My Tamagotchi Forever MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

My Tamagotchi Forever MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

December 19, 2023


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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
69.12 MB
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Unlimited Money

My Tamagotchi Forever poster

If you like pet simulation games and are fans of the classic “virtual pet”, you should download “My Tamagotchi Forever”.

My Tamagotchi Forever is an excellent game from Bandai Namco. The game brings a lot of entertainment to mobile phones. Players have great moments of childhood. You can take care of these cute Tamagotchi. The game has many exciting activities for Tamagotchi, such as eating, bathing, and discovering fun things in the city.

Inspired by the classic “virtual pet” game

My Tamagotchi Forever is a casual game. My Talking Tom influences the game on mobile phones. However, the game “virtual pet” has existed for decades. My Tamagotchi Forever is a great mobile game and inherits the “strengths” from the original game.

The original Tamagotchi version has been around for more than two decades. The game has many improvements and various updates. However, the game still retains the strengths of the classic style. If you’ve ever loved the Tamagotchi handheld computer, you might love the Tamagotchi game on your smartphone.

Players have many exciting tasks: feed pets, help clean pets, turn on the night lights, help pets have a good night’s sleep in a bed. In short, you must bring happiness and good health to your pet.

A significant upgrade from the classic Tamagotchi

My Tamagotchi Forever keeps the strengths of the classic gameplay and combines the innovations of the modern virtual petting genre. Players get a lot of new fun from taking care of the Tamagotchi character, enjoying great minigames, and solving diverse puzzles. If you like the pet simulation genre, then the game is an excellent choice in the casual genre.

You take good care of the Tamagotchi characters and enjoy the character development. The game brings a lot of fun from playing with Tamagotchi, making friends with cute characters, and exploring the large town. In addition, you can create an excellent look for Tamagotchi through costumes. You are sure to have memorable moments with cute Tamagotchi.

However, the development of the Tamagotchi character is dependent on your care. Therefore, you must provide good food and take an active interest in the development of the Tamagotchi.

Enjoy the fun of “virtual pet” Tamagotchi

My Tamagotchi Forever has great gameplay like its predecessor. In addition, the game has many improvements suitable for mobile phones. The game features many mini-games and interesting quests throughout Tamagotchi’s upbringing. If you want your pet’s well-being, then you must meet your pet’s essential needs.

The game has four basic needs, and all of them show up below the screen. Every pet has basic needs, including happiness, food, hygiene, and energy. The color represents Tamagotchi’s satisfied state. Satisfaction of needs will color Tamagotchi’s comfortable shape. If the status is red, you need to help Tamagotchi with taking a bath, feeding, or leading out. If the rate is blue, the Tamagotchi character feels fine, and you can rest comfortably.

Many attractive minigames in Tamatown

My Tamagotchi Forever is set in Tamatown. In particular, the game allows players to explore the town through augmented reality mode. Thanks to the expanded reality mode, exploration becomes fun. Plus, you can customize the city with unique decorations. The game brings an element of construction, and the change of Tamatown will depend on your imagination.

My Tamagotchi Forever presents a lot of different items. The game introduces the minigame “Hide and Seek”, and you can have fun with your friends. Minigames allow players to find hidden characters in buildings and bushes. If you complete the mission within the time limit, you will get many experience points. If you like to explore the town, then you can collect many coins. The game has a lot of great items, and you use cash to shop.

Explore the many stages of Tamagotchi and unique pets

My Tamagotchi Forever is a realistic simulation of Tamagotchi’s growing-up process. You can see the character Tamagotchi at various locations, from infant to adult. If you keep Tamagotchi’s maximum happiness state, then you will get experience points. During Tamagotchi’s growth, you can unlock new items such as clothes, toys, food, decorations, etc.

Tamagotchi will grow depending on your care. Therefore, you will not be able to predict the future shape of your pet. The game offers a variety of options through unlocking pets. The game introduces 24 different pets. Each pet has its appearance so that you can choose a pet according to your style. Each pet owns about three different outfits. You can also use gold or gems to buy unique outfits for Tamagotchi.

You try to unlock a variety of delicious food, cute costumes for Tamagotchi. In addition, you use colorful items to decorate Tamatown. You have a lot of fun sharing Tamagotchi’s favorite moments with your friends.

Suggest some ways to make money for Tamagotchi

My Tamagotchi Forever introduces many ways to save money. You can log into the game daily to unlock gift boxes, or you can watch promotional videos to earn money. In addition, you can help Tamagotchi with daily activities (like bathing) to make extra money.

In addition, you can participate in activities such as taking pictures of Tamagotchi, taking Tamagotchi for a walk to save good memories. Each photo album page will need specific requirements. If you complete multiple photo album pages, then you have a chance to unlock many new items. If you meet other Tamagotchi with the gift box, then you will earn more money.

You can also collect new outfits by completing quests. The quests are usually based on the outfit’s theme, and all are not too difficult to do. For example, if the reward is a tracksuit, then you need to complete movement challenges.

You can download “Adorable Home” to discover a wonderful life in a new home in the suburbs. The game brings the free energy of a small family and the lovely cat Snow. You can decorate the house to your liking and experience fun activities.

You can download “Animal Restaurant” to discover a cute restaurant. You create an Animal restaurant with comfortable and attractive experiences. You hire amazing animals and create exciting stories in the culinary industry.

Experience the extraordinary life with Tamagotchi

In short, My Tamagotchi Forever is a great casual game. The game brings light entertainment and fun. The game is designed for all ages, so the game is suitable for everyone. You will have a lot of fun in activities such as: exploring Tamatown town, nurturing Tamagotchi. You can share moments of entertainment with your friends.

Download “My Tamagotchi Forever” to experience the extraordinary life with Tamagotchi in Tamatown!

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