Mmm Fingers MOD APK 1.5.8 (MOD Menu)

Mmm Fingers MOD APK 1.5.8 (MOD Menu)

November 4, 2023


Additional Information
Noodlecake Studios Inc
59.79 MB
MOD Features
Mmm Fingers 1 (MOD Menu)
Mmm Fingers 2 (Unlimited Money)

Mmm Fingers poster

Mmm Fingers is a super fun single-touch game genre asking the players to touch and hold their fingers as long as they can. Do not think about lifting your finger or hit any monster with teeth moving around, or the game will be over. How long would you protect your fingers from those hungry creatures? Let’s test your patience now!

It’s the best game on the mobile platform you can play for sure, especially when it offers you a chance to practice your concentration for a long time. You must try it out, and you’ll love it. Hurry to compete against your friends by utilizing the in-game leaderboards to see who will survive the longest.

General Information

Mmm Fingers is a good kids game that is playable on all mobile phones and tablets, including iPhone, iPad, and other Apple or Android system. At first sight, you probably feel like facing complex surroundings, and the only goal to meet here is surviving by guarding your fingers as long as possible.

Come and join the entertaining game named Mmm Fingers. Here, you must beware of the little monsters around you and dodge those with thorns. As hitting them once, you’ll lose. However, don’t get anxious, especially when you’re enabled to hold fingers in the invincible place by getting props. Go to collect coins since they help you move swiftly. So what are you waiting? Come to accept the challenge.

If you ask me whether there’s any good game as you don’t like to use the Internet, then I would say Mmm Fingers. After playing it a few times, you won’t ever feel bored. It’s always interesting to try hard to beat your score every single time. Not only simple but the game itself is also a great time killer you shouldn’t neglect.

Let’s set all levels of your game, like easy, normal, and hard for example. Feel free to pick out your favorite among various colorful themes and backgrounds. But what most gamers like is how their deaths get marked by the bloody red on the game display. It’s meant to show how far you went through and where you messed things up.

In case you’re curious about that, the details lie on the screen as well, so you can always know how close you are to the personal record. As you begin playing Mmm Fingers, it would be a bit hard to reach the upcoming levels yet you surely learn how to do it properly. Greater than expected, this game owns medals as well.

If you want to choose a suitable game for your children, the game is also a nice option to consider. They will learn how to get safe from such a virus. Aside from the enjoyment, it has a certain amount of ads, but you can skip them instantly and enjoy the concept later. There’s something we’re sure about the game that is it’s freaking awesome.

By looking at it for the first time, you might think that Mmm Fingers is only funny, but the game itself is motivational as well. It happens whenever you earn medals for every win. The game might be challenging a few times but after you successfully get hang of it, it’s surely fascinating to experience. You also get to enjoy beautiful music while trying the epic gameplay.

Overall assessments

Most players love the game for the first try, not because Mmm Fingers game is facile to learn controls but it’s also addicting. It’s hard to describe how fun it is, but the ads appear quite annoying to break whole enjoyment. The issue occurs after an ad when it crashes and you must close and restart it to play again. For this reason, some players have to restart the game every few rounds.

It’s the best mind game for those who need a higher concentration for play and luck. You have to be very cautious about your fingers that can easily get eaten by monsters. Throughout the Mmm Fingers, you’re obliged to slide the finger on the display to pass horrible traps. Try to go as far as possible, and always keep those fingers intact!

The game feels pretty exciting and worthy to spend time on, but the issue is that the players desire more features of the game. Besides, since I mentioned above that this game suits children, but the recommended minimum age for it is around 9 years old. And we must say that it exposes your little child to a bit of cartoon violence.

Why? It’s because the game delivers instant feedback after you getting hit by any creature on the screen. This can be seen through the cam-shake, bloody red, sound, and then the images of how the monsters bite your fingers for sure. Though that’s not the bad thing after all. Some people complain about the glitches as well.


Mmm Fingershas the same playing style as that of Sling Kong, a fun arcade game made by Protostar where you must sling, bounce, and swing your Kong to victory. Here, the players also need to watch out for deadly traps and obstacles surrounding them. Just go as far as possible until there’s no more up to go.

While playing Mmm Fingers, you would have the same experience when putting your finger down on your mobile phone or tablet as long as you can. Avoiding obstacles is what you can do. The game still keeps scrolling forward, bringing all gamers through more and more complicated traps, like spikes.

Dodge them without letting the fingers touch them even once. When the player gets hurt on those tough spikes, your finger will be swallowed by a monster. Once tapping the screen instead of holding your finger, then the game will begin, and a tutorial will appear. Meanwhile, the level gets paused as long as you don’t hold the display.

In other words, players who have no idea how to play it might like an explanation or an animated tutorial on the Game Start. As you kick off one session and start doing something, you get reminded of the basic controls. And guess what? Mmm Fingers usually starts only if the gamer is ready to concentrate on the game.

Everything takes place naturally, particularly within the initial few sessions. Your first reaction here is to remove the finger from the display once touching spikes. In Mmm Finger, the players can receive instant feedback during the contact, and view the score in case it’s your new high score.


The game makes a great first impression on most players. The animated graphics look colorful and eye-catching. Sure enough, you might not care if it’s more difficult because the harder it is the more skillful you become every day. Feel free to use it as practice for your first experience in getting a record-breaking high score.

Here’s the hint: Don’t miss collecting cheese and more tricks to go through areas without difficulty. Overall, the game is fantastic to try out, and it would be better to have an Mmm Fingers 3 or 4 released in the future.

Final words

Mmm Fingers Mod APK is a good game to play when you can’t go online. You will be shown the latest score and high scores along with some previous failures. This feature helps players feel whether he or she’s moving ahead or not, and encourages you to do better every time. Now protect your fingers from other hungry monsters with single-tough control.

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