N Docs MOD APK 5.5.1 (Ad-Free Unlocked)

N Docs MOD APK 5.5.1 (Ad-Free Unlocked)

October 21, 2021


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N Docs offers Android mobile users a professional, multifunctional, and completely free office application. With N Docs, you can view documents like Microsoft Office, PDF, RTF, TXT, or HTML right on your phone or tablet.

N Docs is a feature-rich office application for every Android user from smartphones to tablets. Besides the features of a text reader such as Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, or Foxit Reader, N Docs is even more prominent by its powerful file management capabilities. The app integrates with cloud services for easy access or security of the file that has important content.

N Docs also has a built-in PDF file reader that allows users to upload and view PDF files in the application. It preserves text format with search options in text and copies highlighted text. The search engine also helps you to find text in N Docs.

General Information

N Docs is a professional PDF editing application besides viewing the content of PDF files. The software also allows users to edit and intervene inside PDF files. So, most people can do it every day with PDF documents.

Adobe Acrobat Reader and Foxit Reader are probably the two most popular PDF file readers available today. However, apart from the functions of opening and reading files, the two above tools do not support other necessary processing functions. With N Docs, you can do whatever you want and create PDF files from any source easily, then share them with anyone and anywhere.

N Docs not only helps you to read PDF files on your computer but also edit them such as annotating to PDF documents, inserting notes, and highlighting, underline, or cross-out text. This free PDF Reader tool also allows you to extract all images in a PDF file or save text inside a PDF file as plain text.

Another significant feature in N Docs is the virtual printer. It allows you to convert any PDF document as long as the application you used to open is printable. All you need to do is select the Print option and choose the N Docs printer.

How to Use N Docs?

N Docs uses Microsoft Office and Ribbon interface style. Tasks and tools are separated into tabs and grouped by function. It is a graphical interface with easy-to-understand text labels so that users feel more familiar and do not need the help of experts.

The Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) allows you to create a group of shortcuts to the tools you use most often. It keeps on-screen constantly for easy access to core functions needed in your work. Other features that are rarely used can be easily opened.

N Docs provides a navigation interface framework including Pages, Bookmarks, Comments, Output, Signatures, and Attachments. It allows you to navigate large documents and content displayed in a central location.

The extensive tooltips when you hover allows you to learn about each tool and task in Nitro Reader quickly without having to leave the application or look elsewhere. When you open PDF files with additional properties such as security restrictions, digital certificates, or form fields will receive immediate notification. If you do not want to get notified every time, just turn off this option in Preferences.

Special Features

With N Docs, you can select and highlight any piece of content to highlight that piece of content. Click on the Markup Text item on the menu, use your mouse to drag, and select the content area to highlight.

After marking an important piece of content, you can click on the marked item to add a specific comment for this content. The caption fields can be dragged, dropped, and moved to facilitate the display of the content.

For deleting comments that have been inserted in the file, right-click the comment text and choose Delete. Besides captions, you can also insert textual content inside PDF files. Select Text Type on the menu. Click on the location where you want to insert the content in the PDF file and start filling the content. Finally, click the Finish button from the menu.

After performing the steps to change and intervene in the PDF file content, you can choose File. Click the Save button to save those changes. Another useful feature of N Docs is extracting custom text from the content of the PDF file. Press the Select button from the menu. Then use the mouse drag and drop to highlight the content to extract the content. Finally, right-click, choose Copy Text to copy the marked area.

Now, you can copy this content to another word processing software or copy to the content of email and website for the using purpose. After clicking the button, the Convert PDF to Plain Text dialog box appears. At the Folder in Output, select Specific Folder. Then click the Browser button to choose the location to save the file after extracting by default. It will save the file in the same folder as the original PDF file.

Finally, click the Convert button for the extraction to take place. The limitation of the software is only extracting the content and saving it to a TXT file. So, it is not possible to keep the format and presentation method of the original document.

OfficeSuite is an office application for editing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents and performing the most downloaded advanced PDF operations on both the Play Store and App Store since its launch. OfficeSuite allows you to convert PDF files into Word, Excel, and ePub files while preserving their full layout and formatting from which it can be edited easily. Conversely, you can also export any file to PDF.

By logging in to the system, you will have 5GB of cloud storage in MobiSystems Drive. You will have easy access to your favorite files and recently opened files and perform operations such as finding, copying, pasting, deleting, or arranging multiple files and folders.

OfficeSuite is one of the most versatile and cross-platform office tools available today. It possesses basic and advanced features for office workers. The application also supports multiple platforms. It operates differently from iOS to Android and Amazon Store.

OfficeSuite is currently the most downloaded office app on Android and is also one of the many top office apps on the App Store (iOS). Currently, there are over 200 million installed OfficeSuite devices from 195 countries and regions. There are so many exclusive features on this app that a user cannot get anywhere else on other office apps.

OfficeSuite allows you to view, edit, and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents, convert PDFs, and manage files on mobile devices running Android and iOS. Even this toolkit is pre-installed on many mobile devices from brands such as Sony, Amazon, Sharp, Acer, Kyocera, and Toshiba.

Final Words

With the popularity of the PDF file format, there are many PDF reading, editing, and converting software on the market. Each software has a different function, has its advantages and disadvantages suitable to each person’s needs. N Docs MOD APK is one of them. It is a very versatile software you can create pdf files, edit or even convert PDF files to other formats.

N Docs MOD APK is editing software that supports extremely professional PDF viewing. It supports reading almost all the contents of the PDF file. Besides the above functions, it also supports the user to intervene inside the PDF file to edit the document contents. Then, you can create a PDF file to save or share anyone, edit to insert captions into pdf documents, highlight, underline or cross out, copyright PDF files, or extract images as plain text easily.

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