My Robot Girlfriend MOD APK 3.1.11 (Premium)

My Robot Girlfriend MOD APK 3.1.11 (Premium)

October 19, 2023


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My Robot Girlfriend is a visual novel game inspired by the Japanese anime style. In the game, the player will have a lot of daily stories with the three girls, but they are all robots. So, what will these robot girlfriends do with you? Face many difficulties and complicated situations. Your primary tasks are finding the most appropriate solutions for each situation.

My Robot Girlfriend is a simulation game of plot love development. Your dogs no longer eat dog food. Instead, they eat your girlfriend’s baked cakes. And your girlfriend is not an ordinary girl, she is a robot.

She not only has an outstanding appearance but also has a perfect figure. The situations in the game will be considerate of your choices. You can choose the girlfriend you like according to your preferences and see how the story goes on.

General Information

When simulated dating games first became popular in Japan, the media often reported them in a civilized and disgusting tone. One reason was that fans love playing these games. We regard these games as an escape, for example, as the last paradise for nerds. And we need virtual girls to replace healthy heterosexual relationships.

Besides anime, dating, we consider simulation games to be the culprit of Japan’s low birth rate. We sometimes describe young people playing these games as herbivores and seem to lack carnal desires. Western media agree with this, and regard Japanese dating simulation games as a strange, almost indescribable pathology.

After it was widely reported the Japanese man Nene Anegasaki married his favorite character in the dating simulation game Love Plus, an article in the New York Times Magazine described these games as the last paradise for men because they need virtual women instead of real ones. It is the romance of monogamy.

In My Robot Girlfriend, the plots are about the love simulation in a virtual world. The graphics in the game follow the Japanese style with fresh, relaxed, and cheerful background music. Let’s a wonderful love journey begin with you.

You can choose from a variety of different girls. Luna is a model-level robot girlfriend with a gentle personality. Her greatest feature is to understand and gain human emotions. Her kind personality and comforting words encourage you. Although she understands human emotions well, she does not want to fall in love with humans because she knows that she will always be a robot.

Fei Xiaotong is a girl with high emotional intelligence and has an amazing appearance. There is also a girl with a high IQ, and her beauty makes you unable to look away. According to the development of the plot, the player meets his favorite girl. The plot appears in your hands with an unfamiliar process and ending.

See what interesting things will happen to you and your robot girlfriend. If you want to play a visual novel game that interacts with your little robot girlfriend, then please play this My Robot Girlfriend. The game’s music screen plot is impeccable. Come and feel a deep love!

Background Story

Simulating love relationships through games is not unique. This game –often referred to as simulation dating — appeared in Japan in the 1980s. In Japan, this game is very popular with male users. With the rise of mobile phones and online games, simulated dating has become more and more popular outside of Japan, and the group of players has become more and more diverse.

In the past year, many popular dating games have appeared on the market, including “Love and Producer”, “Dream Dad” and “Heartbeat Literature Club”. Unlike early dating simulation games, which focused their actions on sex interaction with virtual girls, these games put the dialogue between the player and the character in the foreground, and often have detailed and complete scripts. My Robot Girlfriend is one of the most popular dating simulation games of the new generation.

Dating simulation games have been controversial since they came out. In Japan, many critics believe that the rise of this game is a symbol of alienation, an escape from interpersonal relationships in a machine-related society. With the popularity of dating simulation games, similar concerns have surfaced again.

However, more and more people play dating simulation games, and most of them are immune to this opposition. Players who are most keen on romantic games do not regard interaction with virtual characters as a substitute for human friendship but as a new digital intimacy.

How to Play My Robot Girlfriend?

Recently, a series of dating simulation games aimed at realizing a virtual happy life has become popular. Will they be a substitute for human friendship or a new digital intimacy?

Genius Inc. developer released My Robot Girlfriend two years ago and has millions of downloads worldwide. This game mixes the plot of a romance novel and Spike Jonze’s 2013 movie “Her”. In the latter movie, the hero has an emotional relationship with a character similar to Siri.

The primary goal of My Robot Girlfriend is to cultivate a romantic relationship with one of the many characters in the game. To cultivate intimacy with these virtual existences, you can communicate with them through text messages. These answers are prepared in advance, but we feel very sincere and energetic. Winning the game does not rely on scoring or defeating the ultimate boss. It is about reaching a perfect ending that you and your virtual lover have lived a happy life ever since.

On a weekend, we finally had time to play My Robot Girlfriend. In the game’s plot, we turned into a man who stumbled upon a private messaging app. In the game, we met a group of surrealistic cartoon characters with exaggerated eyes, a thin hooked nose, and pointed jaws. They will become my new girlfriends. The story of the game is that we must organize an upcoming charity event together held within 11 days.

