LEGO Tower MOD APK 1.26.1 (Unlimited Money)

LEGO Tower MOD APK 1.26.1 (Unlimited Money)

November 29, 2023


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NimbleBit LLC
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Unlimited Money

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Recently, LEGO developer has teamed up with NimbleBit, the developer of the beloved classic mobile game Tiny Tower, to create an all-new mobile gaming experience. NimbleBit is famous for developing adorable building games in the mobile world. And both companies are pleased to take Tiny Tower’s gameplay to additional levels in the LEGO world with LEGO Tower.

LEGO Tower allows players to build and operate their own LEGO tower. You will build a variety of apartments and structures for your residents to live, work, and play. Visit your friends’ court and transport blocks to help them remodel the structure. Collect hundreds of unique puzzle pieces and explore individual characters. Then, build your dream LEGO tower to a new level, the only limit is your imagination.

General Information

The residents of LEGO Tower are very busy people. Besides decorating their apartment, they enroll in drawing lessons in an art class, chat at the burger stall, and meet new friends. But someone will have to build buildings, so everyone has a place to do these activities. Players will decorate, ordering building materials, managing restaurants, introducing neighbors to each other, and performing a variety of other interesting and interactive missions. You can also make your tower become the most ideal living place for the LEGO residential community.

Just like Tiny Tower, LEGO Tower will offer a wide range of amazing apartments and structures that can be built inside the tower. And of course, like most other LEGO games, the game emphasizes the collection aspect. You will accumulate hundreds of different puzzle pieces and even meet some interesting mysterious characters.

Background Story

Built on the format of Tiny Tower, LEGO Tower by NimbleBit comes in a more in-depth way. Players still start by building many towers and a series of different apartments with cute shapes from familiar LEGO characters. With LEGO Tower, the player not only acts as a contractor responsible for building the tower but also has to take care of the management of the building.

It is also a hard point because we need several materials a lot but it is extremely rare. So, to win, you need to note the many issues. Depending on the character, there will be a certain forte. Therefore, through the use of suitable human resources, you will increase efficiency during the game. However, it should only be applied later once you have reached a certain level.

From the start, your goal is to build and grow your entire tower, including the management and maintenance on each floor. If you want to collect materials easily, do not forget to create maximum conditions for residents to visit the different service areas in the tower. At a higher level, players also need to ensure the number of items and services for both visiting customers and staff in the tower. And do not forget to ignore the calculation step for optimizing your revenue.

How to Play LEGO Tower?

Player Goal in LEGO Tower

Your goal is to build the tallest building by constantly piling up floors after floor. It requires coins, and you can earn coins by bringing Minifigure (game characters) to the desired floors using the elevator and from completing many other missions. After purchasing space for a new floor, tap on the empty floor and you have a variety of options to choose such as creative, residential, retail, food, rebuild, and service. Residential floors provide accommodations for Minifigure. And you can assign residents to work in food stores, fashion designers, and candy shops.

Learn About Floor Systems

Each floor you can build in a LEGO Tower belongs to two basic types of Residential Floors and Business Floors. As mentioned above, the residential floor is only the Mini-figure residence. Each floor can hold five characters. Within each business tier, there can be up to three employees working in different goods and services provision. Touching the business floor, you can place an order, stock up, and sell products.

First, order the goods. Once the product is in stock, you sell and earn coins from it. Items are sold out automatically. So, all you do is do a stock check and complete stock entry. When you touch the sales floor, you will see the remaining time when all your items will be sold out.

Residents And Types Of Work In LEGO Tower

All residents have a dream job. If you assign jobs to residents according to their wishes, you will make more money. To check the resident’s dream job, tap the yellow menu button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Then choose the Mini-figures. Here, you can see the full Mini-figure that is your resident. The work with the heart symbol next to it is a dream job. For example, Daniel M’s favorite job is working on the Bavarian Food floor.

You can also find out this information on floors of houses. Tap on the house floor and the game will show you a list of residents living there. Tap on the character in the list, then change the Job button. Here, you can change the job for residents.

Welcome New Members To Live In Your Building

First, you need to have rooms for residents in the building by building the residential floors. There are many ways to welcome new members to your building. Occasionally, Mini-figure will stand right in front of the elevator. Tap on the red arrow at the bottom of the screen to bring the character to the floor. Most of the time, you make money by bringing these characters upstairs for sightseeing.

But sometimes, they will move into the building permanently and become residents. Or at the bottom of the screen, near the menu button, you will see a notice that residents move into residential buildings. The second method of welcoming more people into your building in LEGO Tower is to use BuxTap. Choose the Move-in button and tap on Spend Bux. Sometimes, you greet a special character and he will help you drag many new residents to the building.

Functional Rebuild In LEGO Tower

After building 50 floors, you can rebuild the building and earn gold bricks. You will lose all floors, coins, and entire inhabitants. However, you will not lose golden bricks, Bux, unlocked vehicles, characters, and structures. Above all, add yellow bricks.

Yellow bricks are used to upgrade the building’s floors. They build the floors with gold bricks that provide many benefits for players such as increasing the amount of money you receive in each elevator trip, reducing construction time, reducing delivery times, fast importing, and increasing power of cargo up to 100 times.

In the last few years, LEGO has built assembly instruction apps that make building new LEGO models, especially with children, a lot easier. And LEGO just released a new app for LEGO Building Instructions.

Is using the assembly instruction app any better than the manual? First, you do not need a handbook anymore. With just a smartphone or tablet, you can replace an entire stack of manuals. Especially with LEGO sets from 2019 or newer, we can experience vivid interactions during assembly like rotating the model at different angles, zoom in or out, and view in 3D the animation simulates assembly manipulation with complex cases.


In LEGO Tower, you will still start your game by building multi-story towers with a variety of apartments for rent and residence. Of course, LEGO Tower will be indispensable for super cute shapes from familiar LEGO characters.

In LEGO Tower, players will build towers and communities using the pieces and resources. You must work hard to improve the lives of the little characters living inside the tower.

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