Lovestruck Choose Your Romance MOD APK 9.6 (Unlimited Tickets)

Lovestruck Choose Your Romance MOD APK 9.6 (Unlimited Tickets)

January 12, 2022


Additional Information
Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc.
65 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Tickets, Heart, Speed Game

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As far as you know, love is among the most long-standing topics of all time. Some people who have never tried that emotional feeling even look for the romance of love through romantic stories.

If you are a game lover with the same situation, why don’t you try Lovestruck Choose Your Romance? This new game is a single-player, visual novel, and life simulation version which is compatible with many mobile devices. Its free romantic stories will get you hooked!

Along with various fascinating details, it looks like a movie that attracts viewers who want to fulfill their hidden fantasies. Players can choose their desired love stories and each article will enlighten you more and more. So read them without missing a word!

If you get ready for this Lovestruck version with full liberty, read up on to discover more below:

General Information

Developed by the company Voltage Entertainment USA, it’s gone through multiple interactions with the release of the highly-rated 7.7 version. It now belongs to the Simulation category, features stickers, and available for both Android and iOS devices.

As mentioned above, this interactive game will let players star in their ideal stories and settings. Relying on the romance genre, it offers several available romance stories that players can indulge in.

Furthermore, such enthusiastic artists have drawn a set of over seventy unique characters for this game, which gives players lots of interesting options. After selecting a proper storyline, you can start that romance story between your character and whom you want to fall in love with.

Besides, while playing Lovestruck, don’t forget to make suitable decisions to advance through your chosen storyline when seeking your romantic love. It sounds exciting, isn’t it?

Attractive Background Story

So, what makes up the game’s brand?

It’s the interesting stories that take players to different emotions and have them show many hidden thoughts. In reality, the game is quite attractive and familiar together with several unique situations requiring players to handle. Also, the story is quite compelling so that the romance keeps remaining a side-factor of that.

What’s more, in other games in the same category, normal relationships and situations occurring in society are often complicated. When it comes to topic love, the method to resolve is even more complicated.

However, this Lovestruck game lets you select the way your love will happen in a unique background. Plus, every character also has diversification to make situations a bit tricky and control the timeline according to the player’s mood.

In a word, the romance stories in this game are supposed to be more engaging and interesting than many others out there.

Top Available Series

Well, what are available series players can choose? There are numerous series in Lovestruck Choose Your Romance and below are some available and prominent ones currently:

Havenfall Is For Lovers

This fascinating and mysterious storyline comes with werewolves, demons, and vampires. The miraculous elements will allow players to go ahead while pairing with a supernatural soulmate. Nothing is better than a love story with those characters, right?

Lovestruck Choose Your Romance screen 3

Wicked Lawless Love

Have you ever imagined that love can bloom in one of the most dangerous landscapes? This fairy tale will take you to the love story of outlaws who are in misery and are in a fight against terrible ghouls and monsters. How can passionate hugs and love empower lovers? Give it a try to know more!

Sin With Me

Welcome to the world of pleasure, hazard, and even vice! Just go ahead to face with Deadly Sins and look for your desirous romance hidden in shadows in this amazing storyline.

Reigning Passions

Who am I? What is my real status? A barmaid or a princess? Who is my destined lover among ones nearby? To answer those questions, just start your journey to discover glamorous events and find out everything yourself.

Lovestruck Choose Your Romance screen 0

Queen Of Thieves

Here is where you can witness the beautifully painted gold poppies and the romantic story of a starving artist in a heist by one of the most renowned thieves in the world.

Tales Of The Wild

Every animal shapeshifter in this story is a human who can transform into a different creature. That ability brings both advantages and troubles as well. Just be brave to overcome everything on that journey to find your true soulmate among those shapeshifters right now!

Sweet Enchantments

If you are a magic lover, don’t hesitate to grab this storyline. It is where you can discover a magical coffee shop with incredible desserts and experience the romance from an attractive magician.

Love & Legends

If you want to begin a romance story with heroes, then don’t miss out on this romance set. Destiny will take you from ordinary life to the world filled with swords and magic.

Starship Promise

Have you ever dreamed of romance in a huge spacecraft? This unique spacefaring romance game will make that dream come true. You can even discover the universe as well as a love galaxy.

Gangsters In Love

What would happen if the sexiest and notorious Los Angeles gang want to steal away your heart? If you want to experience the feeling of romancing gangsters, then this set is for you.

Lovestruck Choose Your Romance screen 2

Speakeasy Tonight

Why don’t you try immersing in the world of an attractive but troubling nightclub fulfilled with hot jazz music, illegal liquor, and extremely hot romance? Here is your choice!

Astoria: Fate’s Kiss

How can a kiss change the universe’s fate? You will find the answer through such beautiful love stories with a random Greek mythology character you want. Be ready! They are waiting for your kiss right now!

Astoria: Lost Kisses

After enjoying the first above season of Astoria, don’t forget this successive spin-off! It comes with a new avatar and favorite characters that will help experience the romance once again. Try it out!

