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Monster Chef

October 26, 2023


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Thinking about it, have you ever thought that there would be a hidden monster kitchen right below your favorite restaurant. Here you’ll find Monster Chef who cook all kinds of exotic foods from unbelievable ingredients. Experience a strange, and yet, extremely interesting gameplay with the latest title from Coconut Island Games with our reviews.


If there is anything that you can learn while practicing to be a cook is that a great cook can come from every origin. And this is exactly what’s happening in Monster Chef as you’ll be cooking as an octopus chef. Make uses of your culinary knowledge and deliver epic dishes to the customers. They’ll never know where their delicious foods come from.

Who could have thought that you could even build a hidden monster kitchen under your regular restaurant in the surface? This was made possible by the Society of Dark Cuisine, an ancient and odd organization that was dedicated to create the most extreme dishes. Get yourself ready to taste the untasted with our skillful octopus chef.

Together with the amazing Sootsoot, you can get out and seek for rare and delicious monsters. “Farm” them in your underground bases to get the best ingredients for your foods.


Collect as much ingredients as possible and experiment with your food so that you can come up with new recipes. Dedicate to your cooking career and you’ll be successful regardless of your origins. Find out all about the exciting features that the game has to offer:

A strange yet addictive gameplay

In Monster Chef, players will be introduced to a completely different world of cooking, in which they can have a taste of the most interesting foods that are made of bizarre and unthinkable ingredients. In addition, you’ll also have a rich and detailed quest system which consist of tricky conversations. To complete your missions, you’ll have to be extremely mindful and pay attention to all the little details. Here you’ll find clues to finish your next quests. Moreover, depending on the decision paths that you’ve chosen, you’ll experience a completely different gameplay compared to other players.

Explore the Society of Dark Cuisine

In the Society of Dark Cuisine, everything is possible, you just haven’t tested them yet. That being said, who could have thought that someone can build a hidden restaurant underneath the one on the surface. With their dedications to good and extreme foods, the Society of Dark Cuisine will introduce you to all kinds of food that you haven’t tasted before as well as the way to get those epic foods.

Discover lots of strange and interesting monsters

In case you haven’t known this, most of the food that comes from our octopus chef’s kitchen is made from strange and unlikely ingredients. And most of them are collected from the awesome beasts that live underground. It’s also your job to search for the monster and capture them to your underground cells, where you’ll have your way of extracting goods from them.

To make the game more exciting, the developers have introduced a huge collection of different monsters with different characteristics. They can be found in varied locations underground and maybe hostile or friendly toward us. Nonetheless, you can easily capture them using your amazing Sootsoot.

“Farm” your monsters for foods

As you’ve rounded up all the epic monsters in your hidden cells, you can start “farming” your monsters for amazing ingredients. Depending on the types of food that you’re making, you’ll need to collect enough ingredients from your monsters. If you don’t have enough or are short in certain types, you can go out and collect more monsters to your cells. However, make sure you have enough slots for them since you won’t be able to capture the monster if the cells are full. To deal with this, you can use your earned money to purchase and expand new cells. Combined with delicious cooking, your restaurant and organization can grow relatively fast.

Experience an innovative cooking system

Here in Monster Chef, players are introduced to a whole different cooking system that is nothing like the traditional ones. From the ingredients to the recipes, you’ll find a lot of things that you’ve never seen before.

Choose your own food and cook it in your own way using varied alternative ingredients. You can even go as far as cooking your own food using your made-up recipes. As long as it still tastes good and your customers love it. There is no reason to stop testing for more.

Forget about the pay to win games

Despite having in-app purchases, Monster Chef isn’t the kind of games that heavily rely on this aspect. In fact, it’s one of those few games that aren’t pay-to-win. Players will be given a lot of opportunities to gain major progress just by logging in the game frequently. You can easily make up for the in-app purchases by playing the game more frequently, collect more monster, and deliver better foods to the customers.

Visual and sound quality


The game features a cartoony art style which looks both intimidating and friendly. Although the monsters might look a little bit scary, you can still notice a few friendly traits from them. On top of that with simple graphical demands, Monster Chef is available for most Android devices regardless of your hardware. Hence, you can enjoy this game anytime anywhere with whatever you’ve got.


The spooky and funky music throughout the game delivers a weirdly satisfying feeling. It’s like you’re caught in the world of the monster chefs.

Final Verdicts

For those who’re looking for a quick relax during their break time, Monster Chef is certainly a great title to start with. Addictive gameplay will make you hooked into the game for a very long time.

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