My Dolphin Show MOD APK 4.37.23 (Unlimited Money)

My Dolphin Show MOD APK 4.37.23 (Unlimited Money)

August 23, 2021


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Spil Games
87.52 MB
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Unlimited Money

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My Dolphin Show poster

In My Dolphin Show, your kids do not just meet dolphin trainers, but also encounter whales and other animals performing at different places. It’s nice to play around to kill your time, particularly when you can learn lots of tricks during the show as well as have a chance to purchase different costume upgrades in the game.

Besides, the game doesn’t mention the captivity and training conditions of marine mammals, which is a good thing for your kids to try. It’s a worth-to-play game allowing you to control your dolphin and if you want, let’s grasp new epic dolphin skins as well as win over the legendary shows. Now here’s your chance to be a dolphin trainer once in a lifetime!

General Information

With over 20 million downloads, My Dolphin Show gains the love of all fans from different parts of the world. Come to teach your lovely dolphin the most incredible tricks before putting on shows to make your audience go crazy. Get ready to let the show take you through the awesome spaces, from Las Vegas to Hawaii, where you can show off your dolphin’s amazing skills.

Simply wow the audience in the game, even in the first episode of My Dolphin Show. As said above, you must control this little cute animal to perform diverse cool tricks. Maybe, for this reason, the game fits both boys and girls who seem to be excited about taking control of the water park and starting a show in a small aquarium. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a real trainer for your dolphin.

The animal must get ready all the time to impress so many people during the big show. Be careful since you have to follow various instructions and start the show by doing tricks, jumps, and more than that. All the player do here follows the commands available on the game screen and always ensure your timing to be perfect. And how is the game going?

Both trainer and the dolphin take responsibility of wowing the crowd and completing the complex moves to make them happy. At this time, you get to boost your overall training rate. Once the show comes to an end, feel free to make purchases if you love to train more types of dolphins and love to put some more adorable costumes on your cute animal.

My Dolphin Show screen 2

Surprisingly, there are over 80 tricks waiting for you to teach the animal, consisting of the crazy corkscrews, dazzling doughnut jumps, and even the pinata smash. Well, My Dolphin Show might remind you of the Uphill Rush Water Park Racing, a fun game enabling you to perform crazy stunts, flips, and slide through nearly everything in the path.

Just like the dolphin show, you need to take it to the max or take the entertainment to another level to make the audience wow. Also, let’s collect as many coins as possible whenever you swim or dive in the pool. Like other mobile games, use coins to purchase new stuff for yourself and your dolphin. If you love to see the animal dressed as a princess or a cheerleader, get money now.

Aside from getting tons of cool outfits, you’re able to choose and make a new dolphin BFF look more fabulous than ever. It’s up to you to pick out new animals and characters at the same time, including the orca, shark, mermaid, and even a unicorn. Don’t worry since with over 40 options to select, you surely have the endless fun when accepting the challenges.

My Dolphin Show screen 1

Overall assessments

Trust me, you’ll never get bored of it, especially when all functions appear good. However, according to some players, the show should last longer so that they can enjoy the fun and take challenges longer. For ads, they always show up, so it would be better to have less of them. Most people love the game since they can jump and juggle anytime they like.

Make your dream come true now by simply touching the green button to download the game. Some players complain about their first training. As they claimed, once tapping the dolphin and trying to swipe up to allow it to move, it doesn’t work at all. This issue should get fixed soon, not to mention the game sometimes kicks you out. It’s a lovely game overall.

There are so many unique characters to choose in the game, and I bet that you just love its graphics because they look cute. A few issues still keep coming back. For example, some characters are a bit too costly to buy. It costs even 60,000 coins just for one little girl you’re supposed to get. Things get harder since you just earn around 100 coins per game as you’re skillful.

My Dolphin Show screen 3


It’s time to choose your favorites among different movements out there. Just combine them all in the badass new levels that you might create yourself. It’s easy to do that. Your friends and other players in the world can join this show, but more interestingly, they will rate your levels and help you climb to the top of the leaderboards.

And to make sure you’re ready for the big event, let’s find out the most popular moves expected in My Dolphin Show game. These are comprised of hurdle jumps, diving for fish, jumps through hoops, and bouncing balls. Once the animal gets ready, it’s your turn to master those big-time tricks and amaze the crowd at Sea World.

Though the aquarium is small, you’ve got such a big crowd to please. Thus, every move should be perfect. Let’s see whether you can put on the show today and play through the levels to be the world’s best dolphin trainer or not. As for how to play the game, you will steer the dolphin by drawing the basic gestures on the screen.

The animal will move based on the direction you slide the finger. With such intuitive controls, you can perform the best tricks in no time.

Despite all the good things about the game, another issue you probably encounter is that it causes you to view an ad every time you plan to play one game. It makes you see another one for the try-out of another character, and for a power-up. In other words, the players could watch the same ads.

My Dolphin Show screen 4


Having amazing HD graphics is one of the biggest strengths of My Dolphin Show without a doubt. The animation looks so bright and colorful as well as realistic on the iPad devices. There are more than 100 levels in the game to finish, so be patient and follow the instructor to have the right stunts and tricks.

The better you perform, the happier the audience is. And the merrier they are, the more coins you earn. With money, you get to unlock more dolphins and other cool creatures.

Final words

My Dolphin Show is a safe, simple yet fun game for kids of all ages. Along with its appealing graphics and intuitive controls, it’s undoubtedly a fantastic game to play in your leisure time. And as a kid-friendly app, the parents can play along with their kids as well as share bonding time in an entertaining way.

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