Pepi Super Stores MOD APK 1.6.2 (Free Shopping)

Pepi Super Stores MOD APK 1.6.2 (Free Shopping)

August 25, 2023


Additional Information
Pepi Play
76.69 MB
MOD Features
Free Shopping, No Ads

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The exciting gameplay of authentic pretend play will return to your Android devices with this latest version of Pepi Play. Here, Android gamers can have fun with the amazing store simulation, which offers a variety of interesting gameplay and educational content for you to freely enjoy. Have fun with the totally liberating in-game mechanics that will allow you to do whatever you want in this game.

Freely discover the fully simulated shopping center with all kinds of interesting stores for you to discover. Play through the different shops and freely interact with the vast and interesting items, each having its own interactions. Select whichever characters that you want to play with and freely set the interesting scenarios, pranks, and all kinds of scenes on your simulated stores.

Find out more about this amazing game from Pepi Play with our in-depth reviews.


Here in Pepi Super Stores, Android gamers will have their chances to enjoy the fun and kid-friendly mobile title, with lots of educational and enjoyable entertainment. Explore the interesting shops, each offering its own unique services and tons of interactive machines. Discover multiple items and freely set them up or play around the different objects. Experience many unexpected surprises with the game and enjoy the unique experiences whenever you are in the game.

And to help kid gamers developing their imaginations and learn more about the surrounding worlds. Parents can introduce their children to this interesting game and help them play through the countless experiences. Guide your kids through the interesting shops and freely interact with all the in-game elements. Then allow the children to freely play and come up with their own imaginative ideas to further enjoy the game.

Pepi Super Stores provides its in-depth and completely interactive in-game elements, which you can make uses of to freely set up the interesting mini scenes and have fun with each of them. Feel free to orchestrate the mini-scenes and transform many in-game elements in whichever ways that you want. Thus, making the game a lot more interesting.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and accessible gameplay

To start with, Android gamers in Pepi Super Stores will quickly find themselves getting used to the simple and accessible in-app features. Have fun with the intuitive touch controls as you freely select the characters, items, and try out their different interactions. Easily browse through different in-game features and find yourself enjoying the exciting gameplay of pretend play.

Pepi Super Stores screen 2

Interesting characters with unique appearances

And to introduce you to the awesome gameplay of simulation, Pepi Super Stores offers its huge collection of different in-game characters, all are properly designed and feature their unique appearances. Feel free to pick up the unique and interesting characters, from the stylish girls and boys, old man and woman, to the magical creatures of unicorns, or even aliens. Have fun exploring the unique in-game scenarios with any of your selected characters and enjoy the pretend play experiences with your interesting characters.

Feel free to customize their looks

And to make the game more interesting, gamers in Pepi Super Stores can now introduce their characters to many unique customizations. Here, you will have the ability to dress up your characters in many unique and interesting clothes. Feel free to discover the shops as you unlock plenty of awesome outfits and unique pieces of accessories.

At the same time, also have fun trying out the awesome in-game salon options, as you freely make up your characters and introduce amazing hairstyles to spice up their looks. And most importantly, you can now comfortably create your clothes and try out many interesting customized graphics on your clothes, making the characters a lot more refreshing.

Pepi Super Stores screen 3

Try out different scenes in varied shops

For those of you who are interested, you can now discover the different scenes inside the awesome shops of Pepi Play’s super stores. Have fun exploring inside the shopping center using the elevator and get to whichever floor that you want to. Pay any of your favorite stores a visit to start unlocking many interesting in-app features and unique experiences. Discover the restaurant where you are served many delicious dishes. Freely shopping at the fashion or grocery stores. Have fun dancing at the pub, and more.

Pepi Super Stores screen 0

Freely work with the items and equipment

And as you progress in the game and further discover the different stores, you’ll find each of them offering many in-depth interactions. Feel free to play around with the available items and equipment, each having many different uses and applications. Let your characters interact with the items and explore many unique scenes with your choices of design. Have fun and simply experiment with many different in-game elements and their unique effects.

Pepi Super Stores screen 1

Engaging animations and interactions to make the scenes more exciting

To make the game more interesting, Pepi Super Stores now offers its engaging and hilarious interactions between the characters and the items. All of which should allow the pretend play experiences a lot more exciting. Feel free to work your characters with many different equipment and items, while also watching them having different interactions. Make your in-game scenes a lot more believable and enjoyable.

Suitable gameplay for kid gamers

And now, parents can rest assured knowing their kids will be playing this educational and totally enjoyable gameplay of Pepi Super Stores. With friendly and accessible in-game content, Pepi Super Stores is suited for 3-7 year-old kids who would love to learn more about their surrounding worlds and have fun. At the same time, parents and older siblings can have more fun playing the game with their siblings, thanks to the available multiplayer options.

Enjoy the liberating and stress free gameplay

And for those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the liberating and stress free gameplay of Pepi Super Stores, which offer the accessible and relaxing experiences for all gamers. There is no need to pay attention for any in-game requirements or objectives. All you need is to access the game and make uses of your creativity to further enjoy the mobile title.

Have fun with the offline gameplay

To make sure that Android gamers can enjoy the portable gameplay of Pepi Super Stores to the fullest, the mobile title now offers its offline features for many of you to enjoy. Now, there is no need to connect the game to the Internet, as you can have access to the complete gameplay while remaining offline.

Enjoy the free and unlocked gameplay on our website

Moreover, with the priced version of the game currently available on the Google Play Store, many of you might want to go for the modified app on our website. Here, we offer the free and unlocked gameplay of Pepi Super Stores for Android gamers to freely enjoy, no payment is required. All it takes is for you to download and install the Pepi Super Stores Mod APK on our website, follow the provided instructions and you’ll be good to go.

Visual and sound quality


Have more fun with the exciting gameplay of Pepi Super Stores, as it introduces Android gamers to many engaging in-game graphics and visuals. Discover the beautiful level setups and amazing characters with realistic interactions. Have fun with many exciting pieces of animations. All of which should allow you to enjoy Pepi Super Stores to the fullest. Not to mention that the undemanding in-game graphics will make sure that you can play the game on almost any Android devices.

Sound & Music

Together with interesting graphics and realistic interactions, Pepi Super Stores now allows Android gamers to further enjoy the in-game pretend play experiences, thanks to many engaging sound effects and soundtracks. All of which will allow you to completely hook in the arcs.

Final thoughts

Fans of the famous gameplay of Miga Town: My Store will now find themselves another great pretend play title with similar settings. Feel free to switch between the two titles to enjoy your favorite gameplay with relatively altered experiences. And most importantly, with the free and unlocked version of the game on our website, you’ll have more reasons to start enjoying it.

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