Villainous Nights

This storyline is obvious proof showing that the power of love in the darkest nights or the most unfavorable cases. You can select your lover among strong Super-Villains and find out another definition of love.

Castaway! Love’s Adventure

What if you are on a cruise getting lost and being trapped on an island? It sounds frightening! However, you will not be lonely thanks to the appearance of five sexy men. Come on now!

To Love And Protect

In this series, you will have chances to become a child of the U.S. president with an undisclosed. This explored information will change the player’s life from an ordinary college-goer. How interesting it is!

All in all, with that variety, you won’t feel bored with this Lovestruck gameplay. New weekly-updated storylines will bring you a different and amazing experience. Just choose what you love to immerse in each interesting world.

Special Features

Here are some following impressive features of Lovestruck Choose Your Romance:

Effortless gameplay

First of all, the developer has paid much attention to this Lovestruck version and made it in a convenient way that gamers can experience it completely. There is not much complication which makes it easier and more smooth than others.

Lovestruck Choose Your Romance screen 1

Impressive interface

The second one is the great interface and the commendable design. The makers have carefully selected unique novels to fulfill the fantasies of gamers. Plus, the quality of graphic artwork is excellent, helping users easily relate to the gameplay.

Various settings

Thirdly, the settings are various, ranging from deserts to fantasy worlds and many impressive ones. During the journey, the game also requires users to make crucial decisions, which helps them to improve their thinking skills.

Special accents

In addition, the context design is top-notch. Every character in this game is in unique circumstances that reflect the real world. Not only realistic elements, but fantasy ones also make everything exclusive and more interesting. Simple mechanics is a bonus as well.

Amazing elements

There will be various emotions throughout the game. Your journey even gets more entertaining and better with each step. You will feel surprised by the change of thinking levels.

At the end of the game, there will be options based on the exact situation the gameplay makes. Each choice will lead to a different future. You can play several times with separate workarounds until it unlocks the offered outcomes and scenes.

Beautiful character design

One more appeal of this gameplay is the beautifully-designed images. The players will feel keen on such eye-catching character creation. Also, the makers pay attention to creating backstories and personalities for every character.

You will find out those hidden spots in your character while playing this game. There will be spiritual connections between you and the character, helping to take you to a successful end. That fascinating range of interesting characters will make your stories much more attractive.

Free enjoyment

In spite of those fascinating features, the game still provides a free version for players to enjoy the unique experience at a certain level. Lovestruck Choose Your Romance is now available for free without requiring in-app purchases. Install it right now!

Suggested Alternative:  The Arcana: A Mystic Romance

If you are a big fan of otome, anime, or mystery games, you will be fall in love with The Arcana: A Mystic Romance! This is yet another gameplay relying on the genre of romance you can try besides Lovestruck. It will bring you an experience of mystery, love, and emotions.

Immersing in this amazing otome-inspired world, players will be a mysterious tarot prodigy in a magic shop. Then, you will be in a mystic place where you will meet many sultry characters. Each of them holds hidden secrets which you have to find out through your options.

After the first five totally-free chapters, you can move through the storyline when meeting all the major players. Then, you will have to choose a different route for whomever you would like to pursue romance. By separating every romance choice into an isolated story, this game has presented many different angles to a similar story.

So, what else makes it worth downloading? Take a look at the following reasons:

  • It has beautiful art, well-crafted stories, and endearing characters.
  • You will have opportunities to select a random pronoun and then roleplay in otome stories.
  • It is great since you can discover the Vesuvia world with eye-catching scenery in an attractive visual novel.
  • The dating simulator comes with different mystic characters that will catch your eyes.
  • There are thrilling and risky story options to enjoy.
  • Once you uncover each mystery, you will have various feelings of the real kiss, romance, or even betrayal. It depends!
  • Different episodes from different tarot cards will take you to a unique experience without repetition.
  • This is a free-to-play game without ads and all paths are free and available to enjoy.
  • The waiting periods between chapters will make the storyline more interesting.
  • The mini-game Heart Hunter is a big bonus that will help you to collect prizes and memories.

After all, be sure to select the storyline carefully to decide whom you will desire and condemn. Your choices will affect more than just yourself. Start your journey to uncovering that mystery soon! It is free for Apple smartphones and Android ones.

Final Thoughts

In a word, along with excellent graphics, superb mechanics, and engaging gameplay, Lovestruck Choose Your Romance Mod APK worth to be among the best visual novel versions now.

You wonder whether Lovestruck Mod APK is safe or nor, don’t you? The answer is yes, meaning it is 100% safe. This app was scanned by the Anti-Malware tool of the developer without detected viruses. Thus, it is a reliable security app.

Just be sure to download the right version on the reliable site to make the gameplay work faster and better with less battery power. Now, don’t hesitate to opt for your ideal romance story and enjoy amazing things in this unique game!


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