LEGO Star Wars: TFA MOD APK (Unlocked/Money)

LEGO Star Wars: TFA MOD APK (Unlocked/Money)

August 22, 2022


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There are many interesting things in the world that we are yet to discover. And if you are also a person that likes to discover the new things in adventure games, LEGO Star Wars: TFA will be a good choice for you. The game is also called “LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. LEGO Star Wars: TFA is the game of the action and adventure genre. Take part in the game, you will become the heroes and fight your enemies. There still are many attractive things that are waiting for you to explore. Now let’s start to explore LEGO Star Wars: TFA.

Different places to vivid sound

LEGO Star Wars: TFA is one of the games that has been built and offered by Warner Bros. International Enterprises. They are a fully integrated, broad-based entertainment company and a global leader in the creation, production, distribution, licensing and marketing of all forms of entertainment and their related businesses. LEGO Star Wars: TFA can run on many different platforms such as Android, Microsoft Windows, Wii U, Xbox 360, Mac OS, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, and PlayStation 3. And the game is available on both Google Play and App Store. So you can install the game on mobile devices that run on Android and iOS Operating Systems. LEGO Star Wars: TFA is also supported on tablets and computers. And the game is free to download and is only for single player.

LEGO Star Wars TFA screen 4

Besides, 3D graphic is very outstanding. You can see footprints in the sand when your character passes over. If you pay attention carefully, you can also see snowflakes falling. LEGO Star Wars: TFA will take you to many different places, from beautiful areas to dark locations. For example, a big forest with a lot of trees, a barren desert, the area that is covered with snow or even a dirty sewer and so on. Moreover, the image of the characters is very nice, from face to movement. The character’s face also has many different expressions. Happy, sad or scared, angry, … The characters’ movement is like the real person. Run, jump to use weapons or control a spacecraft. This will make the game become more realistic. Especially, shadow and light effect will bring many surprising things for the players. A scene is always full of laser shafts that are shot by laser guns.

In addition, the sound of the game is very lively. In LEGO Star Wars: TFA, the players can hear the footstep, the sound of the engine or even the crash when the characters are fighting. The characters also can talk to each other. This will help you to understand the plot of the game clearly and can take you to the vivid film. Furthermore, an exciting soundtrack will be always turned on while you are playing LEGO Star Wars: TFA. But you still can turn off the sound in the Options of the game, if you don’t want to hear it or disturb others.

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Start an adventure in a galaxy

LEGO Star Wars: TFA is the game that mixes puzzle and action. So there are many challenges that will need to your ability to think and calculate. For example, you will have to look for a way to climb to high ground from available materials. Besides, you will combine many characters to complete a certain mission. This will help you to increase your team leader skill. Moreover, assembling is an important element in the game. The player will have to create many machines to the enemies or obstacles on your way or a staircase to move from bottom to top, and more. It will be the challenge for you.

In addition, LEGO Star Wars: TFA has introduced exciting gameplay mechanics never before available in a LEGO game including Multi-Builds, Blaster Battles and enhanced flight sequences. Especially, the Multi-Builds will allow you to build different objects from the same pile of LEGO bricks. The player also can leverage their surroundings as cover and engage in intense Blaster Battles to drive back the relentless First Order and emerge victoriously. Furthermore, you can own the new characters with the purchase of the All Content Season Pass. So you won’t be bored when playing LEGO Star Wars: TFA.

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Two control ways and diversified languages

In LEGO Star Wars: TFA, the publisher has allowed the players to choose the way to control the character. There are 2 control ways in the game. The first way is Virtual D-Pad. With this way, you will control your character by the buttons that are shown on the screen. Especially, there will be 2 options in the Virtual D-Pad way so that you can customize the move button. Those are Floating and Fixed. The Floating option will allow you to move the move button to any position on the screen that you want. But the Fixed option will fix the move button on the left side of your screen. Casual Controls is the second way. When you use this way, the buttons that are used to control the characters won’t appear. So you will have to remember how to control by using the Virtual D-Pad way.

In addition, there are up to 15 different languages in LEGO Star Wars: TFA. These languages are English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish (Mexico), Polish, Russian, Dutch, Italian, German, Danish, Portuguese (Brazil), French, and Spanish. They will help many players in the world to understand the plot and mission of the game more quickly. Furthermore, the game also will bring new words for those who are learning those languages. To change the language, open the Options of the game and choose the language that you want to display in the Language option.

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Enjoy happy moments with LEGO Start Wars: TFA

With an attractive subject – the heroes, LEGO Star Wars: TFA has attracted a lot of players of different ages in the world, from children to adults. In the game, you will play heroic characters from the movie such as Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, Han Solo, and BB-8, as well as Kylo Ren and General Hux. Besides, you can participate in arena-based aerial battles. This will bring the thrill of high-speed, action-packed flight for you. In addition, the players can play LEGO Star Wars: TFA whenever and wherever. Because the game doesn’t require connecting to the Internet. You will be able to relax with LEGO Star Wars: TFA after a long day at work. Because of the above things, there have been more than 10 million players at the moment that take part in LEGO Star Wars: TFA. What are you waiting for? Install LEGO Star Wars: TFA, immerse yourself in the new Star Wars adventure like never before and enjoy the happy moments.

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