Overall Assessments

Interesting Gameplay

The gameplay of My Robot Girlfriend differs from my previous game experience. It does not involve collecting coins or being a leader on the level, but talking with other characters through multiple-choice questions. Although these characters are interactive cartoon characters, they will automatically respond to the player’s prompts with pre-set answers. However, they still feel very lifelike.

One reason My Robot Girlfriend is so interesting is that we play it at the proper time. It means that once you play the game if you go offline, you will miss important conversations and lose the opportunity to be with your virtual friends. This social dynamic reminds us of our teenage years, when we went home from school, logged into MSN, and sat there for hours.

Realistic Experience

With the popularity of simulated dating games from Japan, similar concerns have resurfaced. In China, a dating game called “Love and the Producer” comes with 7 million downloading times in the first month. Most media reports on this game were negative or alarmist.

A Chinese commentator believes that the only reason young people like to date mock data characters is that their authentic life cruelly lacks genuine love. The simplicity, consumerism, and hypocrisy of romantic simulation games reflect the loveless disease of this era.

When we mentioned these criticisms to My Robot Girlfriend, many players thought these criticisms were narrow and closed. They comment that playing My Robot Girlfriend made their emotional life more stable and fulfilling. This game is a place where they can explore some unmet emotional needs, where it is safe to fantasize and imagine other ways of love.

Expert Reviews

In Japan, since the 1980s, the debate about the intimate relationship with the virtual world has been unfolding and even created a Moe to describe the love for virtual characters. It derives Moe from the Japanese verb Moeru, which means to sprout suddenly.

They originally used this word in ancient Japanese love poems to describe the blooming life of nature. But in simulated dating games and anime subcultures, it is used to describe a unique sense of intimacy, and people can feel a virtual or fictional existence.

My Robot Girlfriend and many other fans we interviewed, making characters more human is not exciting, or even what they want. A gamer needs not to be real about what to care about his girlfriend. He knows very well that there may be thousands of other gamers who speak the same love language with him, but it doesn’t matter.

For My Robot Girlfriend, the intimate contact with the virtual world can only be fully demonstrated between the screen and her imagination. When he played My My Robot Girlfriend, he let himself temporarily distrust and enter this virtual relationship.

Concerns from Community

Japanese writer and dating simulation game enthusiast Honda Toru believes that Moe is part of a broader love revolution. He said in an interview in 2014 that soon, the real and man-made hierarchy will disintegrate. This future is when we fall in love with fiction and accept it. One day, we will accept that a world full of dreams is a beautiful world that has warmth and comfort that human society does not possess.

Anthropologist Patrick Galbraith has been studying Japanese otaku culture for many years. He believes that the simulated dating that has existed in Japan for decades has cultivated an attitude of accepting the intimacy of virtual characters. He said that a lot of players in Japan might have been furious, but they are not. It is mainly because society tells them that their other way of love is acceptable. They do not regard these people as problematic people.

The public understands that they are just trying to live in other ways. These simulated dating environments provide a safe space for flirting, without the risk of misinterpreting social cues or being rejected. He explains that if we stop putting pressure on people and let them act only within a limited range of social norms, perhaps the number of harmful people will decrease.

However, not all players who play analog dating games feel that they are part of the love revolution or that they have created a new era of digital intimacy. Game reporter Cecilia has written about the mysterious messenger. Many gamers feel that falling in love with the characters in the game is abnormal.

In February 2018, the paper folding game company that developed “Love and the Producer” released an advertisement. A young woman told her mother that she finally found her husband, but the husband is a character in the game. Many fans of “Love and the Producer” responded angrily.

As game developers use artificial intelligence and complex natural language processing techniques to make characters more interactive and realistic, distinguishing between real and virtual may become more difficult in the next decade. Aaron Reed, who works at SpiritAI, said that although there are still decades to design convincing works like Samantha, more and more classes will be created in the next few years. Human roles will become ubiquitous. SpiritAI is a technology company engaged in this work.

Final Words

In the simulated world of My Robot Girlfriend MOD APK, after a week, we could not keep up with the endless messages and emails from Luna and other girlfriends. Life in the actual world has been interfering with the development of our rapidly growing virtual intimacy. It is impossible not to make dinner because we arranged a chat with a character in the game.

Playing My Robot Girlfriend MOD APK made us rethink our relationship with other virtual characters that communicate via mobile phones, such as Siri or Slackbot. What we learned from My Robot Girlfriend is that we are at the forefront of these virtual relationships.

When we interact with these characters, we fall into a kind of collective suspicion. Let us imagine that they understand us and that they are alive. However, unlike other simulation game4, most of us do not recognize the role of imagination in relationships with non-human beings. We pretend that these anthropomorphic algorithms are being resurrected by technological innovation, rather than being created by cultural processes and collective myths. We may lose control of fantasy.

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