Perfect365 MOD APK v9.51.18 (Pro Unlocked)

Perfect365 MOD APK v9.51.18 (Pro Unlocked)

March 5, 2024


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Get ready to enjoy this amazing mobile application of Perfect365 to never find yourself taking a bad selfie or having a bad portrait image in your gallery ever again. With amazing makeup tools and features that only take a few seconds to explore and apply, Perfect365 will make a great photo editing app to enable quick beauties on your photos.

Feel free to try out many amazing makeups from different styles and approaches to make your selfies look absolutely stunning in many ways. Explore the uses of pro makeup tools to manually work on fixing your poorly-taken images. Try out cool makeup and background templates that can immediately lift your face. The list goes on.

Find out more about this awesome mobile app and all of its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews of Perfect365.

What does it do?

Simply make use of this awesome mobile application from Perfect365, Inc to enable your beautiful looks on any videos or capture images, using the provided tools and features that you can access on the go. Have the virtual makeup app and selfie editor available within reach, using the pocket devices whenever and wherever needed.

Have access to the beautiful makeup and facelift templates that you can immediately apply to any of your videos or photos. Quickly change the looks on your faces and makeup styles without having to work on editing features. And feel free to access many detailing options in the app, as it allows you to customize the looks and styles on your lips, eyes, nose, face shapes, facial structures, and so much more. Thus, allowing you to get the perfect look on yourself.


For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy this awesome mobile application of Perfect365 on the Google Play Store, which should be available for all Android users to make use of without having to pay. However, the freemium app will only come with limited features and you might also find the ads quite annoying. Hence, if you wish to unlock the full app, you’ll need to pay for the in-app purchases to enjoy the premium version of Perfect365.

Most of the in-app features will require certain access permissions on your Android devices, so make sure to always consider the prompting requests upon entering the app for the first time. And don’t forget to have your mobile devices updated to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 6.0 and up, if you want to enjoy the more stable and compatible version of Perfect365 on your devices.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Enable beautiful makeups on both videos and photos

With Perfect365, Android users can enjoy working with many beautiful makeup and facelift features, which will be available on both their videos and photos. So, feel free to look for any footage that you wish to edit from your local gallery and Perfect365 can help you with any beauty projects. From trying out the simple makeups and cosmetic features to working with the many detailing features on the app, you can always enjoy the awesome mobile application of Perfect365 to the fullest.

Quick templates to enable on your new looks

Start by making use of many beauty templates in Perfect365, which are designed to completely customize your faces according to their new looks. Choose between different looks from the Beauty Squad, Artists, Brands, Looks Videos, and many other collections in the app to try out different styles and visual effects on your enhanced selfies and videos. Feel free to save your favorite templates in the Favorites menu so you can easily check on them later.

Have fun working with different face customizations

Similar to YouCam Perfect and Facetune2, you can now have fun working with different face customizations in Perfect365, in which the app lets you work on different parts of the portraits and provide you with many features and assets.

Start by removing all the unwanted blemishes on the faces to make yourself look a lot better already. Choose to brighten and soften your skins to enable natural beauties on your face. And finish things up with a nice layer of foundation, which can be easily enabled and customized using the app.

Highlight your faces using certain highlighting features so you can glow in any shots or videos. Work with the simple blushes, contour, and Facepaint features to make yourself look absolutely incredible. Don’t forget to enable earrings and other cool accessories or editing features to freely customize your faces.

Adjust your beautiful mouth accordingly

The beautiful lips in Perfect365 can now be customized according to your personal preferences. Feel free to deepen your smiles to make the selfie images more powerful and impressive. Whiten your teeth so you won’t get embarrassed when smiling.

Enable cool lipstick options to switch your makeup styles using beautiful lipsticks of many colors and styles. Even work with cool lip tattoos that will make your selfies look absolutely incredible and unlike any others. Try out amazing lip liner, lip plumper and many other awesome tools using Perfect365 so you can be most confident with your beautiful mouth.

