MobileSheets MOD APK 3.8.31 (Paid License Activated)

MobileSheets MOD APK 3.8.31 (Paid License Activated)

February 9, 2024

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MobileSheets is the perfect music viewer tool for your Android tablets, with dozens of great features and amazing applications, which you can enjoy on the go.


Reading music sheets on your tablets can be quite convenient, thanks to the intuitive touch screen and vivid displays. However, your experiences will largely depend on the certain apps that you’re using. With MobileSheets, Android users will have all the exciting features and tools to view and interact with their music sheets most comfortably.

Find out more about this awesome mobile application and all of its amazing features with our most comprehensive reviews.

Have access to different modes of operation

To start with, MobileSheets users can work with different modes of operation, which will provide them with various experiences regarding their mobile sheet interactions. Feel free to use the tools to have side-by-side sheet viewing, half-page turning, vertical scrolling, and many other display modes available.

Enjoy hands-free page turns

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy your hands-free page-turning experiences with the app. Here, it’s possible to connect MobileSheets with your certain pedals, including both the two and four models. Feel free to use a simple USB connection or enable Bluetooth connectivity in the app. Or you can make good use of the auto-scrolling feature in the app if needed.

Support unlimited annotations on your sheets

When annotating your sheet music, MobileSheets will provide complete freedom for drawing, sketching, noting, and doodling whatever you want to. Create shapes, texts, stamps, and other annotations to make your music easier to read.

Have access to the custom audio player

With the custom audio player available, MobileSheets users can now enjoy using their custom audio player for playing audio tracks with the most comfort. Feel free to use the audio player to enable looping music of multiple sizes. And have full control of the playback experiences, using the intuitive controller.

Enjoy custom page ordering

With MobileSheets, Android users can have custom page orders, which will allow them to fully edit the documents. Feel free to leave out the unneeded pages or duplicated ones, or adjust their orders accordingly. Save your copies immediately after so you don’t affect the original files.

A built-in metronome with useful functionalities

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy using the built-in metronome of MobileSheets with many useful functionalities available. Have multiple display modes and custom sound effects, so you can have the best feels for the beats.

Make good use of bookmarks

Here in MobileSheets, Android users can enjoy the most convenient bookmark features, which will allow them to access sections of the scores most comfortably. Create your bookmarks and improve your navigation when exploring the library.

And speaking of which, MobileSheets also allows users to create link points, which will provide them with better navigation. Enjoy simple and quick jumping actions between pages. Or you can use the repeat options to instantly navigate through pages.

Make use of smart buttons

Also, MobileSheets will offer smart buttons, which you can simply select and activate with certain triggers and configurable actions. Use the feature to automate your in-app interactions and make better use of the tools.

Support multiple file types

With MobileSheets, Android users can enjoy using multiple file types when exploring their sheet music. Here, the app support images, PDFs, text files, and the chord pro format for your sheets. And users can also import CSV files to break up their songbooks.

Support your MIDI devices

By supporting your MIDI devices, MobileSheets will allow Android users to have better interactions with their connected instruments. Use the MIDI tools via USB to load songs, enable actions, and more.

Feel free to transpose chords

Here in MobileSheets, Android users can also make use of the easy transpose option, whihc will allow you to adjust your sheets music following any selected keys.

Crop your pages with ease

Along with page reordering, MobileSheets will let you adjust the page margins accordingly. Feel free to use the cropping feature to get rid of the unnecessary outlines and provide you with a more refined version of the music sheet.

Have access to your entire library

Simply provide the app with certain access permissions and it’ll allow you to explore your entire library of music sheets on the fly. Have the app actively scan your system for sheet music of different formats.

Have access to our free premium mod

For those of you who are interested, you can now have the free version of the app without limited features or forced ads. Simply installing our MobileSheets Mod APK and following the provided instructions, you can start making use of many licensed in-app features with ease.


With useful tools and convenient features, MobileSheets will allow Android users to enjoy using the best mobile sheet reader app. Feel free to enter the application and start unlocking many useful functionalities when handling your sheets.

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