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MU Origin

December 8, 2021

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The world’s once-great MMORPG has finally come to the Android platform and is readied to bring this incredible game to their former glories. Prepare yourself for exciting actions, thrilling adventures, and dozens of discoverable features. Find out all about MU Origin with our reviews.


In this vast world of MU Origin where hundreds of different species live in co-habitat communities, in which they share the same dream of having peaceful and prosperous lives with the others. However, they’re not alone in this massive land.

Deep in the roots of the darkness, evil forces are preparing for an all-out invasion of the world. In facts, there have been lots of conflict between humans and other species with the evil monsters.

As a prominent hero, it’s your job to take up arms and fight the despicable monsters. Force the evils back to where they came from and return peace to the land once and for all. Let’s explore the world of MU Origin in this amazing MMORPG game from Webzen Inc with our review.


With the classic action-adventure gameplay, MU Origin allows gamers to embark exciting journeys where they can meet new friends, fight monsters, create parties, and go against the evil forces that are terrorizing the lands. That being said, here are the awesome features that you’ll be interested in:

Select your desired heroes and their classes

Here in MU Origin, players are allowed to three different classes of heroes that they could choose from. We have the Dark Knights who are powerful heroes who excel in close combat. They’ll be a great help by charging at the enemies’ lines causing havocs or tanking the damages from the bosses.

And at the meantime, we’ll have the Dark Wizards which are powerful mages who trained to master the art of magic. They can deal with great damages at a grand scale to the enemies while staying at a safe range. In additions, we also have the Elf, powerful magical creatures who possess great agility and dexterity. Hence, they’ll make great archers.

There are tons of different customizations that you can make on your characters, so make sure you spend enough time discovering their powers and abilities.

Explore thousands of powerful gears and equipment

With different characters to explore, players are also introduced to large collections of different weapons and equipment. Spend time completing the missions and challenges as well as venturing the lands to collect powerful items.

That being said, in MU Origins, players will have access to thousands of different items featuring different powers and abilities. Equip your characters with suitable ones to make them more effective during combats. In additions, you’ll also have the enhanced wings, which don’t just make your hero more badass but also enable awesome power boosts for them.

Upgrade your heroes to make them more capable

Each of your heroes will feature certain powers depending on their classes. It’s your job to make good uses of these powers to make your characters more effective during battles. In additions, you can upgrade the powers to boosts their effects. Focus on the unique abilities of your heroes and develop your characters depending on your preferences.

Take your characters to their extremes

Here in MU Origin, there is no such thing as limitations. Having said that, you can develop your characters to whatever level you desire. Spend time on your characters and you can become the champions in MU Origin. With endless level-up, who knows what are the boundaries that you can’t overcome?

Enjoy the large open-world maps

In additions to the limitless level system, players will also have their chances to explore the massive open world in MU Origin. Here you’ll discover exclusive locations where you can find epic items or go against some of the toughest monsters in the game. Also, different missions are being introduced daily so you’ll have more time exploring the vast lands of MU Origin.

Join parties and go against the epic bosses

Like most other online RPG games, you’ll have the option to form up teams and parties with other players. Make uses of your combined strength to defeat the enemies. Your team must consist of capable heroes with different powers that could promote each other. Go against the most powerful bosses in the game and earn incredible rewards for your victories.

Collect money to progress further

In MU Origin, players are introduced to a mixed cash system which consists of Diamonds, Materials, Star Essences, and Zens. You can collect them from doing missions, taking down monsters, and facing other players in PvP battles.

The looted items and money can be exchanged through the Trading system, which serves as a market for all online players in MU Origin. In additions, if you think that your items are too precious to be traded like that, it’s possible to hold auctions for all the players to join in.

Put your skills to the test and go head-to-head with online players

Besides the monsters and bosses, you can also go against other players in exciting PvP battles. Win over them and become the real PvP King. In additions, you can also earn valuable loots for your characters and settle all your disputes here.

Massive MU Origin Update!

With the latest big update from Webzen Inc, the game has become extremely exciting and enjoyable. Find out about the most notable features here:

Enjoy a whole new gameplay

The Reverse system has brought great chances to the franchises, now, you can apply this feature at certain times to completely change the tide of a battle. It introduces a whole new collection of maps, monsters, and bosses. Here in this reversed world, hunters will be hunted, explore a new set of different maps and other incredible elements.

New communities

No more guilds, or corps, players in MU Origins are closely connected in different Clans. Here you’ll find the reliable comrades that you can rely on whenever you experience difficulties in the harsh world of MU Origin. Together, you’ll build up your clans from scratches and make them great.

In additions, you can join your clans in exciting online battles with other clans. Win against them to grain more Clan Honor for your Clan and use it for multiple purposes. And most notably, you can exchange certain amounts of Clan Honors for rare prizes.

And if you want to participate in single PvP battles, that’s also fine. You and your Clan members can also join the Clan Assault mode which allows certain players from different Clans to go one-on-one with each other. Gain the final victory and bring great “honors” to your Clan.

Improved equipment system

To explore the Mount Equipment System, the creators at Webzen Inc has introduced the Mount Emblems feature, in which players can enhance their Mount equipment using the new Mount Emblems. Collect as much Emblem as possible to give your character a full set for better power-ups.

Discover total new maps

With the new updates, players will also gain access to the epic Secret Ruins which are forgotten lands that were once belonged to a great civilization. Here you’ll find incredible monsters as well as epic loots. Make sure you spend lots of time here to collect rewarding items.

Other awesome features

And last but not least, now, you can purchase and collect new costumes, pets, and mount for your adventure. Collect the most powerful and unique ones to make your characters extremely effective during battles.

Visual and sound quality


Featuring incredible 3D graphics, MU Origin delivers immersive experiences like no other games. Here you’ll find yourself lost in a world of powerful magical beings, epic sceneries, and huge open-world maps to explore.

In additions, with realistic visual effects, you’ll enjoy smashing your powerful skill moves to the enemies and watch them disappear within seconds.


The epic soundtracks and accurate sound effects make you feel like you are in a real world, fighting monsters, and casting powerful skills.

Final verdicts

Deep gameplay with lots of discoverable features as well as hidden elements, MU Origin remains a tempting mystery for us to explore. In additions, with exciting online game modes, players will have their chances to join millions of other online players from all over the world in this amazing MMORPG game.

That being said, it would be a waste not having this installed on your Android devices.

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