Change how your eyes look

Perfect365 users can now make use of many amazing beauty features to customize their eyes. Choose to work with eyeshadow to make your eyes appear deeper and more profound. Explore the uses of beautiful glitter and sparkling effects to make your eyes glow in many ways. Try out the eye concealer to get rid of blemishes around the eyes. Work with cool eyelashes to make yourself look a lot more stylish. Explore the uses of amazing eye liners to match with your new styles.

Enjoy cool eyebrows with unique shapes and various positionings, which will allow you to customize your expressions and eye languages. Change the eye colors to switch between many beautiful eyes of different colors. Brighten up your eyes to make your selfies more impressive. The list goes on.

Switch the hairs to fresh your looks

With many cool hair styles, Perfect365 allows Android users to freely switch up their appearances with cool haircuts and styling options. Choose to work with dynamic styling options and even add interesting accessories to make your hairs more exciting. And don’t forget to work on cool hair colors to refresh your looks with impressive hair colors that match your many different styles.

Change your face structures and shapes like a surgeon

And to freely customize your faces and appearances, Perfect365 will now allow Android users to become their own plastic surgeons and freely work on changing their face structures or shapes on the go.

Feel free to work with the powerful Shaping tool to quickly work with different shape presets. Or choose to make uses of manual tools to freely change your face shapes. Customize your face structures with the powerful Enlarge and Slim Face tool.

Feature the high and elegant cheek using the Lift Cheek feature. Enhance your more prominent and slimmer nose using the Enhance Nose feature. Work with the Lip Plumper to make your lips look a lot more impressive.

Edit the photos and background

Upon finishing your beautiful portraits and selfies, Perfect365 users can make uses of the app to customize their photo backgrounds. Choose to straighten and crop the background using many settings without affecting the front of the images. Adjust the contrasts, exposure, saturation, warmth, highlight, shadow, and other color values of the images. And switch between different background options from the solid colors or built-in backgrounds from the app’s gallery.

Toggle your makeups on and off

To make sure that you’re most comfortable with the makeups and can really see the changes, Perfect365 will feature the live makeups and easy toggle options. Here, users can see immediate changes upon applying the templates or makeup features. And at the same time, feel free to toggle the changes on and off using the simple drag controls on the editing interface.

Save your settings to custom templates

For those of you who are interested, you can now save your many settings in Perfect365 to a new custom template. As a result, you will have new template to use the next time you work on editing your images and videos. Make any changes and customizations before you save your new templates to use on the go.

Get your makeup tips and product recommendations

To make the app more convenient, Perfect365 users can access many makeup tips, video tutorials, and product recommendations from the beauty experts. Get your many video tutorials to learn how replicate your in-app makeups in real life. Access daily makeup and fashion tips to always dress up beautifully. Have access to many beauty and fashion product recommendations to find the right cosmetic products that you need. And the list goes on.

Unlock Perfect365 Plus for more features

For those of you who are interested, you can now unlock the Perfect365 Plus subscription to unlock more features in the app. Here, it provides more templates, more makeup features, together with professional beauty tools including premium foundations, lipsticks, contour, highlight, eyeliner, and so on.

Make uses of the advanced editing features to freely customize your photos and videos. Have access to the pro backgrounds, bronzer, magic brush, and other enhancing features with the premium app. Plus, there won’t be any ads to bother you, and the app will always provide you with its latest future updates.

Enjoy the premium app for free using our mod

And last but not least, if you’re interested in the free app but don’t wish to watch ads, you might want to pick up the modded version of Perfect365 on our website instead. Here, we offer the unlocked app with removed ads and unlimited premium accesses, which will allow you to enjoy its complete features without having to pay. All you need is to download the Perfect365 Mod APK, then follow the given instructions.

Final verdicts

With many beauty features and built-in templates, Perfect365 will make a great photo and video editing app if you wish to feature your most amazing faces on certain footages. Simply choose to work with the makeup options, beauty templates, amazing filters, stylizing options, and more to make the most of your creative works.

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