Magia Record English MOD APK 1.2.0 (Damage Multiple)

Magia Record English MOD APK 1.2.0 (Damage Multiple)

October 22, 2020

Role Playing

Additional Information
Google Play ID
Aniplex Inc
4.4 and up
62.39 MB
MOD Features
- Damage Multiple
- Defense Multiple

Magia Record English

Get ready to experience an authentic JRPG game featuring beautiful and kawaii anime girls with magical powers. Select your characters and form a team of magical girls to battle the evil witches in the latest RPG game from Aniplex Inc. The perfect game for anime and RPG fans has made its appearance on the Android platform, and in your favorite languages, English. Find out everything you need to know about Magia Record English with our reviews.


The game takes place in a mystical world called Magia Record, in which we have the Magical Girls who are bounded by fate to fight evil witches across the land and return peace to the people. Our Magical Girls can get their powers by making a special contract and have their wishes granted. With the help of the Magical Girls, the lives on the planet of Magia Record has been quite peaceful and prosperous.

However, strange incidents have been happening in the city of Kamihama as there have been some Magical Girls lost with no signs of returning. At the same time, a mysterious force has led the most powerful and worthy Magical Girls to gather in the city. With each character having their own background stories, you’ll have to chances to get to know more about your Magical Girls as the game process.

But at the moment, your priority should be to gather around the rest of the Magical Girls and start to investing the incidents at the same time.

Magia Record English


Here you’ll find all the impressive features that the game has to offer:

Recruit members and form your own team of Magical Girls

Start your journey by recruiting your very first Magical Girls, build a suitable team composition as you fight your way to victories. In Magia Record English, players will have their chances to select various Magical Girls with different powers in their team. Choose from different classes and come up with the best characters for your team. Power them up as you lead them into epic battles against the evil witches. The game currently features dozens of Magical Girls with varied powers and appearances, so it wouldn’t be too hard for you to select the right one for your team.

Magia Record English

Explore the deep combat systems

In addition, Magia Record English also introduces gamers to an exciting combat system in which players can make uses of their Disks to give commands to the Magical Girls, select the right Magical Formations to deal with certain enemies, as well as using the Skills and Magia to bring down the enemies.

With wise tactic and careful approaches, you can lead your Magical Girls to victories, even with the most difficult battles and the toughest foes.

Unlock skills and equip your Magical Girls with powerful items

And to make your Magical Girls more capable during battles, players can either unlock and upgrade their skills or give them powerful items and equipment. Depending on your tactics and approaches, you must give the Magia warriors suitable powers and effective upgrades to make them stronger. With your combined strength and the upgraded skills, taking on large bosses will be much easier.

In addition, with each victory against the evil forces, you’ll earn loots that can be used to purchase and power their items. Choose the right items to upgrade and use it effectively against your enemies.

Magia Record English

Enjoy three different game modes with completely unique experiences

The game currently features three exciting game modes that every Magia Record gamers can enjoy, which are the Main Story, Another Story, and the exciting Magical Girl Story. In each of the stories, you’ll discover a new aspect of the world as well as join your favorite heroes in their own adventures.

  • Main Story – The main story begins with Iroha, one of our main Magical Girl, wandering the city of Kamihama, looking for her sister, UI. Her fate was unknown after her battle with the evil forces. But Iroha is determined that she hasn’t lost her sister and continues searching. Together with the help of her friends, will she find Ui?
  • Another Story – In this story, you’ll be playing as Madoka and several main characters in the series, who accidentally find themselves lost in a different timeline after battling the forces of evils. What is this place and how did this happen, all will be revealed in Another Story.
  • Magical Girl Story – The last story, which is also our main story, you’ll have to fight your way through the evil forces in Kamihama City. And at the same time, you must discover the stories of your characters. Enjoy the epic turn-based combats with exciting tactical aspects.

Play the game in English

The game was first released in on Japanese, which is quite disappointing for Magia Record fans from the West. But Aniplex Inc. really knows what their customers want and has offered a completely translated English version. Now, you can enjoy playing with your Magical Girls in the English version of Magia Record without any problems.

Magia Record English

Visual and sound quality


With beautiful graphics and well-designed characters, Magia Records doesn’t just offer the exciting visual experiences, but the characters are also extremely lively. It feels like you can communicate with them through the realistic facial expressions and costumes. You can really see the characters of each Magical Girl through the way they act, talk, and dress. It’s something that many anime fans would love to see on their game, not just a boring game that solely focuses on the combats.


And to make the game even more truthful, the creators at Aniplex Inc. have given each character their own voices. That being said, the voiced dialogues during your adventures and combats will make you feel truly connected.

Download Magia Record English latest 1.2.0 Android APK

Magia Record English is definitely a great JRPG game with anime elements. Hence, players will likely to have countless hours enjoying this game.

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