My PlayHome School MOD APK (Paid for free)

My PlayHome School MOD APK (Paid for free)

December 29, 2021


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Shimon Young : Play Home Software
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Paid for free

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My PlayHome School is a cartoon style mini-game with rich game scenes such as small classrooms, laboratories, meeting rooms, mini playgrounds, and canteens. In this amazing game, as long as there are some basic public settings in ordinary schools, they are all here. The dubbing is very consistent with various environments. And it is easy to have a sense of substitution when playing.

My PlayHome School is one of the best cartoon-style simulation games. The game is a cartoon style and easy to play. It is mainly suitable for children to enjoy with their friends. Players can place characters and things at will. You can give full play to their imagination and creativity.

My PlayHome School is an interesting leisure and entertainment game. In the game, players will go to school to try various physics and chemistry experiments, or give speeches on stage or take part in sports competitions. Players can experience interesting school life. Your children fall in love with school even more. If you are interested, come to download it now!

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General Information

There are many features of My PlayHome School. Dolls are not pleasing to the eye that you can change them. The small props in the game not only look like the real thing, but they also have certain functions. The red bell next to the stairs. When you click, it will emit a super loud class bell. And you can write freely on the blackboard.

For the blackboard, wipe it to erase the chalk. It is hidden in the cupboard. You can open the door to take it out or put other things in it. The most interesting thing is that if you have installed the MOD APK version into your mobile, you can play the game directly without complicated stages. If you have children at home, you can consider accepting it for your children.

My PlayHome School expands the world of PlayHome into the classroom. Your primary tasks are exploring the school, playing as a teacher, experimenting in the science room, eating lunch in the cafeteria, and even dragging down the corridors.

My PlayHome School has no time limit, score, or power increase. You can play for free to strengthen your child’s imagination. My PlayHome School is also compatible with the original My PlayHome and My PlayHome Store apps. So, you can take everything into simple gameplay. Download now the MOD APK of My PlayHome School for free from our website!

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How to Play My PlayHome School?

Let’s get to the point of how to play this amazing game. People can sit on the fountain or stand in the fountain. You need to put people next to the trash can in the playground and keep pressing the water to wash your hands. We can throw a football in the football frame. And you can get the chairs to relax. There are three doctors in the dressing room on the first floor to eat, toilet paper to wipe the nose, and lights to turn off.

The canteen is super attractive with sausages, chicken legs, vegetables, meatballs, fried potatoes, and potato shreds. You can eat them directly. And we can heat the dishes in the microwave when they are cold. The red thing on the wall on the first floor of the school is a bell. And it will ring when you tap it.

The office is on the first floor of the school. There is something to use in the cabinet on the right. The lollipop in the penholder at the desk is always available. But we will never finish it. Then, there is a rag doll in the fourth green drawer of the office to play with. For the coffee, pour it out and drink. Tap the microphone to talk and then you can hear your voice.

We can write on the blackboard in the classroom. And we can wipe it off with a blackboard eraser. Footprints appear in the school corridor occasionally. You can use the mop in the leftmost room on the second floor to mop off. You can also spray some things such as insecticide. The school bags in the classroom can only hold up to ten things.

You cannot use up papers. Apples can be eaten and we cannot use pencils up. You can write in the book and after writing a page, it will automatically turn over. We can take plants away, we can never fill luggage bags with things, people can sit on the piano. And then it will emit beautiful music. Finally, click the button in the background to change the scenes.

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Overall Assessment

My PlayHome School is an excellent simulation game as mentioned above. They set it on the campus in the School Campus mobile game. With rich scenes, it is a game where you can have classes, experiments, and play. The simple and lovely pictures will bring you more interesting experiences. Interested players will download and experience it.

My PlayHome School is one of the most functional mini-games that you can play without the Internet. There is also no in-app purchase content and no extra permission requirements. The game offers a fun cartoon style suitable for children aged from two to six years old.

The scene is very rich in facilities with small classrooms, laboratories, meeting rooms, mini playgrounds, and canteen. The small props not only look like the real thing, but they also have certain functions.

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My PlayHome: Play Home Doll House is a fun dollhouse game for kids. Imagine a dollhouse where your child can interact with everything around, including the closet, television, or shower. Not only that, but they also learn how to fry eggs and bake pizza for the entire family. In this game, players will enjoy drinks, blow bubbles, and so fascinating jobs with the members.

You can play My PlayHome: Play Home Doll House on the mobile to interact with the beautiful dollhouse. A great space simulation game for all children. That world will grow and expand. We will fill it with free accessories and extra rooms.

Does your baby like playing My PlayHome: Play Home Doll House? Then, immediately add My PlayHome: Play Home Doll House to the new list of games to have fun adventures in this colorful world. Preschoolers can explore everything in this home, while the elementary school kids will find their way of entertainment in their familiar playground.

With strong interoperability, My PlayHome: Play Home Doll House allows children to explore and use everything in the house. The characters will eat, sleep, bathe, brush teeth, and live just like humans. Want a darker room? Please pull the curtain. How about a little music? Put the CD in the machine and dance.

The advantage of the game My PlayHome: Play Home Doll House is no ads, no IAPs, social networking, push notifications or registration, account login required. With lots of prizes for kids’ games and chosen by parents all over the world, My PlayHome: Play Home Doll House is a great dollhouse game for the complete family.

Final Words

Imagine a dollhouse that allows your baby to use everything from showers to cabinets, television, or even cooking as food for the intact family. My PlayHome School is such a game with very high interactivity. The game has no ads and IAPs, so it’s safe for your baby.

The game content is unique, and it is full of endless fun to play. The cartoon style of the game, the classic casual, the game details are handled in place, the operation is simple and easy to master, come and try it now!

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