Nyan Cat: Lost In Space MOD APK 11.4.2 (Unlimited Money)

Nyan Cat: Lost In Space MOD APK 11.4.2 (Unlimited Money)

June 6, 2023


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Back in the 2010s when YouTube is the main platform for everyone to upload and watch videos on, there were multiple viral videos with millions of views that are remembered until now. Thanks to modern technology and humans’ unlimited imagination, a diversity of hilarious as well as adorable clips were born. “Nyan Cat” – a sensational icon that, as of now, originally has over 180 million views on YouTube. Because of its popularity, so many games have been created under its name, one of the typical names that need to be mentioned is “Nyan Cat: Lost in Space”.

A brief introduction for you to understand more about Nyan Cat: it is an animated cartoon cat with a Pop-Tart for a torso, flying through space and leaving a rainbow trail behind it. It was originally created in April 2011 by Christopher Torres thanks to some fans’ ideas while he was live streaming. “Nyan Cat: Lost in Space” takes the idea from the origin video on YouTube of Nyan Cat flying endlessly but with a variety of fascinating features that are waiting for players to discover. The game was published by isTom Games in July 2011 and is warmly welcomed ever since.


No one has ever seen a flying cat, with a Pop-Tart as his body and leaving rainbow wherever he goes in real life because magic might not be real. But what if is real on a mobile game? “Nyan Cat: Lost in Space” is all about leading your Nyan Cat through endless space, carefully avoid the enemies as well as collect boosters in disguise as food. Your only mission is to raise your score and compete with your friends and other players.

“Nyan Cat: Lost in Space” does not have a specific tutorial with steps, instead all you have to do is tap to jump and tap twice to jump higher. The game is simple as that, no complicated instructions, no other directions to play besides going straightforward. Race through the infinite space with cute little Nyan Cat, collecting candies and avoiding evil rivals.

We can say that “Nyan Cat: Lost in Space” is a Parkour game, and if you are a skilled player, you can perfectly handle the game. However, the score is not everything, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself and play this wonderful, magical game with comfort. Everything in this game is so relaxing and refreshing, the game is a perfect choice for you to enjoy by yourself, with family or friends.

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Simple and addictive gameplay

As I have mentioned above, in this game, your main objective is to guide your Nyan Cat through the vastness of space without any damage. As you travel across the galaxy, you will collect a number of candies and power-ups that will either heal your wound or hinder your journey. Unfortunately, if you fall and perish during your run, you will have to return to the starting point as there are no save points in “Nyan Cat: Lost in space”.

The control of this game is absolutely simple, all you need to do is to tap. The game is quite similar to Flappy Birds as you have to keep your Nyan Cat visible on the way and do not let it fall into the void. As you navigate Nyan cat through space, you must avoid the nemesis across the path because they will give you damage, the opponents can be listed are space dogs, UFOs, evil Nyan Cat alike.

Nyan Cat Lost In Space screen 1

Types of boosters

While playing, you may notice that various candies and food are scattered all over the run. Each has a different appearance as well as use and special effects. All the power-ups are listed below:

→ Milknyan will help you score multiplier for ten seconds.

→ Bubblenyan gives you unlimited and higher jumps.

→ Magnetnyan helps magnetize food.

→ Cracknyan makes you run faster.

→ Smaragd makes Nyan invulnerable for 45 seconds.

→ Rubin gives an extra -2x multiplier for 45 seconds.

→ Diamond gives longlife milk, which expires after 45 seconds.

If you still do not remember how these boosters are used, all of the descriptions are also given in the game before you start playing. By collecting these boosters, you will be able to raise your score and compete with your friends as well as players all over the world.

Nyan Cat Lost In Space screen 2

Costumes and themes

There is a diversity of skins and backgrounds for players to collect in-game. Even though some are designed to be scary, yet because the game is all about cuteness, I still find them adorable. Over 80 character skins are waiting for you to unlock with a lot of parody and familiar skins such as mummy, spiderman, skeleton, and many more. Moreover, “Nyan Cat: Lost in space” has given players the ability to make their own pixelated Nyan Cat if they want to recreate their favorite character. So, instead of 80 costumes, players will have so many more using their unlimited imagination.

If you have ever watched that YouTube video of Nyan Cat, you may find it somewhat… boring after listening and watching for too long. Thanks to the publisher, players can also collect themes to replace the endless space background with star wars theme, apocalypse theme, etc.

Nyan Cat Lost In Space screen 3

Online leaderboards

What is more fun when you get to challenge other players and beat their high scores? Introducing the online leaderboards, all you need is a stable internet connection, and you are ready to do. Have fun with players all over the world as well as with your friends.

Unlimited money

If collecting coins is a heavy work for you, maybe you do not have to try as Nyan Cat: Lost in Space MOD APK has an unlimited amount of money just for you. Collecting 80 skins and themes is no longer a struggle anymore. Amaze your friends with your collection that they have worked so hard for.


“Nyan Cat: Lost in Space” is a bright, colorful game with cartoon pixel style graphics. The game is designed with cuteness, every detail looks so real and amazing, the colors are harmonious to each other.

Enjoy your journey with the light-hearted background music. You can turn on or off the soundtracks at any time if a song makes you feel uncomfortable at some point.


“Nyan Cat: Lost in Space” is a wildly popular game mainly for its adorable character and addictive gameplay. When you have nothing to do or in a blue mood, this game is definitely a perfect choice to relax and consume the time. “Nyan Cat: Lost in Space” is not more than a casual mobile game but worth-playing and highly recommended.

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