Monsters with Attitude: Online Smash & Brawl PvP

Monsters with Attitude: Online Smash & Brawl PvP

February 16, 2020


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Monsters with Attitude

Looking for something fun to spend your boring spare time on? Join thousands of other online players in this hilarious game of frenzy brawls and exciting adventures. Find out more with our review of Monsters with Attitude: Online Smash & Brawl PvP.


Join a funny gang of powerful space creatures who travel through galaxies to smash everything on each planet they land in. Take control of different characters with different traits and powers, go against one and another in endless fun and exciting battles. Break stuffs and grow large to overpower other beings and dominate the planet. Hop on your spaceship and travel to another planet if you’ve finished your jobs. The fun never ends with Monsters with Attitude: Online Smash & Brawl PvP.

Monsters with Attitude


Here are a few interesting features that make the game extremely addictive:

Compete with other players in a survival battle

For those who’ve grown tired of play lonely single player games, Monsters with Attitude will definitely be your next favorite game on Android devices. With exciting multiplayer gameplay that supports up to 8 players in a PvP matchup, you can have endless fun and excitement with the game.

Play in a massive sandbox map, go around smashing stuff and collect items to grow bigger. The bigger your size is; the more advantages you would have against other players. Defeat them and gain power from the loots. In additions, a bigger size also allows you to destroy certain obstacles that are much bigger and more formidable.

You can either go for the brawl mode – in which you dive into any fight to earn bonuses and rewards from defeating your opponents, or go for the hiding mode – where you’ll focus on hiding from bigger opponents and collect as many rewards as possible. Make sure that you’re the biggest monster on the field to gain the final victory.

Monsters with Attitude

Form up your team and enjoy the game with friends

The best thing about Monster with Attitude is that the game can be played online where you go against other actual players. You’ll be competing with other players in exciting online battles where you must take your skills to the extreme.

You can join others in exciting ranked matches to earn points that would add up to your current standing in the leaderboard. You’ll also have the option to form up teams with your friends and compete with others in a co-op ranked match up. However, keep in mind that the game is all about the final survival, so you’ll also have to watch your back in case your friends decide to bash you.

For one in your life, smash!

You might not see this activity very often, so while you’re still in the game, you might want to smash things up to your heart content. Take your characters through different locations on the planet, smash the cities, smash the seas, smash the mountains, and so on. The smashing never ends until the planet is completely destroyed. And since all the damages aren’t real, you can take the smashing as an effective way to reduce stresses and fatigues.

Monsters with Attitude

Lots of upgradable and customizable features

In Monsters with Attitude, there are many ways for you to grow big and gain advantages from the collectible items. Most commonly, you can collect the exposed energies come from the destroyed structures, including cities, forest, mountains, the bigger it is the more energies you’ll collect. And many’ favorite way is to smash energies out of each other in chaotic brawls between giant monsters.

To help you with your battles, you’ll have access to dozens of unlockable abilities as well as boosts that can be used to increase your powers during the game. In additions, you can even upgrade your monsters which would give it better stats at the beginning of the game. Hence, you’ll have a lot of advantages compared to other players.

And if you want to get your hands on the most valuable rewards, you’ll need to increase your position in the leaderboards by earning more points through online ranked battles.

Monsters with Attitude

Feel free to smash with the destructible planets

All the structures on the maps are destructible, so you can feel free to smash anything that’s within sight to earn energies. Slowly, you’ll grow larger and larger to the point that you can be seen from outer space. At this time, even the planet itself isn’t safe from your brute strength. However, it’s important to find and kill other players since you won’t be gaining any benefits from destroying the planet.

Accessible gameplay with simple control

The game is quite easy to learn thanks to its simple gameplay and comfortable control mechanics. You can quickly get used to the gameplay and enjoy entertaining hours playing Monster with Attitude. However, that doesn’t mean that you can become skillful after a short amount of time.

In the contrary, with a lot of tactical aspects as well as an evolving gameplay, you’ll need to spend a lot of time mastering the game. It would take both your skills and quick thinking to make you the master. However, keep striving to be the best and you’ll become one.

Different monsters with exciting abilities

And to furthermore enhancing the gameplay, players will have access to dozens of different playable monsters, each with their own exciting abilities. This gives each players certain roles in the battle and varied ways to upgrade their monsters. Hence, you can develop different tactics from the upgrade paths.

Not to mention that different monsters with different abilities also make the game much more exciting as you’ll have to deal with different attacks from varied directions. Plus, you can always switch up your playstyle by changing the monster, thus making the game more stimulating.

Monsters with Attitude

Free to play

Despite all the awesome features, the game is still free to download and install. In facts, it only takes a few minutes for you to get it from Google Play Store. This allows more players to have access to the game, thus giving more opponents to play with.

And although it does offer a few in-app purchases, they’re not compulsory and won’t have any major effects on your matches.

Visual and sound quality


The game features friendly cartoony graphics which makes the game suitable for people of all ages. In additions, the frenzy destructive effects make things a lot more chaotic as you go into battle. Hence, you can dive into the actions without any notion of time and space.

For a highly-demanding game, Monster with Attitude still performs quite good on most devices. However, old devices might experience some lags or stutters during a heavy scene.

Monsters with Attitude


The accurate sound effects make the battles and combats a lot more captivating. You can literally feel like a space monster who’s smashing everything that gets in his way on certain planets.

Download Monsters with Attitude latest 1.1.1 Android APK

With a simple, yet intuitive gameplay, Monster with Attitude deserves a slot in your game collection. That being said, make sure you install it right away to start enjoying countless of brawling fun with it.

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