MX Player Online MOD APK 1.3.21 (Ad-Free)

MX Player Online MOD APK 1.3.21 (Ad-Free)

September 22, 2023


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MX Media & Entertainment Pte Ltd
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While your stock video player apps can perform decently on most playback tasks, having access to dedicated video player apps is always a better option. And MX Player Online is undoubtedly a great option when it comes to this matter. Here, you can enjoy working with many of its features, which would make it extremely easy for you to customize and improve your video playbacks.

In addition, by having the available online streaming services, the app will now provide even more satisfying experiences for its users. Have fun discovering the massive movie library in MX Player Online and enjoy thousands of available online shows, which you can stream directly to your Android devices using the built-in video player.

Learn more about this special mobile app from MX Media with our in-depth reviews.

What does it do?

Everyone knows MX Player for being one of the best video player app, thanks to many of its useful and innovative features. And with the added benefits of online streaming content, Android users will now have so much more fun with their favorite mobile app. Not just for watching videos but also for enjoying thousands of movies, TV shows, online series, live channels, and many others.

At the same time, you can also enjoy amazing online mini-games that are available inside the app, which will provide a lot of fun for mobile gamers. Feel free to explore awesome in-game experiences whenever you are ready. And always have fun competing with friends and online games for high scores or achievement points.

Also enjoy thousands of amazing songs and music videos, which can be streamed directly from MX Player Online library, as it provides an ultimate multimedia entertainment experience.

Feel free to play any videos from your mobile devices, or enjoy streaming content with many movies collections, web shows, songs, news updates, and many others. Thus, making the app an extremely enjoyable video playback tool.


For those of you who are interested in the special mobile application of MX Player Online, you can easily download the free app on the Google Play Store for free. Have fun with many of its features and unlock your full experiences with the mobile app.

At the same time, make sure to provide the app with certain access permissions, which are needed to enable the fully-featured mobile app. And don’t forget to update your devices to the latest firmware versions possible, as they’ll ensure the app’s compatibility.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Enjoy working with the powerful video player

To start with, Android users in MX Player Online can have fun working with the powerful video player app, as it would make your video playback experiences a lot more comfortable and convenient. Enjoy many useful gesture controls to easily customize your videos and the playback options. Control the playback speed, adjust video quality, easily skip ahead or rewind the videos. Make a quick pause, play next or previous tracks, customize video ratio, and many useful options. All of which will ensure your satisfaction when working on both offline videos and online streaming content.

Have fun with endless online streaming content

And speaking of which, MX Player Online will feature a huge collect of amazing movies, TV shows, Web Series, Live TVs, and music, which you can access for absolutely free. Have fun watching your favorite drama, thrills, action, romance, and other amazing genres with their best representatives.

Enjoy playing some of the best International Content in MX Player Online, as it introduces users to thousands of Turkish drama, Hollywood movies, Korean drama, Pakistani TV shows, and many other content from countries across the world.

At the same time, also enjoy many Regional Content in your preferred languages of Hindi and English, through multiple shows and series in the app. Moreover, you can now discover a massive collection of content in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali, and many other common Indian languages. These should make sure that you can truly enjoy your regional content.

Here in MX Player Online, Android users can now have fun with many interesting original shows from MX Originals. Feel free to discover the famous Bhaukaal, Queen, Aashram, Dangerous, and many other famous titles.

Also find yourself well-informed with all the latest news that you can get from the mobile app. Enjoy playing the latest news from ABP News, ET Now, Times Now, and many other channels. Explore multiple options in different languages and genres, which will really provide you with comprehensive news updates.

Also, with the amazing music tracks, Android users can really enjoy their favorite Bollywood, Regional, and international songs, all in a single collection. Simply access the music tab and choose your favorite songs or MVs to enjoy.

And for those of you who are interested, you can further discover the app and find your favorite shows from the endless upgrades in MX Player Online.

Skip intros and outros for seamless experiences

Here in MX Player Online, Android users will also have access to the seamless video playback options, simply by enabling the premium app features. Now, you can easily skip intros and end credits of any selected movies and shows. As a result, the app enables consistent experiences for all Android users.

Simply download and enjoy your offline videos

To make the app and its content more accessible, MX Player Online also offers the download options for most of its content. Now, you can simply enjoy your favorite content in the app with the simple download button. Have the movies, TV shows, and other series available offline on your devices. As a result, you can easily access them later on and enjoy watching your favorite videos without the Internet.

Enjoy working with the PIP mode

To make it easier to stream and work on your video playbacks, MX Player Online also enables the useful PIP mode for Android users to enjoy. Now, you can continue watching your favorite videos while working on other tasks, thanks to the floating video windows. Multitasking would be so much easier with this feature.

Easily navigate between different libraries

And for those of you who are interested, you can now freely navigate between different libraries in MX Player Online, using many useful features in the app. Simply use the Search option to look for shows, movies, and music from your notification try. Unlock the useful Watch History, as it provides access to all your unfinished videos or any shows that you wish to revisit.

Freely customize your preferences

Here in MX Player Online, users can also enjoy working with the useful My Favorite option, which will make it extremely easy for you to adjust your preferences for the app. Simply enable your favorite tags for the respective actors, movies, shows, live channels, and other content. That way, you can easily explore the My Favorites menu and rediscover all your favorite content all over again.

Useful language options to work with

And not just with the content, MX Player Online also offers intuitive and accessible language options for Android users while working with the in-app UI. Feel free to Enable the different App language, content language, and other related settings from the navigation drawer, which would make the app a lot more enjoyable.

Have fun with many interesting mini-games

Along with the special movies, TV shows, MVs, and other content, MX Player Online also competes your entertainment with the built-in gaming center. Here, you can find many interesting mini-games with innovative and enjoyable gameplay. Feel free to take part in multiple experiences with each selected game and enjoy them to the fullest.

Enjoy the unlocked premium app on our website

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the unlocked premium app in MX Player Online, which will provide many special features and ad-free experiences without pay for anything. Simply download the MX Player Online Mod APK, follow the provided instructions, and you can have the Premium features Unlocked.

Final verdicts

Now, together with SonyLIV and Hotstar, Android users in MX Player Online can really have fun with their favorite mobile application. Not just for streaming TV shows and movies, the app will make sure that you can complete your entertainment experiences with awesome music content and games.

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