PdaNet MOD APK 5.23 (Unlocked)

PdaNet MOD APK 5.23 (Unlocked)

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June Fabrics Technology Inc.
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MOD Features

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PdaNet is an application for Android phones. You can use it to turn your smartphone into a laptop modem. Tethering means you need not worry about finding Wi-Fi hotspots or wireless access points. As long as you have cellular data coverage, you can work online on your laptop anytime, anywhere.

The Android version of PdaNet enables network sharing via a USB cable, Wi-Fi, or even its Direct Hotspot connection function. Although you can use PdaNet interruption for free, the full version (costing less than $10 at the end of 2018) eliminates the disruption. It allows you to access secure websites after the 30-day trial period ends.

General Information

PdaNet is a powerful app used mainly to share or tether mobile’s internet connection between two devices, especially mobile devices and a PC. With this app, you will not need both devices to have Wi-Fi technology as it can tether through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB connections.

PdaNet is very easy to set up on both PC and smartphones. Netloop, Netify VPN, OpenVPN, Psiphon, simpleserver, Tweakware, syphon shield, and all other VPNs for free browsing can be shared tethered via USB or Wi-Fi Hotspot with any other internet browsing devices.

One significant feature that makes this app outperform other tethering apps is that it tethers even VPN data from your phone, which your official tethering apps on your phone cannot do. This app is the solution and the best app to use your Psiphon, Simple Android Server, Netify VPN, Net loop, and even Tweakware app cheats on PC.

How to tether using PdaNet MOD APK?

PdaNet+ free version comes with a usage limit from 40 to 50MB. If you have reached that limit, it will disconnect your internet connection. The link automatically stops immediately on your PC.

And you will again have to reconnect to the Internet if you want to access it on PC. If you will use this app with no disconnections or disturbance, purchase the PdaNet+ key to get rid of those disconnections.

Tethering is the use of a telephone (or a mobile device with access to the Internet) as a modem. It can be done by connecting the mobile device to a computer via the USB cable, the Bluetooth device, or Wi-Fi (becoming, in this case, an access point).

Tethering can be very useful, especially for those who have a tariff plan that provides for a sure GB of monthly traffic but prefer to surf with their PC. However, operators will apply a fee when tethering is used.

Usually, when having control over your device and then tethering, you would need to change the system of your device and consequently to void the warranty. For PdaNet , it is easy to install and self-installs on the computer by connecting your device, a choice much appreciated by those who are less practical in the field. PdaNet supports tethering via Bluetooth or USB and supports the 4G network on devices that use this technology.

PdaNet screen 2

Download and Install PdaNet+

To bind an Android phone with the PdaNet+ application, download the Android app from Google Play and install it on an Android phone running the updated Android 4.1.

Besides, if you plan to use Wi-Fi, please install Wi-Fi Direct Hotspot software on your Windows computer.

Download PdaNet+ Windows Installer from June Fabrics website.

Install PdaNet+ on your computer. Although it involves several steps, the computer-side setup is straightforward. During the installation process, it will prompt you to select your phone manufacturer and connect your device via USB (enable USB debugging on your Android phone)

Download PdaNet to your Android smartphone: After installing the PdaNet+ software for your Windows computer, you need the application on your Android smartphone. Search for “PdaNet ” made by June Fabrics Technology Inc. in Google Play and install it.

Connect the Android phone to the computer to share the Internet connection: After installing the software on the Android phone and laptop, you can share the phone’s Internet connection with the equipment.

Via USB connection: Go PdaNet+ application on the smartphone and select Enable Tether USB. Then use the USB cable to connect the device to the laptop. You can see a pop-up window on your computer. Click this button to connect your phone to PdaNet+. You may also need to click on the PdaNet+ icon to connect to the Internet.

Using Smartphone as an Internet Access Modem

We now use the phone not only as it used to be in the past days of listening, calling, and texting, but today, it optimizes a mobile device for all the most advanced technology features. Besides the powerful support such as listening to music, taking photos, surfing the web, handling office work, maps, the phone is also upgraded as a device to help access the Internet, and the following article will guide you. How to turn your mobile phone into an Internet modem?

The feature of sharing the Internet connection via a mobile phone to other devices is called a “tether”, turning the phone into a transmitter modem. For example, if you are on the move, you can use your smartphone’s Internet connection to access the Internet on a laptop or tablet.

Android is one of the popular mobile platforms and runs the best software worldwide. PdaNet is an application that allows turning your Android phone into a modem to connect to the Internet. So, with PdaNet, your computer can easily connect and access the Internet anywhere, as long as you are using a smartphone operating on the Android platform like Asus Zenfone 5.

With just a few simple tips, your phone has quickly turned into an Internet modem for your computer. This application does not require too complicated setup on the device, so they can use it efficiently for those who are not technically proficient.

Note, however, that while using your smartphone as a modem, you cannot use the Phone, Messaging, or Internet applications. For receiving a phone call, your smartphone must turn off the linked internet connection for sharing.

Converting a phone into a modem requires:

  1. – One smartphone which is running the Android operating system.
  2. – One computer that you want to connect to the Internet.
  3. – USB cable to connect your phone to the computer (or you can also connect via Bluetooth).
  4. – PdaNet Software for Android.
  5. – PdaNet software for computers

Access to the Google Play app store, search for keyword “PdaNet”. With the results found, press the Install button and proceed with the installation. After completing the installation process, activate the application on Android. From the interface that appears, click the “Enable USB Tether” button to enable the connection feature on Android.

The first time you use Android’s application, the software will ask the user to download the software version for the computer (in case the network has never been installed and does not currently have an Internet connection to download).

Click “Yes, let me download” to download the installation file to your phone, then plug the phone’s memory card into the computer to get the downloaded file and install it. Proceed with setting the required steps until completed. The software icon will appear in the system tray.

Now, whenever you connect your smartphone to your computer, with the PdaNet application activated on your smartphone, your laptop can immediately connect to the Internet.

Thus, with the help of PdaNet, your computer can connect anywhere. Both in places without Internet and in areas without Wi-Fi with the help of your mobile phone.

What can you do if PdaNet is in trouble?

A tidy computer is the essential requirement for avoiding problems with PdaNetPC. To do this, perform a malware scan, clean up your hard drive, uninstall three programs that are no longer required, check Autostart programs, and automatically install 5 Windows updates. Always remember to make a backup or at least a restore point.

If you have a specific problem, please consider what you did or installed last before the problem occurred for the first time. Use the six resmon command to identify the processes that are causing your problem.

Even with serious problems, it is better to carry out a repair installation instead of a Windows installation or the command 7 DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-image / Restorehealth from Windows 8. It will repair the operating system without data loss.

We have also shown the following programs useful for more in-depth analysis: The Security Task Manager examines the active PdaNet process on your computer and shows what the process is doing.

The popular tool B Malwarebytes Anti-Malware tells you whether the file PdaNetPC.exe shows annoying advertisements on your PC and thus slows down your PC. Such unwanted adware programs are often not classified as viruses by antivirus software and are therefore not recognized.

Final Words

PdaNet MOD APK offers the possibility to share your mobile phone’s Internet connection with your computer. During our test, it is ideal if you use a laptop and a flat rate.

PdaNet consists of two modules, a client for the Mac (there is also a version for Windows) and one to be installed on the mobile phone (all the leading OS are supported).

The connection is made by connecting the device via USB cable to the computer or via Bluetooth and enabling both modules mentioned.

During our test with an Android phone, PdaNet worked perfectly. We do not have to configure any parameters and connect on the first attempt. From your mobile phone, which will share its 3G connection, you can also monitor the amount of data exchanged.

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