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Join your favorite characters in a whole new adventure in Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Battle, experience completely new aspects of Mob Psycho 100 as we take a look at this new game from Crunchyroll. Unleash your psychic abilities to help your characters unlock their hidden powers. Embark on a completely different journey in Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Battle. Find out more about this amazing game as we take a look at our comprehensive reviews of the game.


Mob Psycho 100 introduces gamers the normal life of a high school kid who discovers himself having psychic powers since very young ages. However, since he has been a very timid kid, Shigeo Kageyama – our main character decided to keep his powers to his own.

And to make sure he remains undetected, he also keeps a low profile and tries not to get involved in any activities. To learn to hone his powers, Shigeo works under the supervision of a self-proclaimed psychic named Reigen Arataka.

However, troubles keep coming after him, making it’s impossible for Shigeo to live in peace. With monsters appear around him every day, it’s hard not to become a hero.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and intuitive controls

To start with, Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Battle comes with relatively simple controls that allow you to enjoy the game even when you’re still new to it. The battles are extremely convenient as it features the classic turn-based styles, in which players can easily start playing. In addition, the intuitive interfaces allow you to gain access to all the awesome features that the game has to offer. You’ll find yourself relatively comfortable in Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Battle.

Explore the whole new stories with dozens of rewarding missions

And as the game progress, players will have their chances to explore a completely new storyline with multiple stories that you’ve never seen before. And apart from that, the game also features exciting missions that will take you through the iconic events in the anime series. Hence, you’ll never feel bored in Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Battle.

Large maps featuring a lot of stuff to do

In addition, players in Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Battle will also find the maps having a lot of discoverable stuff. Have your characters running around the cities, looks for new missions, take down the monsters that’re causing rampage, and so on. Have yourself a lot of fun searching around the city.

Play the game as your favorite characters

And if you’re thinking of playing the game as your favorite characters in Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Battle, then you’re in the right place. By having many of your favorite characters available, such as Shigeo, Arataka, Dimple, Ritsu, Teruki, and more, players will have the chances to truly engaged with the characters. Moreover, you can have many of them playing on your team. Each character will come with a set of different skills and abilities. It’s your job to make uses of their powers as you take them through the battles.

Battle exotic monsters that’re only available in the series

And for RPG fans, having their chances to battle the exotic monsters is definitely a good reason to have the game installed on their mobile devices. That being said, you can always go against a variety of different monsters, each having its one powers and characteristics. Choose the right tactics and approaches to take them down.

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Engage in addictive and exciting turn-based battles

Here in Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Battle, players will have the opportunities to engage in addictive and exciting turn-based battles. Experience the authentic JRPG game combats where you can make uses of the combined strength of your team to defeat the enemies. Execute varied tactics and win against the enemies.

Incredible cinematic with awesome skill moves

As you are caught into the gameplay of Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Battle, you’ll find yourself having awesome battle experiences. Not just because of the addictive turn-based combats, but also thanks to the epic cinematic finishing moves. Attack your enemies in an incredible fashion as you unleash powerful moves on the enemies.

Upgrade your characters and items to gain better stats

And to allow gamers to power up their team, the game also features many awesome upgrades for both your characters and the items. That being said, you can collect the same characters and fuse them to obtain a stronger one. The same thing happens with items as you can level them up using the same way you do on characters. Choose different items and equip them on certain characters to enable new skills.

Join millions of online gamers from all over the world

Thanks to the popularity of the anime series, Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Battle has now had millions of online gamers from all over the world. That being said, players can easily find themselves having lots of fun in the massive world of Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Battle. Compete with online gamers as your teams clash. Or challenge other players as you climb the leaderboards.

Collect valuable prizes just for being active

For the Android gamers, Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Battle is definitely a game that you can spend hours on end to enjoy. However, even when you can only spend a few minutes in the game, you can still receive relatively good rewards. That being said, you can easily claim the daily rewards by being active in Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Battle. Get yourself some incredible loots without having to do anything.

Free to play

Despite all the exciting features, the game is currently free for Android users to enjoy. You just need to download and install the game on your devices to start play, no charges will be required. And although you might find the in-app purchases a little bit annoying, lots of hard work and a little luck can get your pretty far either.

Visual and sound quality


Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Battle features the unique anime-style arts which make you feel like you’re in an actual adventure with Shigeo and his friend. Not to mention that the stunning visual effects also make the combats much more satisfying. And lastly, despite all the requirements, the game is still relatively playable on most Android devices.


Gamers in Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Battle will find the voiced characters extremely familiar as the game features authentic voiced dialogues from the real characters from the anime series. On top of that, the immersive and powerful visual effects make the fights a lot more satisfying and believable. Your characters will look like they’ve just stepped out of the anime.

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Fans of the famous anime series would certainly find this game enjoyable as it introduces gamers to an authentic Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Battle gameplay. In addition, the undemanding graphics also make the game suitable for multiple devices with varied hardware and resolution. And lastly, who could ever resist the classical Japanese-style RPG battles?

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