Lifeline 2.3.4 (Paid for free)

Lifeline 2.3.4 (Paid for free)

February 27, 2024


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Paid for free

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Enjoy yourself in a completely hooked to the interesting gameplay on Lifeline where you can get involved in the stories as a major part of it. Discover this engrossing gameplay that would make you totally immerse in the situations and sympathy with the characters.

Explore an unique gaming experience on your mobile devices as you enjoy the captivating stories where you’ll join a lost astronaut in his surviving journey. Help him make crucial decisions and talk to him to improve his spirit.

Find out more about this amazing game from 3 Minutes Games with our reviews.


The game introduces a rather unique and engrossing gameplay where you’ll find yourself being contacted via messages by a stranger who are lost in an unknown moon. He is the only survivor after his spaceship crash-landed on an unknown moon. Help him as he’s trying to fight for his life through your conversations with him.

Help him make crucial decisions so he can have a better chance of surviving the harsh conditions. Learn more about Taylor as you try to talk to him to calm his spirit, give him courage and motivations as you provide sound advices.

The entire gameplay of Lifeline will last for a couple of days, which introduces you to the unique stories that are featured in it. You can keep track of Taylor’s progresses and conditions through the messages that are sent to your devices every once in a while. Reply to him as soon as possible and answer him properly to increase his chances of surviving.

The messages will come along with the notifications on your phone. Hence, you can check them out whenever you want. With multiple paths that you can follow depending on the decisions that you’ve made and the narrative stories, you’ll find the game quite interesting.

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Here are all the amazing features that are currently featured on the game:

A casual game for you to enjoy whenever you have the time

To start with, Android gamers will find themselves enjoying the simple, intuitive, and satisfying gameplay on this casual title. Play the game whenever you have the time and answer Taylor messages properly to assist him. It might seem like you’re getting involved in the stories, but at the same time, it also feels like you’re playing your stories.

Receive messages from Taylor every once in a while

As the game begins, you’ll start to receive messages from Taylor introducing himself and describing his situations. Help him by giving him the suitable answers based on the given choices. You can either choose to enjoy the all the gameplay at once by keep on answering questions after questions, or experience a more engrossing way of gaming by following the stories of Taylor in real-time.

Receive messages ever once in a while, answer them and wait for Taylor’s responses. The reply will vary depends on your advices and the situations that Taylor is in. Sometimes, you can chill and do whatever you want while waiting for his messages, or get involved in intense situations where you have to answer quick and precise.

And as the stories progress, you’ll find yourself getting involved to the stories more and more. You’ll slowly care for a fictional character just like you know him for a very long time.

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Experience the captivating stories with our main character

The game focuses on telling the captivating and engrossing stories regarding to your main character – Taylor, who is lost in an unknown moon after his spaceship crash-landed on it. Here, gamers will find themselves enjoying an unique gameplay where you’ll help Taylor find his way back. Experience the engaging way of storytelling with our main character. Somehow, you’ve grown to care genuinely for Taylor.

Discover multiple development paths based on your answers

With a captivating storyline featuring multiple paths that you can take up and various endings based on your previous choices. Gamers are allowed to make their own choices on the paths you wish to pursue. That being said, you can either go in aggressive or conservative mode, attack or hide, the choices are yours to make and the consequences are yours to take.

Jump back and forth on different decisions to find out about their consequences

And as you’ve completed the game and experience an ending, you’ll unlock the option to return to any point in the past when you’ve made your choices. Choose another paths as you experience the drastic changes that could happen after a single decision.

Enjoy the game with or without the Internet

For those gamers who often spend their time outdoors, you’ll definitely find this game interesting since you’ll be able to play it with or without the Internet. That being said, there is no worry that you won’t receive Taylor’s messages.

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Experience the ad-free experiences with no in-game purchases

In addition, along with the addictive gameplay, gamers in Lifeline are also allowed to enjoy the ad-free experiences and no in-game purchases. With these, you can enjoy the game to the fullest. Thus, making the stories even more interesting and engrossing.

Have the game completely unlocked with our mod

The game is currently listed on the Google Play Store as a paid game. That being said, you’ll have to purchase it to be able to enjoy the game on your mobile devices. For those who’re not very interested in this idea, you might want to unlock the gameplay with our mod. You just need to have the Lifeline APK download and install it on your devices instead. Follow our instructions to properly install the game and you can start playing it for completely free.

Visual and sound quality


For those who’re interested, Lifeline is just a simple text-based game, so there is little to talk about its graphics. However, the overall visual experiences are quite satisfying with well-organized in-game contents and elements.


As for the sounds, the game features unique and satisfying soundtracks that completely hooked you to the stories. It’s like they’re trying to tell the stories with brilliant pieces of music.

Download Lifeline Mod latest 2.3.4 Android APK

If you’re looking for a simple yet relaxing game to enjoy on your mobile devices, Lifeline is certainly one of the best casual game to have. With addictive gameplay, engrossing stories, and comfortable features, you’ll definitely have some great times playing this game. Especially when you can have it for completely free.

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