Mint Business News MOD APK 5.5.6 (Subscribed Unlocked)

Mint Business News MOD APK 5.5.6 (Subscribed Unlocked)

March 29, 2024

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Mint Business News has the purpose of bringing you the latest news from reliable sources. Mint Business News displays as a news collection with the information that will interest you. You can view many articles with different reviews. The app developer calls it is the full guarantee giving you the most visual angle. And you are the person who tests that information source.

Unlike Apple News, Mint Business News brings stories with a great way to stay up to date on recent news. Mint Business News also gives you stories with different perspectives that you might never even think of. It gives you a more balanced picture of Internet news. Mint Business News is currently available on both Android and iOS (for both iPhone and iPad). However, to use it on iOS, you must first install Google Chrome.

General Information

Mint Business News is a general application to view news and weather recently released by HT Media Ltd on iOS operating systems of iPhone and iPad. The software has a simple interface. It is designed in the form of cards similar to the Google Now app on Android and smartwatch. The app allows you to swipe left or right to switch to different news topics. This software is free that belongs to Universal form (supports iPhone and iPad) and is compatible with machines running from iOS 7 and above.

Each time it is on, the software will automatically determine your current location and show the weather forecast for today and the next three days. It displays the final result at the top of the screen. Below the screens are articles and news related to the country or city in which you live. Swipe your hand to the left and you will see many other news topics such as technology, science, health, and society.

HT Media Ltd says this software aggregates articles from 65,000 different newspapers. Most of them are in English. If you want to read French newspapers, you can use the function to add news and type in keywords that are the names of our country’s newspapers. Click on any news, it will immediately download the article right in the software’s interface, without having to switch to Chrome or Safari. It is a very convenient point because it will save us a lot of time and manipulation while using.

How to Use Mint Business News?

Using Mint Business News is quite simple. As long as you use it while signed in to your Google account, all the data will be stored there. It means you can use Mint Business News almost like an RSS reader. In your web browser, sign in to your account or create a new app account if you do not have one.

You can click on the category sections in the left sidebar or use the search bar at the top to enter keywords or phrases that you want to search for news. For some broad categories that appear in the left sidebar such as Business, Technology, and Entertainment, you will see subcategories appear in the horizontal menu at the top of the results. We can click this menu to filter the results.

If you are more concerned with stories on a very specific topic as opposed to a broad category, you can use an exact phrase instead of just one that is more efficient. To search for an exact phrase, the user will include the quotation marks around the phrase. You also do not have to search for just one item at a time. The actual power of Mint Business News is that you can search for multiple things at once.

Click the Follow button to subscribe to the topic

Similar to searching and adding an RSS feed to an RSS reader, you just need to click the Follow button at the top of a thread to add it to your Google account. Then, press the Follow button to change to the Following section. To unsubscribe, click this button again.

Save the story for later reading and customize the news experience

All you have to do to read a story is click on it, and the story will open in a new tab. Most RSS readers have a save feature that allows users to bookmark stories for later review, and so does Mint Business News. Hover your cursor over any title and look for the bookmark icon. Click on this icon to save the story.

You can also click the three vertical dots icon to let the app know what you like or dislike. You can choose the following features.

  • See all the events or news given for more information from other sources about the same story.
  • Hide all stories from that source.
  • Click Like to receive more stories like that.
  • Click Dislike getting less similar stories.

See topics and stories saved in Favorites

To see all the headlines for the subscribed topic, and the stories saved for later re-reading as introduced above, click the Favorites item in the left sidebar. The themes will appear as tabs in the Topics and Sources tab. To view saved stories, use the horizontal menu at the top to navigate to saved stories.

Key Features

Constantly updated on domestic and international news

Mint Business News constantly updates the latest news not only domestically but also in the world, helping you to access recent news, new events, and trends globally.

Rich and quality information content from a series of reputable sites

Mint Business News will provide you with quality news from cultural, economic, and political fields. The app cites from a series of reputable sources ensuring you have access to the most accurate and quality information possible.

Mint Business News also helps you keep track of a certain incident or case by arranging related news series chronologically. The app will guide you to have an overview and complete overview of the event.

Subscribe to news sites you love, news of the region you care about

Mint Business News also has the feature to track the news sites and regions that interest you. With this feature, you can follow news from topics you are interested in, such as technology, sports, tips, and business. Or you can follow the news of the area you are interested in easily.

Customize the language and reading mode

With Mint Business News, you can customize the language from Vietnamese to English, Italian, and French easily. This feature also helps you to prioritize reading news from regions according to the selected language. You can also adjust reading modes such as dark mode, and saving data to read the news in the most convenient way, with minimal eye strain.

Save and share the news articles you want easily

With Mint Business News, you can save any news so you can easily read the news that interests you later. Besides, the application also allows you to share the news with everyone via Message, Email, Facebook, and Messenger.

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The Wall Street Journal also has news apps for the iPad and iPhone. It updates news every morning by automatically downloading to iPad or iPhone, users can save favorite articles to read when offline. With a monthly subscription, users can access all content.

Final Words

Mint Business News MOD APK is an extremely useful application for reading news. By connecting to a variety of reputable and quality sources of pages, it allows users to follow information from a particular newspaper page or area. If you like this application, please download and experience it.

Similar to the other apps, Mint Business News will have more updates such as weather, the latest news, or news articles selected by the editor. Besides, every day, Mint Business News will update the list of the hottest keywords of the day in the right column so that users can catch the most outstanding events. In the service’s settings, users can enable the feature to open article links on new tabs or automatically update news regularly.

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