My Diggy Dog MOD APK 2.363.0 (Unlimited Money)

My Diggy Dog MOD APK 2.363.0 (Unlimited Money)

March 4, 2023


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King Bird Games
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Unlimited Money

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If you love dogs and you love games, chances are, you’ll love this game! Published in 2018, the game is available on both Android & IOS, offering tons of fun and relaxing entertainment. MY DIGGY Dog is an exploration game developed by King Bird games. With simple gameplay, country music background, and colorful design, gamers will find themselves dwelled in the world of MY DIGGY DOG in just minutes.

MY DIGGY DOG theme is familiar with one of the most popular gold mining games we all know: Gold Miner. The objective of the game is to hunt for treasures and rare artifacts under the ground. However, the player will enjoy the game as Marty – human’s best pal.

General information

My Diggy Dog gives you the experience of the human’s best pal named Marty. Marty, together with his human friend, has spent their lifetime searching for treasures and hidden items. However, as time goes by, his master no longer has the strength he needs to keep on chasing their dream of collecting all the rare artifacts. Now it’s Marty’s turn to show his faithfulness and loyalty to his best friend, as he is willing to continue the journey by himself, carrying all the tools with him. Now, Marty the Diggy Dog’s adventure begins!

The game possesses neat and clean graphics with beautiful animations. Little details are added like a doggy paw to replace ordinary touch cursor; livestock animals sound can also be heard, combined with smooth control and gameplay are factors that make My Diggy Dog so enjoyable. Players can move Marty around by screen touch-hold action, make him fly (Yes! He has his own jetpack) by swiping up and hold, and have him digging the ground by down swiping.

Simple but addictive, hundreds of hidden underground passages containing mysteries and unknown treasures are under our feet. Marty needs all the gadgets he can get to overcome various dangers to complete his missions and collect his toys. Furthermore, King Bird games developers are keen on making their players happy by delivering frequent patches with fixes and new features (a whole new second world), as players cleared all the game stages so quickly. This is a great plus.

My Diggy Dog is a fun and relaxing game while also having a rich mission content that is more than enough to keep you busy and entertained. The game can be downloaded on both iOS and Android platforms. You can click the following link to get the game for free and enjoy.

Game operation

Here we will guide you through the gameplay and control of My Diggy Dog. The game can be played with one-hand.

In My Diggy Dog, you control Marty – a faithful and loyal dog to help his master find treasures and artifacts underground. Marty has his Health bar, Hunger bar, Weight bar, and Fear bar. Pay attention to the Health bar, Marty may die from falling from a great height while flying or being attacked by mysterious creatures underground. Be aware when Marty has little energy left and feels tired, the light on your screen will be dimmed, and Marty’s action slows down accordingly.

Your few first missions will help you get used to the concept of the game. You will dig into the ground to find artifacts and bring them back to Marty’s master for rewards (Gold). Then you can use this gold to buy Marty clothes, a new backpack for extra weight carrying capacity, and even dynamites to explode some obstacles underneath. All these items are not for show though, each part of equipment grants Marty stats (health, hunger, weight, fear) and you can mix those items to match your playstyle.

On the top left corner, there are mission indicators for players to follow. You can click on them to see mission details and directions to complete them. If you happen to die, don’t worry, My Diggy Dog gives you the first free revive. Then you can use Gems or watch a quick ad to continue your journey to the underneath.

Overall assessments

King Bird games developers put huge amounts of effort into creating the best gaming experience for their players. My Diggy Dog is a mix of an interesting storyline, beautiful graphics, countryside-theme background music, easy gameplay control, and a lot of fun missions.

The game style fits those who enjoy exploring, solving puzzles, collecting rewards, and building up their character. It evolves from an easy game plot, decent gaming pace where you can decide how you want to overcome obstacles.

Lastly, with the Mod Unlimited Money, players can now freely customize their Marty and play the game to its fullest. Do remember to support the developer if you love the game.

Gold Miner: A simple and similar treasure hunting game style with My Diggy Dog, Gold Miner is a game that you can quickly understand and have fun with.

Gold Miner – a classic game where you control a friendly prospector hunting for the rare metal Gold and other precious gems and artifacts. Timing is the most important part of this game, and the game requires you to gather enough money for each level’s requirement to continue to higher levels. Gold Miner will be a great experience for those casual players who just want to chill with easy and medium pace games. With colorful comic designs, eye-catching graphics, and nice fitting background sound, Gold Miner will surely be the game that you should have on your list.

My Diggy Dog 2: Yes! King Bird games released My Diggy Dog 2 which is perfect for My Diggy Dog’s players. New features, amazing graphics improvement, gameplay updates, and more. Make sure to enjoy My Diggy Dog to experience the original gameplay from King Bird games.

Final words

My Diggy Dog MOD APK is loved by many gamers with over 1 million downloads. According to the developer: 70% of their players are male, which is not their expectation despite the cute graphics. The game was featured on App Store, with 20 languages available. and even had its fan club group on – a Russian social network. If you’re looking for an exciting adventure and you’re a dog lover, you should not miss this game.

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