Peggle Blast MOD APK 2.23.0 (Endless Lives)

Peggle Blast MOD APK 2.23.0 (Endless Lives)

October 12, 2020

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Welcome to the magical world of Peggle Blast! In this amazing world, you will enjoy shooting fun combined with a bit of luck, a little skill, and many excitements in the new addictive puzzle game from PopCap.

At first glance, Peggle Blast might seem like the classic pinball game for PC combined with Candy Crush gameplay. However, the game will bring you many surprises through adventurous challenges. Peggle Blast is a world of fun, color, and unpredictability.

The players will learn from the Peggle Masters and harness their powers to score points in great peg-popping challenges. Once again, PopCap makes a lover of strategy games surprise because of Peggle Blast. Download Peggle Blast now and figure out what comes up with the character. You will challenge millions of people who love the magic of Peggle’s world through the network feature.

General Information

After the success of the two chapters of the Peggle series, there is also a free-to-play spin-off for Peggle, entitled Peggle Blast. Electronic Arts and PopCap have released the game in question on the App Store and Google Play.

Officially, the game has a soft launch which took place some time ago in some countries. The structure is typical of Peggle, with a few balls remaining unchanged. Players have to complete the levels and an organization of the challenges is in the style of Candy Crush. Also, complete with a request and donation of lives through social networks.

Peggle Blast is a light, simple but hidden intellectual puzzle game that contains many unexpected elements. It causes players to calculate carefully to delete all the gamblers on the screen with a few shots. Through the games, the table layout is getting more difficult. You should use limit shots to avoid waste.

Besides, Peggle Blast is also an opportunity for you to explore the vast world with a cute white horse. From the pirate boat to the Opera House in the cave of Madame Batrina, you can also meet the mysterious masters of Peggle and learn how to use their powers. Then, test your abilities through Master Nord monster battles, aim and score high scores with Peggle Blast.

How to Play Peggle Blast

The game has simple controls. You will have fun with it anywhere, anytime with simple, easy-to-use controls and unpredictable gameplay. The players will have endless fun with the ball bouncing the way you shoot. Tap on orange pegs to hit exploding fun. Compete with friends and send them glitter gifts. There are many amazing actions such as time bomb, falling gems, catch ball, and rainbow triumph.

You will have an outstanding adventure in the game. Immerse yourself in a sparkling map that entitles you to traverse each colorful location. It includes the cute octopus’s sunken pirate ship and Madame Batrina’s cave. Then race to the top and enjoy cool soundtracks after every shot.

Besides, remember to learn from the magic. Meet the mysterious, wiser Peggle and use special powers. You should use the guidance of the unicorn, Bjorn, or the bounce from Jimmy Lightning to increase your score. Then, test and solidify your skills against the Evil Master Nord, who is Bjorn’s mischievous little brother.

Special Features


At the end of the level, if there’s an orange peg, all you need to do is clear everything around with just one shot. It will give you an extra boost to increase the ball. Or if you drop the phoenix egg, you can activate the Egg Net. Some levels have bombs stuck between key elements and a countdown, Time Bomb will be useful for you at this point.


Like the games you will often encounter on Facebook, you can play Peggle Blast forever as long as you keep winning. It reloads network play from time to time. On the map of the game screen, you can see your current life number in the upper left corner.

If you want more networks, please log in to your Facebook account and send a request to your friends. Or you can buy with actual money in the purchased app by clicking on more lives.

If logging into Facebook through the game, your game progress is backed up and associated with your Facebook account. You can re-login or re-install on a new device and the game is restored and scores still saved. If you do not use Facebook to back up your games, game data and progress are only saved on your device.


Bjorn unicorn’s ability is a super guide. When it works, it will display the exact direction of the ball, allowing you to set the exact direction of the shot. Jimmy Lighting is a kangaroo with a lot of shadows. Hit the green ball latch to create more balls that can jump around other pegs.

Pearl is an octopus with its target is the faucet. It can use tentacles to catch the ball, allowing you to hit the target at any angle. Kablooey is a peacock helping you increase strength and impact blue pegs.

Batteries of the opera bat. It can make a terrifying scream that makes the ball hit the green pins. The Shelldon snail leaves the balls of the ball sticky with Slime Ball, separates it from the fire, and delays the impact of many other pins.

Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Bubble Witch 3 Saga is the third version of The Legend of Bubble Witch. It is an intellectual and free puzzle game on Android and iOS devices. The player will transform into a beautiful witch with the simple task of exploding all the bubbles. You will create a multitude of spiders to shield for the potion pot.

With a dense number of bubbles, the winner is the one who breaks all the bubbles and scores the highest score. All you need to do is aim, shoot, and use the resulting ball to destroy the poisonous spiders in over 500 exciting levels of this addictive puzzle adventure game.

Panda Pop

Panda Pop is a product from the game company SNG. It challenges players to rescue tiny pandas from a maze of colorful balls. Gamers will control the parent panda at the bottom of the screen. Make this character throw the balls upwards to create at least three balls of the same color. Once successful, these balls will disappear from the screen and release a hilarious baby panda.

Although the gameplay is very familiar, Panda Pop challenges players with over 1,000 levels with increasing difficulty. Also, the baboon is the person behind this mass panda kidnapping. He is also very smart when he always puts obstacles in many positions.

He causes gamers to have a headache thinking about how to match the ball. However, you will get a lot of useful plugins on each level if you continuously create many chains of the same color or create long chains.

Final Words

Peggle Blast MOD APK is a puzzle game with a puzzle-solving style. It is an entertaining game that you can have fun anywhere, anytime with easy-to-use controls and creative challenges.

The game offers exciting and unpredictable gameplay with millions of players. The way to win the game is very simple. Control the ball shooting machine so you can earn as many points as possible. Each level has a different hook layout. And players can use power-ups like trajectory to make things easier.

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