Muscle King MOD APK 1.3.1 (Free Shopping)

Muscle King MOD APK 1.3.1 (Free Shopping)

March 21, 2021


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Muscle King is a game with the theme of bodybuilding. In the game, you will help your character with heavy-duty exercises and a strict diet to become a professional bodybuilder. You can watch exquisite male gods, develop game music and graphics, and choose a casual game style design. The game operation is simple and easy to use. Players only need to exercise their characters with simple taps to help them become the most muscular man in the world.

This muscular tap game makes you feel relaxed with some finger movements in your leisure time. You must always tap to exercise the character to become the most muscular man in the world. You can play the game anytime and anywhere. Muscle King allows you to collect energy to boost your muscles, even if you pause or do not play the game.

Through the game, you will learn all the skills and facilities of leaders in the muscle industry. Muscle King is a mobile phone game for muscle fitness simulation. After you create a character in the game, you can increase the muscle mass of the character through your production. Make your character exercise to become the strongest muscle man and find a good job in your free time. The victory comes when your character becomes the most attractive person.

Enjoy the best idle muscle-building simulator. You can build muscles and become the most popular person in the world. Just one click and you can increase the character’s muscle mass. You can find a job, make yourself the best fitness equipment, and become stronger. Create your body explosion character now!

General Information

Muscle King is a casual and competitive mobile game with a fitness theme. It contains various sports exercises. There are many game modes for you to choose from. It is a relaxing and fun game with the principal task is training your character to become a professional bodybuilder. Everyone can try it for free.

By enjoying one of the best idle muscle-building simulators, you can build muscles and become the most popular person in the world. I make this game for those you love fitness and enjoy watching the body transformation process. You can play this game with only simple taps.

If you want to win this game, you need to find a job, make yourself the best fitness equipment, and become stronger by creating your most insane body transformation in the game. And this muscular tap game makes you feel good.

In the game, players must tap to exercise the character and become the most muscular man in the world. You can tap anytime and anywhere. This idle game allows you to collect energy to boost your muscles, even if you do not play.

How to Play Muscle King?

At the beginning of the game, you are a thin man who needs to exercise to increase your physical fitness. All these problems seem to be very frustrating. So, you need positive energy. It is not the truth of this game. The correct way to open the game is that you must keep exercising certain muscles in one place. Then, you find that your hands may be longer and more muscular than usual.

First, use tap water energy to refill the power of your character and upgrade your fitness equipment. In the game, there will be various skills to help you grow muscle strength. It can grow fast through meditation and protein intake. But remember to balance them perfectly.

The major purpose of the game is to become the richest muscular man ever. The game rules allow you to increase your muscles to make more money. When you get to the manor, the money will keep popping up. Your character must become a powerful man with the best muscles as fast as possible and compete in the rankings.

You can enjoy the best idle muscle exercise simulator. You can exercise your muscles and become the most popular person in the world. They make this game for lazy players with simple taps and touches to increase the muscle mass of your character.

In the game, you also help the character find an actual job. Then buy yourself the best fitness equipment and become stronger. It is a strict cycle to gain strength, money, and win each challenge.

In Slap Kings, you will control your character to take part in a 1vs1 match. Every turn, you and your opponent will slap each other. Whoever slaps stronger will meet a new challenger.

For your turn, all you have to do is touch the screen at the right time to make a slap with maximum damage. Also, when it is your opponent’s turn, you can only wait for the strike to respond. If you can survive, you will continue your next turn and the game will continue until they drop one player off the ring.

The timing of the slap will determine how much damage you do because the bar will flow in an arc trajectory. Each side will have a blue bar at the top to show the character’s HP. If any bar returns to zero first, that side loses.

The way to play Slap Kings is simple. You need to tap the screen then force it to slap. The closer the arrow is to the center point, the stronger the slap will be. If you hit the center box, you will have the maximum slap force to hit the opponent. If you want to increase the power for each slap, click on the icon of the fire hand to see the advertisement. After the promotion period is over, your back to the game will be doubled.

Similarly, if you want to increase your defense when you are slapped by an opponent, choose the icon of your helmet and watch the ad. After finishing the advertisement, your character will receive a helmet accessory to wear. It will not add each power increase or defense increase when viewing the ad to the following slaps.

After finishing each game and winning, you will receive a reward of Coin (Gold) in Slap Kings. You can watch the ad for 5-time gold received. In-game gold is used to buy Health and Power. Each purchase later will cost more gold than the previous turn. And once you have purchased Health and Power, the health and power will increase. It will follow you throughout the game, not being lost like increasing power or increasing defense by watching ads.

With each win in Slap Kings, players will earn a certain bonus amount. With this money, you can improve the two key attributes for your character, such as health and strength. Try to keep these two stats balanced. So, you can outlive powerful enemies and take them down as soon as possible.

Final Words

The title of Muscle King sounds violent. But actually, the style that it pursues is a light game for entertainment. The player must come up with the best training plan and intake calculation to transform the character into the best bodybuilder in the world.

Overall, Muscle King MOD APK is a very entertaining game where you get the chance to test your ability as a role of a personal trainer. The game also owns a unique 3D graphics system and a variety of interesting characters for you to collect during the game.

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