Link Protector MOD APK 3.3.4 (Ad-Free)

Link Protector MOD APK 3.3.4 (Ad-Free)

September 15, 2023


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For mobile users, you can now make use of Link Protector to make sure that you’re always safe from all online threats while using your Android devices.


To make sure that all the links you clicked, all the connected websites, and other online services are safe and secured, Android users will now have themselves this amazing app of Link Protector, which can consistently protect them from malicious links and dangerous online exploits. Thus, allowing them to maintain the device’s security and prevent any accidents.

Simply download and install Link Protector on any of your mobile devices to instantly have its many features enabled on the go. Have access to the real-time link protector to prevent malicious content from affecting your device’s security. And feel free to work with other security tools and features in the app. All of which will guarantee your devices’ security.

Find out more about this awesome mobile app and all of its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews of Link Protector.

What does it do?

Here in Link Protector, Android users will have themselves the most convenient and useful tool for protecting their online connections and making sure that the mobile devices aren’t being threatened by online threats and exploits. All you need is to enable the app on your mobile devices and it’ll automatically run in the background while protecting your system.

Make use of the powerful Link Protector to enjoy real-time protections against malicious links, spam content, unreliable websites, phishing attacks, and so much more. Perform online scans using the Link Protector servers to make sure that all the links are secured and safe. Have instant access to the scanned results so you’ll know exactly what to do with the links.

Get ready to enjoy this amazing mobile app of Link Protector, which will provide mobile users powerful tools to protect their accounts from frauds. Use the app to get rid of any spams, fake, or phishing sites. Save your credit card credentials when executing online payments. Enjoy the unlimited VPN browser to use the Internet without getting restricted or threatened. The list goes on.


For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the free version of Link Protector from the Google Play Store, which should be available for all Android users to enjoy without any hassles. Have no troubles enjoying its many features and tools without paying for your downloads. However, with the free app still having ads and in-app purchases, you’ll need to pay to unlock its complete features.

In addition, don’t forget to always have your mobile devices updated to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 6.0 and up, which will enable the most stable and compatible version of the app on your devices. Also, you’re required to always provide the app with certain access permissions, which are needed to ensure its complete functions and features. So, make sure to consider the prompting requests and accept them, upon your first time entering the app.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Enjoy better security with online scans

With Link Protector, Android users can have the online servers scan the certain links, websites, and online services instead of offline scans that are performed on your devices. This will provide better security for your mobile devices, since all the tests are done online and have nothing to do with your device’s data.

At the same time, the real-time link protection will allow you to actively protect your mobile devices without any hassles. Simply enable the feature to prevent any spam links from affecting your system. Enjoy real-time protection of your mobile devices in a matter of seconds. Here, there is no need to worry if you need to be alert when entering unknown websites, since the app will consistently provide you with real-time protections.

Detect any malicious content

For those of you who are interested, you can now make use of Link Protector to detect and protect your devices from any malicious content. Have no troubles using the app to detect harmful links and online threats. Block malicious content and prevent phishing attacks on your devices. Allow the system to automatically detect fake links and block malicious websites. And also, be able to protect your email account from spam emails.

Enjoy unlimited VPN services

Here in Link Protector, Android users will have the option to enjoy the unlimited VPN connection, which will make sure that they aren’t being bothered by online threats, blocked content, and any geo-restrictions. Simply enter the app and instantly enable the unlimited VPN connection whenever you want. Make uses of the feature to access online websites, blocked content, and worldwide online services without any troubles.

Make uses of the URL Shortener

And to make the app more interesting, Link Protector users can now enjoy working with the powerful URL Shortener, which will allow them to instantly shorten links and make it more convenient to share your links. Simply copy and paste your links to the shortener and the app will automatically provide you with a shortened link. Have no troubles copying your new links to the clipboard and proceed to use them with ease.

For those of you who are interested, you can now quickly manage your links and websites in Link Protector. Simply enter the app to look for certain websites and links to add to your Favorite collections. You can then access the app and interact with your many Favorite links with ease.

Identify and detect websites

With Link Protector, Android users can quickly identify and detect any website info using the inbuilt website detector. Here, you can learn everything you need to know about any website, including the website age, website locations, host addresses, and more. All of which will provide you with complete insights of the certain websites.

Browse websites safely with the LP-SAFE browser

And to browse websites safely, Link Protector users can make use of the inbuilt browser from the app. Here, with the secured LP-SAFE browser, you can browse any online sites, even those malicious ones with ease. Have no troubles entering the website without getting your data stolen. Plus, with the anonymous browser being available for free, you can always use Link Protector to browse online content without getting tracked.

Inbuilt QR code scanners

By featuring an inbuilt QR code scanner, Link Protector users can quickly scan and access data on their QR codes. Make use of the provided features to enjoy scanning codes on the go while also being able to check for insecure QR codes.

Enjoy the free and unlocked app with our mod

And last but not least, with the free app still having ads and in-app purchases that might bother you a little bit, mobile users might want to consider the modded version of Link Protector on our website instead. Here, we offer the modified app with No Ads and unlimited features, which you can enjoy for absolutely free. All it takes is for you to download the Link Protector Mod APK, then follow the given instructions.

Final verdicts

Get ready to enjoy this amazing mobile app of Link Protector on any of your mobile devices, as it allows Android users to protect their system from malicious online services and website links. Simply enter the app and start making use of its many features whenever you’re ready. With convenient tools and secured features, you can always make the most of the app to protect your devices and improve your on-screen experiences with links.

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