Minecraft Earth MOD APK 0.33.0 (Patched)

Minecraft Earth MOD APK 0.33.0 (Patched)

January 6, 2020


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7.0 and up
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The world most famous multi-platform game has returned on the popular Android devices. And this time, it brings some amazing features that would surely change the way you used to play Minecraft. In a better direction, of course.

For the first time, gamers of Minecraft will have themselves an immersive world where they can get involved in all kinds of activities in the virtual world while being in the physical world. Using the advanced Augmented Reality technology, Minecraft Earth introduces an epic and extremely immersive Android gaming experience to the user.

Now, with your phone in your hands, you can easily travel to anywhere and practice the art of crafting and surviving with Minecraft Earth. Find out more about this amazing game from Mojang as we introduce you to it through our comprehensive reviews.


In Minecraft Earth, gamers will have their chances to engage in an Augmented Reality world where you can have everything around to join the digital world. Here, you can participate in exciting building activities with other players and have all your building materials matching their accurate life-sizes. In addition, your characters will also be extremely interactive as they could answer many of your action commands. Which means that you could tell your characters to wave by waving your hands.

The game mostly focusses on the Survival activities where you can join your friends or play the game on your own in an exciting adventure. Travel the undiscovered maps, gather resources, fight against incredible monsters, make uses of your crafting skills, and construct incredible contraptions. The abilities are limitless. Not to mention that you now have the immersive AR mode.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Have your Minecraft world readied anytime anywhere

In the world of Minecraft Earth, you can easily engage into the exciting AR gameplay whenever you want and wherever you want. Just grab your phone and enable the game, you’ll have a huge platform with varied build plates ready for you. Make uses of them and construct some amazing contraptions for yourself. That being said, you can enjoy the immersive AR gameplay with only your smartphones and an Internet connection.

Interactive environments and in-game characters

With the AR enabled, you’ll find everything in Minecraft Earth extremely interactive. From the patches of grasses, a bunch of chickens, to other characters, they all look so real and it makes you to believe that this is the real world.

Another feature that would surely interest even the most skeptical Minecraft players is the motion capture option. That being said, this allows your camera to capture your actions as you’re playing in Minecraft Earth. This would translate your motions into in-game actions. Hence, you can jump, wave hands, or even slash the enemies using your motion commands, which is extremely cool.

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Simple and intuitive controls

And to help gamers will the controls while you’re in the AR world, the creators of Minecraft Earth has introduced a much simpler and convenient way to control your characters an interact with the environments in Minecraft Earth. By having the touch commands and gestures enabled, gamers can easily find themselves enjoy the game more and more. Moreover, with the mentioned motion captures, the day which you can comfortably move around your virtual maps and interact with the elements won’t be so far away.

Travel the large maps and gather resources

With a huge world down under your feet, gamers in Minecraft Earth will have a massive open world to discover. Just travel on your feet and explore new locations in the game as you arrive in varied places around you.

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Create many useful objects and weapons

For Minecraft gamers, it’s important for you to know the art of foraging and gathering. That being said, in this game, players will be given their chances to explore the huge maps, encounter varied creatures, and collect useful resources for your crafting.

Make uses of the valuable materials as well as your creativities to create all kinds of items from household objects to powerful weapons. Be sure to get your hands on them as quick as possible since the wild in Minecraft Earth is not so merciful.

Minecraft Earth screenshot 2

Fight against unique mobs around the maps

With your dependable weapons in your hands, the world in Minecraft has become somewhat less frightening. However, you’ll still have to pay attention to the dangerous mobs that lurk around you. Fight cleverly and choose the right moment to strike as you take down epic monsters. Collect your loots and ready for another hunt.

Join your friends in exciting multiplayer games

And if you think that it’s too hard for you to fight the monster alone, you can also select the multiplayer mode and have your friends joined you in your adventure. Join forces to take down the huge enemies as you collect XP and resources for your characters.

In addition, you can also interact with other players in the game and trade with them to collect your needed materials. The online community in Minecraft Earth will be extremely helpful when it comes to this.

Enjoy addictive gameplay for hours on end

With all the exciting features, Minecraft Earth will be the perfect game for you to enjoy for hours on end. Pick a group of friends and immerse in exciting and addictive gameplay. Enjoy Minecraft like never before in this Augmented Reality experience.

Visual and sound quality


The game still features the same simple and intuitive graphics on most Minecraft games. Experience the addictive pixelated gameplay right on your mobile devices. Plus, with undemanding graphics, Minecraft Earth also allows online gamers to play the game on varied hardware. So don’t worry if you’re having a low-end device.


Featuring accurate and on-theme sound effects, Minecraft Earths will make you feel like you’re truly caught in the world of pixelated monsters and characters. In additions, the convenient voice chat feature makes multiplayer games extremely satisfying as you can easily communicate with your friends.

Download Minecraft Earth latest 0.33.0 Android MOD APK

For the fans of the world-famous Minecraft series, Minecraft Earth will deliver you a completely renewed and polished experience. Engage yourself in immersive gameplay where the virtual world and physical world collide. Create your own Minecraft characters with all the desired traits and have them participate in many exciting in-game activities. Join millions of online gamers in the world first AR Minecraft experience.

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6 responses to “Minecraft Earth MOD APK 0.33.0 (Patched)”

  1. Mako says:

    The new update 9/27/19 doesn’t work for me, it just stops.

  2. Levi says:

    There is a new update and it has new trees and i dont have it and does it update by itself

  3. Yusuf says:

    Kenapa di reg-ister?

  4. David says:

    “And to help gamers will the controls while you’re in the AR world, the creators of Minecraft Earth has introduced a much simpler and convenient way to control your characters an interact with the environments in Minecraft Earth.”

    I’m in Minecraft Earth Closed Beta for Android. However, I can’t figure out how to move the character around in the simple map view. I seem to be more or less frozen in place. Once I was able to hold down the “compass” in the upper right corner and move the guy, but I can’t reproduce it.

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