sensor and resolution camera. It improves the user interface design, usability easier by being unique and powerful with a fast decoding engine.

How to Use Lapse It Pro?

Lapse It Pro from Interactive Universe is the simplest application for you to apply the Time-Lapse technique. Lapse It provides all the features such as select interval shooting, camera parameter settings, shooting mode of close-up, and landscape. To use it, you can refer to the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Open the application. Click the plus sign to open the capture interface. Here, you can touch the screen to focus. If you want to tweak other parameters, click on the Customize button. The advanced options include two shooting modes (automatic/manual), timer for shooting loop, image resolution, picture mode (Auto, Macro, Sport, Night, Night Portrait and Backlit), white balance, and exposure.
  • Step 2: Since we export to Video, you need to save memory. So, the resolution is 2.1MP. Once you’re done setting it up, sit back and let the app take a selfie. The screen will turn off to save maximum battery power.
  • Step 3: After taking a photo, recalibrate the image you just took, such as delete poor photos or choose color effects. Then set the length of the video you want to export. Finally, save the video.

The salient features of the application are:

  • It can record time-lapse videos freehand, in motion, and while walking, jumping, or falling.
  • It completely cleans up the video, making it of high cinematic quality thanks to automatic stabilization.
  • It speeds up to 12 times and allows you to share videos on Instagram in actual time or save them comfortably in your phone’s camera roll. For example, it can capture sunrise or sunset in just 10 seconds, even if you are shooting on a motorcycle.

Instagram Time-Lapse and Social Marketing

On Instagram, the time-lapse technique can bring great notoriety to a brand that could create creative content. It can allow the followers to view its service with a very long duration, even several days, in a few seconds of video.

This technique is the only one that allows this functionality, and the brands that used it immediately aroused great curiosity in their followers. An example could be that of National Geographic. They sponsored their brand, and the photographs published in the magazine, purely naturalistic, made a time-lapse on nature that portrayed landscapes for entire days with the changes of lights and atmospheric agents.

This video created a great interest in the followers who started sharing these time-lapses for their friends to view. But it is not enough just to make a creative and fun time-lapse, it is also necessary to use the right methodologies to allow everyone to view it. The best way is the correct use of the famous Instagram Hashtags. Thanks to their use, they allow you to reach large numbers of audiences interested in that topic.

Finally, the last way to reach as many people as possible could be to insert tags within the video towards world-famous people or organizations. In this way, it will be possible to show our Lapse It to the people who will go to view the posts in which it tags these people. This technique on Instagram is widely used, as it is often possible to insert the tag even without the permission of those who will be tagged.

Photo Rules for a Perfect Time Lapse on Smartphone

As previously mentioned, time-lapse is a technique that allows you to record videos made up of frames.

Choose a smooth surface

To start this recording, the basic rule is to place your Android or IOS device on a surface that is as smooth as possible, since it must remain still for an entire day and then let the recording work.

By doing so, the result is the possibility of having a shot that starts at dawn and ends with sunset in a few seconds. You can draw the entire period in a few seconds or shoot an avenue immersed in the traffic of a large metropolis.

This technique is available for nature photographers who film the flow of a river, the explosion of a volcano, or the blossoming of flowers. Some of the most famous brands, such as Samsung, use time-lapse to sponsor the sharpness of the new TV.

Be Creative and Interesting

To create a perfect time-lapse, besides having the right equipment, it is also necessary to work to create a creative and interesting video. To do so, you can follow some tips valid in principle for any time-lapse made with smartphones. In this way, we hope to provide those who want to experiment with this technique with a correct application of the camera in creating creative and interesting time lapses.

Find the ideal place to place your smartphone

The first fundamental rule to follow is to find a location for the shoot. A smartphone is not like a video camera or a professional reflex camera. It has a different weight and a different size. Therefore, it is important to consider where and how to place it.

A smartphone allows those who use it for a video recording to be placed in places where a reflex or a professional video camera would be terrible. For example, it could be on the handlebar of a bicycle or the dashboard of your car.

Choose a flat and stable surface

To have a good yield, it is necessary to identify a flat and stable surface for your smartphone for the duration of the shooting. A time-lapse is often characterized by having the same shot throughout the video. Even the slightest vibration or movement could compromise the perfect realization.

For a perfect time-lapse, carefully choose the protagonist (object, person, animal, or landscape) that is very variable. In a certain duration of the time-lapse, it can change continuously or significantly to leave those who view the time-lapse in awe. It is the primary rule for the correct realization of a video. With this method, it is the reason to choose a time-lapse rather than a normal video recording.

Another useful consideration for smartphone time lapses is choosing the correct shooting perspective. The small smartphone camera has a significant advantage, namely that of being versatile and movable in a short time. It is possible to get particular and different shots compared to those obtainable from any shooting camera.

Identifying the correct, or rather the best perspective is a procedure that requires experience, training, and above all, experimentation. It is not something that you get trivial. And it often requires a lot of creativity. You must always remember to have a smartphone in your hands. Therefore, think differently than using more professional and complex equipment.

Choose the best moment

A landscape in the entire duration of the sunset arouses more interest than a portrait in the early afternoon. Or a flower in full bloom is more curious than when it is only growing. It is possible to improve performance with the right dedication and interest. Lapse It has a fairly pleasant interface. It often gives excellent results. It allows you to add track audio to video.

The app also offers the possibility to share your video in a social space where you can compare it with the projects of other users in the form of a real social network. Its operation is identical to any social network such as Facebook. It allows you to follow users, like, and exchange ideas and projects.

Final Words

Lapse It Pro APK is a new application from the Interactive Universe. With Lapse It, you can now shoot videos that can be easily transformed into time-lapse, the technique used to create movies that run faster than normal.

It is a very popular online genre, but until now it had required the use of more complex software or equipment and a certain skill by those who made them. Lapse It helps you to overcome these obstacles and allow everyone to shoot their videos in time-lapse with non-professional equipment, especially with a smartphone camera.

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