Medisafe MOD APK 9.40.1 (Premium Unlocked)

Medisafe MOD APK 9.40.1 (Premium Unlocked)

April 8, 2024

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Medisafe Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker poster

MediSafe: Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker is a very easy-to-use pill reminder and medication management app for Android. It will help you take your medicine at the right time and safely. This app also allows users to help other family members manage their medication intake.

Whether taking one or more pills, it is difficult to remember to take each pill at the right time. If you are a caregiver for a parent, child, or patient, you will know how stressful it is when you are not sure if the person you care about has taken the medication on time.

MediSafe: Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker will remind you when to take your medicine. Users can also update the app manually. Watcher – Med-Friend (family member or caregiver) will be notified when you have not checked in to drink so they can remind them when needed.

General Information

Veteran technology journalist, David Pogue, conducted the most extensive review of medication reminder applications. After testing 47 different apps, he thought MediSafe was the best option.

MediSafe does everything the right way. It is easy to use and set up. You can also add the shape and color of the pill, and get a reminder to take the pill at the right time. You can even set the reminder to snooze after an hour in case you cannot take your pill at the exact time in the reminder.

But the best part about MediSafe is that it allows you to add dependents and their dosage of drugs. So, if your loved ones forget to take their pills on time, create a profile for them, and add their schedule. You can even install MediSafe on their phones and link both apps so you can set up reminders and triggers on both phones.

Some MediSafe features are only available in the premium version, and if you take the medicine for the entire family, it will be worth it. Anyway, try the free version first. MediSafe is trying to lead your everyday life as if it were a game. So, you will earn bonus points for doing it right and lose points for messing things up. MediSafe can change your life for the better, so MediSafe Limited is applying it to punctual medicine.

When you set up and add your medication to take, MediSafe will send reminders just like any other app. Claim and add bonus points, every time you take your bills on time or even follow other healthy habits, like checking your blood pressure and drinking water. You also get a neat summary of all the work that you did.

The points you earn can be redeemed for gift cards or donated to charities. These things are just some features that make MediSafe one of the best medical reminder tools for iPhone and Apple Watch. For users in the US, MediSafe also warns, when users add two drugs, they can react with each other. But this feature only works with US drugs, so keep this in mind.

How to Use MediSafe: Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker?

MediSafe: Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker is a medical application that helps remind you of the medication, the time to take it, how to take it, and the interaction between drugs. Also, the app will report the weekly dosing schedule and monthly to help you manage your health most accurately. The MediSafe will remind you of your medication schedule by medication name, how to take it, before or after meals, and specific sessions of the day.

The system has preset drug names to help you create reminders easily. Besides, you can shape pills (round, long, and powder) to make reminders more effective and avoid confusion. After receiving the reminder, you can confirm you have taken or missed it, making it easier to manage your medication administration. Besides reminding your medication schedule, the MediSafe app also receives confirmation feedback from you such as taking or quitting, which helps you manage your medication intake or a loved one’s medication carefully and effectively.

The application will provide you with a summary report of daily, weekly drug use, helping you to do statistics and capture details of your drug use. Taking the right medicine in the right way is an important factor that directly affects your health. So, the Medisafe application will provide you with an intelligent warning system to help you know information about drugs and how to use them. Using the correct medicine and contraindicates the drug on the list to use with other drugs or not. If you forget about or have an elderly relative who needs to be reminded and followed closely, the app allows you to share your reminder schedule with everyone. It gives you more help with follow-up or proactive in helping a loved one to take medication.

One special feature of the app is smartwatch operation. So, you just need to shake your wrist to mark taken or tap to skip the dose. It helps you to manage your medication intake easily and conveniently without your phone nearby. The app not only reminds you to take your medications but also can track measurements such as blood pressure, weight, and sugar to help you manage and track your health status with more details and accuracy. The application allows users to save or note information about doctors. MediSafe helps you to contact quickly for support when having problems while taking the medicine.

Overall Assessments

Keeping track of your medications is not as simple as remembering to take them on time. We also have to pay attention to a lot of things, such as learning the instructions for each prescription to being alert to drug interactions.

Rest assured, MediSafe is a tool to help remind users what medicines to take when to take them and monitor health status through indicators. It is an intelligent system that provides information about the interactions between drugs. Let the app become the friend that will help you lead a healthier life.

This tool helps you manage all your medications in one place and helps you stay informed of your family and friends’ situation by notifying you if they have not entered a report of taking the medicine. MediSafe also encourages users to use it in combination with regular consultations with a doctor. The app works in an easy-to-understand method of what medicine to take and what time to take it. It can also keep track of how persistent you are in mode.

This application is especially useful for patients with chronic illnesses that require frequent use of many drugs and treatments. For people living with HIV, MediSafe monitors CD4 cell counts, HIV viral load, and testosterone levels. Plus, privacy is crucial that your personal information stays on your iPhone unless you sync across devices. No wonder Medisafe’s reluctant birth. Two brothers, Omri and Rotem Shor created the app after their diabetic father accidentally took an excess of insulin and was hospitalized. So far, according to company information, MediSafe has over five million downloads, 28,000 ratings, but the stories of many lives were saved thanks to this application.

One woman received notice during a vacation in Amsterdam when her mother in the US forgot to take her medicine. One patient found that the medicine the dentist prescribes cannot be used with his back pain medicine. A mother in St. Petersburg Louis used the app to help his son manage Crohn’s (regional inflammatory bowel disease). Most impressive of all, research from the company found users took the pill more regularly after using the app. It is the result the creators of MediSafe have always wanted.

Final Words

MediSafe is the family pill reminder app. In case someone in your family forgets to take your medication, this app will send push notifications to you and help you intervene. Decentralized Find use accounts for push notification systems that work smoothly.

The app provides the user with the ability to send text, call, or email. That’s why the app needs to allow calls or texts. When you add a med-friend (usually a member of the house), the app will allow you to select them from the contact list, so we will use the contact list permission.

MediSafe: Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker is a tool to help remind users what medicines to take, when to take them, monitor health status through indicators, and an intelligent system that provides information about the interactions between drugs. Let the app become the friend that will help you lead a healthier life.

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