Love Story: Teenage Drama MOD APK 40.5 (Free Shopping)

Love Story: Teenage Drama MOD APK 40.5 (Free Shopping)

July 31, 2022


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Love is a feeling that a lot of people has experienced. And the love stories are always an endless inspiration for many writers and poets. Also there are many young people that are a fan of the love stories. Based on this thing, Love Store Games has built to satisfy players that like and want to play romantic love games. The game’s full name is Love Store Games: Teenage Drama. Love Store Games will be the simulation game about love topic that you shouldn’t miss.

Discover the characters in the game

Love Story Games: Teenage Drama is the game that has offered and developed by Webelinx Love Story Games. Webelinx Love Story Games is the home of beautiful interactive stories with romantic choices suitable for both kids and adults. You just can install the game on mobile devices that run on Android Operating System. The game is available on Google Play and free. To play Love Story Games, you need to connect the Internet.

In the game, you will meet many character. There are 8 characters that you usually meet in each part (you – the main character, John, Lucas, Tyler, Maria, Peter, Natalie, Mom – Julia). All characters have the beautiful design. The girls are very nice and the boys are handsome. The publisher also has provided the character’s detail information in their website such as age, height, zodiac sign, occupation, … Each character has the different hobby and occupation. Lucas is actor, mentor and teaching assistant. He likes horses and going to the theater. Julia who is support service worker, loves her daughter, helping people and taking care of others. She hates being lied to. You can find out more about the characters.

Besides, the player will go to many different locations. A school yard is so full of people. A hill that you can behold the city at night with many buildings. A beautiful beach with white sand. Love Story Games is the game about love, so interface has been decorated in pale pinks. It brings a sweet sensation. In addition, sounds in the game is very lively. The dramatic soundtrack, talk and laughter in the yard. The things will make Love Story Games more interesting and realistic.

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Start a super-thrilling role-playing

When you play Love Story Games, you can choose a name for your character. This name will follow you throughout the game. And the different characters will call your character by this name. So you should find the beautiful name for the character. Now you can take part in the journey in the game.

There are 2 seasons in the game. Each season has 20 parts. With season 1, your main character will finish high school and go to college. You will join the characters and their adventures in drama school and learn what it takes to become a great actor. Maria and John are your close friends. Your character will meet them after a summer vacation. In this drama school, you will meet Lucas – teaching assistant. Now the dramatic situations start to happen. Who’s going to be your choice: the young, handsome actor and teacher or the considerate friend? But in season 2, your character has a boyfriend. Think about your decision, and remember that your choice will influence your feelings, your career and your future too. To play the next part, the player will have to overcome the previous part. This is like reading a novel and it helps you to understand the story in Love Story Games.

Change the clothes and style for your character

With Love Story Games MOD APK, the player can choose the outfit for their character. There are over 25 clothes so that you change. Besides, the publisher has provided the different colors of the eyes for the character. Light blue, brown, green, purple and so on. In addition to the color of the eyes, the game also has many colors of lipstick and skin. You can create new character images. Like the girls in real life, your character will be had her hair done and dyed. The active girl with a bun hairstyle and a pair of blue jeans, a shirt. The mysterious girl with black. Or the beautiful and charming girl with a gorgeous party dress, long hair and the red lipstick. Let’s choose the style which is suitable to each place.

In addition, the publisher has provided 15 different languages for the players. For example, English UK, English US, Russian, French, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, … The players will choose the language to display when they start the game. But they can still change the different language in Setting of the game. The languages that you know will help you to understand the content and situations in the game. Moreover, you can learn the different languages thank to the game. Conversations between the characters are quite basic. Sentences are used to introduce the character or ask about a holiday. “I’ve always loved school, books, music and stability. I have the most gorgeous mother in the world and a little bit complicated relationship with my father” – the main character said. “How did you spend your summer holiday?”. You will be able to play the game and learn the new things.

Become the most entertaining interactive story game

With simple gameplay, you just need to choose the answers and actions in the situations that the game has offered. Besides, the content of the game is about the teenage love story. Love Story Games has over 5 million installations. You will have to choose between friendship and love. Immerse yourself in an interactive story full of love, romance and dangerous affairs.

In addition, the design of the characters is very nice and beautiful. This helps the game to attract many players with the different ages – from teenage to adult. Cool interface with the pale pinks, bright color and the beautiful places will help the players to feel relax and comfortable while playing. The vivid sounds take you to the real situations in the game.

The above things have made Love Story Games become the most entertaining interactive story game.


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