Notification History MOD APK 2.9.21 (Premium Unlocked)

Notification History MOD APK 2.9.21 (Premium Unlocked)

November 23, 2022


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While the constant notifications on your Android devices might be quite annoying and confusing to the eyes, you must still need to take a look at the important updates even if you don’t want to. And if you accidentally delete some of the important notifications, then good luck remembering whichever apps that they were from.

To counter this, you might want to have the useful mobile application of Notification History installed on your mobile devices to keep an eye on all your important updates. The app will let you clear away all the busy notifications to make the notification bar less crowded while still storing them so you can access the notes later on.

Learn more about the useful app and its amazing applications with our comprehensive reviews.

What does it do?

With Notification History, Android users will have themselves a notification manager on their Android devices, which allow them to record all the important notes and updates without missing on any of them. You can delete the notifications on the notification bar to keep it unclouded while still having all the updates properly recorded and organized in Notification History. As a result, you will find the app quite convenient and easy to work with.

Take a look at the recorded notifications and toast messages whenever you have the time. Notification History will make sure that you won’t miss out on anything, since it’s able to record your unlimited data. Your recorded notifications will only be gone once you decide to delete them in the app. And to make it easier for you to browse them, Notification History will feature useful filters that you can easily work with.


For those of you who are interested in the mobile application, you can now have it installed from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything. However, since it’s still a freemium app, there will be ads and in-app purchases that you need to unlock with real money.

Plus, to ensure the fully-featured app, Android users will need to provide Notification History with certain access permissions. And also don’t forget to have your mobile devices updated with the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 4.4 and up, since it will improve the app’s compatibility and stability.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Simple UI and accessible features

To start with, Android users in Notification History can quickly engage themselves in the intuitive app UI, which will make it super easy for you to explore the app and its features. Make uses of the simple touch controls and gestures to freely set up your notification settings and manage the collection. Plus, the useful tutorials will let you quickly familiarize with the application.

Enable useful filters to quickly sort the data

And to make sure that you can quickly sort through all the different notifications from your different apps. Notification History will feature the useful filters, which are always available for Android users to enjoy. Here, the app provides unlimited filter settings that will let you quickly look for important updates from your notification history.

Customize the data range for your notifications

At the same time, you can now customize the data range on your notification to enable a more intuitive view into the recorded history. Thus, allowing Android users to only keep the recent updates and automatically have the old notifications deleted. Feel free to change the data range to better match your daily notification intakes.

Also work with WhatsApp medias and attachments

And for the WhatsApp users, you will definitely find the mobile app more convenient than any other notification management tools. Now, the app will let you save your WhatsApp notifications while keeping the images, audio, and videos. As a result, you can check back on them in Notification History, with these content still available.

Have your important data backed up

To make sure that you won’t lose any important data, Notification History will feature its useful backup option, which allows you to freely save and upload your important data on the online drive. Use the feature to back up your data and have them easily restored whenever needed.

Support different language options

To make the app more accessible, mydloch’s dev-team also features the useful language options for Notification History. Now, you can enjoy the interesting mobile app in English, German, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and so many other languages. And if you’re interested in helping the team, then you can offer to localize the content of the app to your certain native languages.

Enable home screen widgets for better experiences

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy working with the useful home screen widget from Notification History, which allows users to freely access their app without having to open it. Take a quick look at the recorded notifications and make a certain monitor to the update history to keep an eye on the important updates.

Enjoy the free and unlocked app with our mod

And thanks to the free and unlocked version of Notification History on our website, Android users can enjoy the awesome mobile application even more. Simply download the Notification History Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and start having your notifications effectively managed. Enjoy the useful app with removed ads and unlocked in-app purchases, which will let you enjoy all of its features for absolutely free.

Final verdicts

With simple setup and many useful use cases, Notification History will make sure that Android users can easily and effectively manage the different notifications and updates on their mobile devices. Never miss out on any of your important notifications with the recorded data. And also have the unimportant data automatically removed to save your time browsing.

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