MyTeam11 v4.1.70 APK

MyTeam11 v4.1.70 APK

April 21, 2020


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MyTeam11 Fantasy Sports Pvt. Ltd.
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MyTeam11: Fantasy Cricket a national sport in India, loved, and followed closely by millions of people in the country: Anything that has to do with cricket can evoke a strong energy within the hearts of every sporty Indian. But sometimes, though, games in real life gets a little bit too … ‘detached’. You want to be the coach who lead your very own cricket team to blazing victory, but for most people, this is only something that is called a fantasy. Or a dream. It sure is interesting to imagine the possibility, and maybe there are a lot of hidden cricket talents out there who are just contented or forced to be on the side line.

Well, you can fix this little problem right up with MyTeam11 – a fantasy cricket game.

The rule is very simple: You choose a couple of your very own players based on their stats. Each one you choose will mean a deduction in your in-game credit (A type of currency in the game) that can be traded for things such as new players. So, it is the first and foremost tip to playing this game is that you have to choose intelligently like a true coach: Make logical and informed decision, or you are sure to lose against other players.

Yes, other players. You’re not playing a lonesome game here and face against hordes of AI teams. Instead, you will face off against people from all across the country who might be better or worse than you in term of managing their fantasy cricket team. This multiplayer feature can also evoke in all of the players a sense of competition and focus as if they are real coaches managing a real team into the pitch.

But speaking of the pitch, however, although the graphic is not that impressive: Just graphs, and arts. The performance of each team will be compared and pitched against each other through a series of computer generated events to eventually flesh out the winner. Based entirely on how well the combination of players you have chosen fought against the enemy. Of course, if they chose better than you, they would win the match and you would go home. However, if you managed to come out at the top, you would continue into the next match.

What makes this so interesting however, is the fact that you can win real money from virtual matches. The more you win, the more cash you will bundle up in your account before you would be able to cash them out into a real bank account. This is why the game is kind of addicting to many and is considered to be a type of gambling: Considering the fact that it has an awful lot of randomisation and factors of luck involved.

But if you’re passionate enough about cricket to get into this game, and also, you’re adventurous enough. Who knows, you might be able to make some pretty good bucks to fill your wallet on the side.

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