Ninja Village MOD APK 2.2.7 (MOD Free Shopping)

Ninja Village MOD APK 2.2.7 (MOD Free Shopping)

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Find yourself in your latest ninja adventures into the feudal age of Japan. Build your own Ninja village and feel free to interact with many interesting in-game aspects. Controls and manage each individual villager, having them assist you in building the village, making them work, train them into capable ninja warriors, and so on.

The war-torn lands in Ninja Village are waiting for a great warlord to unify the country. Will you be able to lead your people to glory? Unite Japan under your single banner and let’s begin a new era. Start by preparing your armies to challenge the other warlords. Participate in exciting turn-based battles as you give your opponents a few tactic lessons.

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The game is inspired by the Sengoku period of Japan where warlords from all areas vying for the controls of the entire nation. Thus, internal conflicts and endless wars have swept through the lands, leaving only destructions and devastations. Here, the people are desperate to have a capable leader that would unite the war-torn country and bring peace to its people.

In the game, players will find themselves playing as a village chef who recently joins in the endless conflict between Japanese feudal lords for the controls of the country. That being said, you’ll have to take on the epic journey where you’ll build up your own villages. Produce and collect resources from varied sources.

Gather villagers to your lands and providing them with the necessary needs. Train them into efficient workers, farmers, or put them in your armies and have them fight against your enemies. Build up your villages by fielding houses and different buildings. Raise and train your armies by arming the normal townsmen. Create the ultimate army of Ninja, which will allow you to conquer the lands and unite the entire realm.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Build up your entire ninja village with plenty of interesting options

To start with, Android gamers can have themselves an entire ninja village right on their mobile devices. That being said, you can easily build up your ninja village, which has houses for the people to sleep and rest, rice fields that they can work on, and many specific buildings with different uses. You just need to keep gathering resources, do trades with other villages, and expand your base whenever you have the chance.

This would allow you to attract more ninja villagers to your base, thus, allowing you to have a better workforce and army. Not to mention that with new upgrades and villagers, you can now raise your armies to conquer other lands on the map. Takedown your enemies, subdue them and take their territories as you defeat them in the battlefields.

Interact and manage your individual villagers

And to make the game more enjoyable, Android gamers will also be able to control each and every villager that are currently in the town. Hence, you can check on what they’re doing, view their stats so you can assign the right job, or command them to do specific tasks as you want. And sometimes, there are also interesting events that involve a few characters, which are quite interesting. They make you feel that your ninja villages are actually real, and the people are your friends who would do anything you ask.

Raise and train your armies to fight against others

That being said, aside from assigning the villagers to work on their farms or mines, you can also turn them into capable warriors that would assist you in your epic fights against other warlords. Each villager will have their own unique traits and abilities, which make them suitable for certain roles on the battlefield. Hence, you’ll have many different tactical approaches to pick up whenever you need to fight your enemies.

Choose the right character with the capable traits that would make them effective during the fights. Have them participate in exciting battles against the enemies, or train them yourself to unleash their potentials.

Participate in awesome turn-based battles

And speaking of which, the game also introduces Android gamers to the epic and exciting turn-based battles where you can take on other feudal lords in the country. Explore the in-depth tactical aspects of the game as you defeat your enemies with your suitable team compositions. Organize and equip your army before the fights to minimize casualties and optimize damages.

Captivating stories that will keep you entertained

Moreover, for those who’re interested, you’ll also have the chance to enjoy the captivating stories throughout the game with plenty of interesting turns of events. Find yourself in the middle of the internal conflicts between other warlords and work your way to the top by making the right decisions. Experience interesting stories whenever you’re in the game.

Awesome in-game characters that actually exist

In addition, as you find yourself experiencing the different stories in the game, Ninja Village also introduces gamers to the exciting in-game characters, each with their own unique stories and events. Find yourself working with the real Tokugawa Ieyasu, Oda Nobunaga, or side with the Ashikaga Shogunate as you fight for the controls of the country. And an interesting era where you’ll encounter many interesting characters awaits.

Series of interesting battles and challenges to pick up

And to guide you through your journey, the game also features a complete map of Japan in the old days. Here, you’ll have access to many interesting battles and challenges that are available across the maps. Find yourself participate in crucial and epic battles as you embark on your journeys.

Equip and customize each unit

Along with the available traits and abilities, each unit in your ninja army can be customized and equipped with many powerful weapons. That being said, you can easily pick up the new breastplate or shield to increase their defenses. Or put on them more capable weapons so they can quickly defeat the enemies. And depending on your tactics, you can choose different item sets for your units, which allow them to be more capable during the fights.

Plenty of different troops and animals to assist you

Moreover, the game also introduces different types of troops that you can have in your armies. These include cavalries, infantries, ranged units, and so on. Each of them will have their own fighting styles and specific abilities during the fights. Hence, you can make uses of their unique powers to come up with the ultimate army composition. Plus, you shouldn’t forget about the interesting animals that can give your army certain boosts or fight the enemies with you.

Enjoy the free and unlocked gameplay with our mod

In addition, while the game is currently listed on the Google Play Store as a paid version, you can still have it installed on your mobile devices without having to pay anything. And all it takes is for you to download the Ninja Village Mod APK from our website instead. Follow the provided instructions to install it on your devices. And you’ll have access to the fully unlocked gameplay whenever you want. Enjoy Ninja Village to the fullest with our mod.

Visual and sound quality


While the game only features the undemanding pixelated graphics, the creators still manage to introduce Android gamers to a completely immersive world with plenty of interesting visual experiences. That being said, for those of you who’re interested, the game will take you right back to the Sengoku period of Japan with on-themed buildings, interesting character designs, and so on. Not to mention that the simple graphics also allow most Android gamers to enjoy the title on their mobile devices without experiencing lags or stutters.


With impressive sounds and relaxing music, the game will allow you to fully immerse in the epic world of feudal Japan. Experience powerful and impactful sound effects both in and out of the battles as you enjoy Ninja Village to the fullest.

Final thoughts

For those who’re interested in the addictive sandbox experiences such as The Sandbox Evolution and a few other great titles, Ninja Village is certainly a great game for you to enjoy. Moreover, with our completely free and unlocked gameplay, you’ll definitely find this title worth your time.

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