Overkill 3 MOD APK 1.4.5 (Unlimited Money)

Overkill 3 MOD APK 1.4.5 (Unlimited Money)

October 13, 2020


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The name of Overkill is familiar to many gamers who love shooting games. However, one difference in this third version, you will play a role as the third perspective instead of the first one like the previous versions that Craneballs Studio has introduced.

With over ten new maps, 50 levels, and many additional outstanding weapons, Overkill 3 has a significant improvement in the control system and upgraded graphics. This version with higher interactivity and environment and more realistic character movements will give players new experiences from the Overkill series that are not appreciated.

Will Overkill 3 once again reap the success of Craneballs Studio? Can it compete directly with other successful games on the market? Let’s follow the below sections.

General Information

The Overkill franchise is probably too popular among mobile game fans. So, introducing the third version of the series is understandable. Learning from previous versions, Overkill 3 seems to boast more eye-catching graphics and better console than ever. Also, this game follows the line of third-person shooters instead of the traditional first-person shooter of the Overkill series.

Overkill 3 is still a comprehensive shooter, possessing many interactive scenes with many levels. The game can own up to ten gaming environments, over 50 levels, and many types of guns. In particular, it allows players to update the pistols and guns complex that do not appear in the previous Overkill games.

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Background Story

The background of Overkill 3 is very interesting. The concept takes place when the players enjoy the space of a dark world full of mystery. You and your teammates must submit to the tyrants. In the game, you will receive leading team members to hunt down and defeat bad guys but equipped with powerful weapons with excellent gun fighting talent. Or you can beat the giant killer robots.

With a variety of gameplay and extreme in-game environments such as deserts, forests, cities, or abandoned buildings, Overkill 3 will make you feel more excited and intensive. You will be free to choose a weapon for yourself to fight, customized, and upgraded as you like. You can also upgrade your gun more nicely by recharging or using the accumulated points in the game.

They push the plot of Overkill 3 to the climax when the terrorist boss, Faction, plans to create advanced robots to destroy humans to satisfy his evil purpose. In the game, you are an elite warrior who has undergone intense training on bloody battlefields. It gives you the mission to destroy the Faction terror group to protect world peace. They update this third part with a lot of advanced weapons that only the future has. The game has more extra weapons to help you on the way to destroy the terrorist boss’s Faction.

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How to Play Overkill 3?

Shooting is still more beneficial than hiding

The shielding and hiding system in Overkill 3 is like many third-person shooter mobile games available on the market today, such as Modern Combat 5 and Bullet Force. However, there is a minus point here that even if you are hiding and defeating the opponent, you will not get any bonus points.

So head out to shoot the opponent and then to earn points is more profitable. Also, when you have a convenient hiding position and sneak a shot of the enemy, he will immediately know where you are hiding and have a plan of defense.

Overkill 3 screen 0

Take advantage of help aircraft

Drones flying in the sky are your best ally. Not only does it provide benefits like ammunition, armor, and health, but it also can clean up multiple enemies at once. You should pay attention to the position of the plane.

If you shoot it down, it will fall right below and create an explosion with enormous damages. If the monster is too dangerous, shoot it down as soon as we gather the enemy under this plane. Make sure there will be a few people on the counting board, regardless.

Upgrade frequently

Upgrading is the most important factor for you to survive on the battlefield. But how should you upgrade to limit wasting money? First, prioritize upgrading your armor as quickly as possible to increase your survivability against enemy bullets. As mentioned above, shooting head-on will earn more points, so upgrading armor is the most important thing.

Obviously, with a mobile shooting game like Overkill 3, it is impossible to be 100% accurate, but if you upgrade to a relative level, you will have more chances. And if you fall into a shortage of money accidentally, you can return to the previous quests to make money.

Overkill 3 screen 2

Overall Assessments

Overkill 3 is simple but very attractive. The game places you in a dark world where you and others are forced to submit to tyrants. In the game, you have led your members to defeat bad guys armed with powerful weapons and defeat giant-killing robots.

Overkill 3 tries to provide you with varied gameplay and different environments like deserts, forests, cities, and abandoned buildings. You will also have the option of choosing from a variety of weapons. If it is necessary, you can upgrade and customize guns and other tools using in-game coins and points.

Graphics is a big step forward for Overkill 3 when the game has six to ten times more detailed models than the previous version. The most modern 3D effects will also be present, such as surface shadows, physical effects, and fire smoke. Besides the moonlight nights or the water surface reflecting the blue sky, all features promises will take you to the new realm of mobile imaging technology.

Bullet Force owns the Unity Engine graphics technology. The game is compatible with a lot of weakly configured mobile devices because there is an option to increase or decrease the quality of graphics in the game. For gamers playing games on devices with screen resolutions up to 2K or 4K, Bullet Force still meets very high graphics quality and detail.

Focusing on the Multiplayer game mode, Bullet Force will have many game modes such as being alone in modes such as single-player by difficulty or challenge Skirmish. Surely, Bullet Force is as attractive as a PC FPS game.

With Multiplayer mode, Bullet Force has many forms of competition such as Team Death-Match (team battle) and Free-For-All (single match and free shot). Bullet Force can accommodate up to 20 people in each battle room, it is a big number for a high-quality FPS game.

Final Words

Our favorite point in Overkill 3 MOD APK is the graphics and sound. They take the graphics in the game care of from character movements and images of guns and the surrounding environment meticulously. Referring to the image, it is impossible not to mention the sound of the game.

Overkill 3 tries to provide with varied gameplay and different environments like deserts, forests, cities, and abandoned buildings. The sound of the game is invested carefully from the sound of bullets or booms. Overall, Overkill 3 is a good shooter game and is perfect for those who love this shooting RPG series. Please download the game and enjoy amazing battles.

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